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Chapter 637: Complete Counter

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Even though Rampaging Dragon managed to injure Tiger on the Road right when he attacked, he did not choose to take the initiative to attack. With staff shadows howling, he took a step backward as smooth as water.

 He held his Sky Breaker Sound in a reverse grip as he stared at the boxing master with a calm gaze. Rampaging Dragon knew that he could not allow the opponent to hurt his tendons or break his bones. The slightest injury would stimulate and stir up their potential. As of right then, he did not gain much of an advantage because of the attack earlier.

 Tiger on the Road said nothing, but sucked in a sharp breath.

 It was during the exchange earlier that Rampaging Dragon could be considered to have truly brought out the might of the fourth-echelon demon vessel. It also allowed Tiger on the Road to witness the true danger posed by the fourth-echelon demon vessel, Sky Breaker Sound.

 Sky Breaker Sound was a long and heavy weapon. It was around nine feet in length, and it was incredibly mighty. Whenever a person who fought using fists and kicks tried to get close, they had to suffer a round or two of attacks before they could get close.

 The staff could also bring out a howling sound blade that was several feet long when swung. It was like cascading water, and it was a long distance attack that posed a huge threat to the enemy.

 Tiger on the Road frowned even deeper.

 It was the first time he felt pressure when fighting against Rampaging Dragon, and it was the first time he hesitated.

 Of course, this did not stop him from going forward. His gaze moved up and down the Sky Breaker Sound. He roared then and took a stride forward at a great speed.

 Thud! Thud!

 He created deep pits in the training ground when he strode forward with a majestic gait toward Rampaging Dragon. A fierce presence like that of a wild beast's erupted from him, and he was like a fierce tiger coming down from a mountain.

 Rampaging Dragon did not panic. He moved his right leg in the form of a fan and moved away from Tiger on the Road resolutely.


 Rampaging Dragon quickly swung Sky Breaker Sound in the air twice, and the two swings intersected each other to form a huge cross. Sound blades howled, and they accompanied the staff momentum that rose to crash violently into Tiger on the Road's arrogant and indomitable body.

 Shick! Shick!

 Even when two b.l.o.o.d.y gashes were torn on Tiger on the Road's body, he did not blink. However, the staff momentum that came after the sound blades quickly enveloped Tiger on the Road with the force of an avalanche. It weighed tonnes and could not compare to the sound blades, but when the howling staff-generated wind tore at the air, it forced Tiger on the Roar to bring up his arms.


 He shuddered and gritted his teeth to withstand Rampaging Dragon's full-powered strike. He opened his mouth and shouted in anger before he gritted his teeth once more, and an even fiercer qi surged out of his body. In anger, he quickened his charge and shattered the flickering staff shadows… Then, he launched a counterattack on Rampaging Dragon!

 But what he did not expect was that Rampaging Dragon was much more cautious and level-headed than he thought.

 Right when all the remaining force was drained from his staff strike, he did not think about chasing Tiger on the Road while he was on a winning streak. He withdrew himself without showing any reluctance to stop his attack.

 It caused Tiger on the Road's plan of suffering through a number of powerful strikes from the staff in order to get close to Rampaging Dragon to fall flat, and the wounds he suffered became meaningless.

 When he rushed out of the flickering staff shadows, he saw Rampaging Dragon holding the staff in a reverse grip. He was like a bedrock that stood thirty-two feet away and looked as if he had never moved before. Tiger on the Road's heart instantly sank.

 But he was already committed to the fight and could not back down from it.


 A dull shout that sounded like the roars of an injured beast rose. Tiger on the Road's qi surged again, and he moved like an arrow that left the bow. With the aid of the inertia from his charge, he shot forward.

 Rampaging Dragon focused his gaze. This time, he did not continue to use a fighting skill to chip down Tiger on the Road's stamina. He tapped against the ground, and at the same time he withdrew, he swung his Sky Breaker Sound in the shape of a cross again.



 Layers of waves visible to the naked eye were in the air. Shrill howls of the sound blades were hidden among them.

 Tiger on the Road moved too quickly, and he did not have time to dodge. Since he charged forth at full speed, he had to meet the attacks head-on, and he cried out in pain!

 His skin was torn, and blood flowed out of his body, but Rampaging Dragon continued to move without stopping. As long as Tiger on the Road continued chasing him, he would continue retreating while attacking.

 One gave chase, and the other retreated.

 Tiger on the Road could not bring out his advantage of close-quarters combat at all.

