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The crowd was curious. "Why do you think she is a genius?"

Xiao Jing chuckled and asked them, "Have you ever seen anyone who can speak French simply after taking a French meal?" Then he pointed proudly at Tang Xi, continuing, "She learnt how to speak French by taking a French meal."

Tang Xi looked at Xiao Jing with a smile, but didn't say anything.

Everyone looked at Tang Xi in surprise. Tang Xi shrugged and Xiao Sa continued, "That's not a big deal. Have you ever seen a person who becomes more beautiful by drinking a gla.s.s of wine and getting some air?" Pointing to Tang Xi, he said, "She did!"

"I think you two are bragging!" Yang Mukun, who obviously didn't believe their words, said in disbelief, "Don't be so childish, alright?"

Knowing they wouldn't believe him, Xiao Jing retorted with a snort, "Humph, don't blame me for not reminding you. Don't say my sister had plastic surgery if you can't recognize her next time you see her. Her face can change in the blink of an eye!"

Tang Xi was speechless. Why did she have the feeling that her two brothers were not helping her, but trying to get her into trouble?

Looking at Tang Xi with interest, He Wanzhou raised his eyebrows and asked, "Are they telling the truth? Are you really that amazing?"

Tang Xi: "… I'm probably the fabled fairy."

The crowd: "… Hehe!"

"But you do look a bit different from what you looked in the press conference a month ago." He Wanyi said, having found a photo of when Tang Xi was standing with Xiao Hongli in the press conference a month ago from the Internet via her cell phone. She continued seriously, "Although your facial features have remained the same, you look clearly prettier now!" As she said this, she suddenly found that Tang Xi's looks were changing. She rubbed at her eyes, asking, "Why is your face moving?"

"Oh?" Tang Xi covered her face in shock, shouting in her heart, '008, what are you doing! Why did you suddenly change my face in front of so many people?! Are you trying to kill me?!'

"Wanyi, your vision must be blurred." Xiao Jing, seeing that his sister was scared, hurriedly took Tang Xi's hand and took a serious look at her face. "It's not moving! Don't scare us, okay?"

He Wanyi also realized that she had said something wrong. She smiled at Tang Xi apologetically. "Sorry, I'm so tired that I hallucinated."

Tang Xi smiled at He Wanyi and replied, "It's ok."

[System: My beautiful little princess, why did you summon your faithful servant?]

Tang Xi: … What the h.e.l.l are you doing?

[System: Oh, my beautiful little princess, nothing I'm doing. Do you need me to do something for you?]

Tang Xi: Someone said my face kept changing just now. What's going on?

[System: My beautiful little princess, I think it's just in their head.]

Tang Xi: I can't believe you.

[System: [sad face emoji] I thought I had earned your trust.]

Tang Xi: Get serious! Has my Face Point increased again?

[System: My beautiful little princess, would you like to have a look at your comprehensive experience points?]

Tang Xi clicked 'Yes'.

[Your current experience points are as follows:

Experience Point: 88/800

Martial Point: 2/100

Physical Point: 15/100

Face Point: 25/100

Figure Point: 11/100

Charm Point: 25/100

Revenge Point: 5/100

Wealth Point: 10/100

Face-Slapping Point: 20/100]

Tang Xi stared in shock at the data that appeared before her face. '008, What happened? You didn't give me any tasks. Why did my experience points increase? And even my Revenge Point has increased! What happened?'

[System: My beautiful little princess, as you have completed the hidden task 't.i.t for Tat', your experience points have increased. You have five Revenge Points added because you have completed the hidden task 'Secretly s.n.a.t.c.h'.]

Tang Xi blinked. So by taking Xiao Jinning's endors.e.m.e.nt from her, she finished a hidden task. Today He Wanning called Xiao Jinning to cancel the contract, and she negotiated the contract with him this evening, so she accidentally completed the task. And today a teacher tried to expel her from school by framing her, but ended up being fired by the school, so she finished the hidden task 't.i.t for Tat'?

Tang Xi suddenly felt her system was really awesome. It even had hidden tasks!

[System: My beautiful little princess, I have a tip for you—hidden tasks can be initiated at any time. Go get those bad guys!]

Tang Xi felt satisfied. 'I won't be able to find a system more thoughtful than this one! My system is the best!'

Seeing Tang Xi standing in a daze, Xiao Jing and Xiao Sa pulled Tang Xi down to her seat. One of them handed her a piece of paper and the other fanned the air for her. "Did you get heatstroke?"

Xiao Sa nodded in agreement, saying, "It's really hot today."

Hearing the two brothers' sudden discussion, Tang Xi looked helpless as she said, "Sa, Jing, I am not that fragile… I was just thinking about a very important problem!"

They looked at her attentively and asked, "What problem?"

The crowd speechlessly looked at the two men with severe sister complex. They really loved their sister! He Wanyi couldn't help asking, "Xiao Sa, Xiao Jing, you two are so attached to your sister. Aren't you afraid that your girlfriends will be jealous in the future?"

"What's a girlfriend?" Xiao Sa asked.

Xiao Jing frowned. "What does this word have to do with me?"

Tang Xi stood up, sat down beside He Wanyi and stared at the two brothers vigilantly. "You have sister complex? Stay away from me!"

"Hahaha…" The crowd laughed out loud.

Feeling deeply hurt, Xiao Sa and Xiao Jing looked sadly at Tang Xi. "Rourou, how can you treat your brothers like this?"

Tang Xi made a face at them and said righteously, "I have a feeling that if I don't treat you guys like this, no woman will be willing to marry you, and then you two won't allow me to find a boyfriend!"

"So you're planning to find me a brother-in-law?" Xiao Jing narrowed his eyes and stared at Tang Xi dangerously. "Do you want puppy love?"

"She's twenty-three years old now," said Ning Yan. "It won't be surprising if she brings back home a boyfriend."

Xiao Jing became furious. "Ning Yan, I tell you, you'd better keep an eye on your fourth younger brother! He is still juvenile. Stop drooling over beautiful girls! If my sister was a bit older, she would almost be of the same age as his mom!"

Tang Xi became speechless again. "Jing, am I that old?"

Xiao Jing: "Well… sorry."

Ning Yan raised his eyebrows and asked, "Do they know each other?"

"More than that!" Xiao Jing said indignantly. "He wants to hit on her!"

Ning Yan raised his eyebrows again. "Are you dreaming?" His brother would chase a girl? How could that be possible?!

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