 As for Rampaging Dragon, even though he was fighting pa.s.sively, he seized on Tiger on the Road's impatient intention to get close to him. He brought out the advantage of long and heavy weapons to its fullest, and he covered Tiger on the Road in wounds while he himself remained unharmed.

 During the repeated attacks, Tiger on the Road's momentum finally showed signs of dying!

 The potential stimulated by injuries and pain was drained away bit by bit. He became slower, and his body became heavier and weaker. It was becoming increasingly harder for him to fight against Rampaging Dragon's offense.

 Silence fell among the crowd.

 Abu and his group had incredibly unpleasant expressions.

 There was no way that they would be unable to tell that Tiger on the Road's plan of intentionally injuring himself to draw his enemy in had not resulted in Rampaging Dragon recklessly getting closer to him, but had instead caused him to suffer a loss.

 Rampaging Dragon was too calm. He saw through Tiger on the Road's intentions, and not only did he not give him any chance to get closer to him, it was clear that he had also studied Tiger on the Road extensively. He locked down every single move and change Tiger on the Road made, and even though he fought pa.s.sively, he sealed every path Tiger on the Road could take.

 It was a counter!

 Rampaging Dragon, in his uninjured state, played out the rarely seen phenomenon of complete counter in the world of martial artists.

 In the past, Tiger on the Road had always been proud of his skills in Muay Thai, but now, he could not bring them out under Rampaging Dragon's steady staff technique.

 “He's a good seed.”

 When Silver Wolf saw Rampaging Dragon's performance, even he could not help but praise him.

 Silver Wolf understood Tiger on the Road's strength a little. He knew that even if he were to personally go up against him and clash fists with him, he might not be able to gain much of an upperhand. They would inevitably engage in a fierce fight, and once they exchanged one hundred blows, he would gradually gain victory through Red Flame Palm's profound secret.

 Compared to Silver Wolf, Rampaging Dragon had less experience and technique, but he had ingeniously increased the advantage of long and heavy weapons through his weapon advantage. Also, it was clear that he knew Tiger on the Road very well, and he had studied his technique as well.

 In this sort of situation, if Tiger on the Road used a cautious fighting style, perhaps he could seize the chance of winning or getting a draw!

 Unfortunately, Rampaging Dragon saw through the man's great desire for victory, and once he seized it, Tiger on the Road was led around without even realizing it.

 As time pa.s.sed, Tiger on the Road's momentum gradually died away, and he no longer had the might he previously showed.

 He was drenched in blood and panting heavily. Each move he executed no longer had the previous ferocity.

 It was then that Tiger on the Road finally realized that the situation was bad. While he used his qi cultivation technique to slowly recover his qi, he switched from offense to defense.

 When he sensed the change in Tiger on the Road's qi activity, Rampaging Dragon felt at ease, as if a huge burden had been taken off his shoulders.

 The pressure on him fell away!

 Rampaging Dragon immediately judged that Tiger on the Road had lost his initial advantage and was at his weakest.


 The staff tore at the air, and Rampaging Dragon moved along with it. He was like a black dragon that flew up from the depths of the abyss. While Sky Breaker Sound howled shrilly and mightily, the momentum of Rampaging Dragon's body changed.

 'He has courage, intellect, a clear perception of the situation, and can kill resolutely. The branch master of Sky Demon Branch is definitely him now.”

 The moment Rampaging Dragon's qi activity changed, Happy made his decision and became certain of the candidate for Sky Demon Branch's master.

 As expected, when Rampaging Dragon seized the chance to attack fiercely, the advantage of a long and heavy weapon became even greater. The staff shadows flickered, and the disadvantage of Tiger on the Road's equipment was brought to light.

 Earlier, Tiger on the Road had been struck violently and repeatedly, and his body fortification was already swaying. Right then, when he faced Rampaging Dragon's offense, his ferocity completely disappeared, and he could not get himself out of the difficult situation of being suppressed and beaten. He was forced to retreat repeatedly. Soon, his body was covered in bruises and blood, and he looked incredibly pathetic.

 However, compared to the pain in his heart, the injuries he suffered on his body were superficial.

 When he thought about how this person had lost to him some time ago but now had transformed into someone new, so much so that he was suppressed by the person who lost to him, the anguish born by this large disparity filled his body and mind! It was especially frustrating since he did not have the chance to bring out even half of his power before the fight was settled.


 When Tiger on the Road's back was struck heavily, he finally coughed up a mouthful of blood that had been acc.u.mulating in his chest.

 His eyes turned black, and his feet lost contact with the ground. He was sent flying dozens of feet away.


 His body crashed violently on the ground.

 When Tiger on the Road lost, the hearts of Abu and his group fell into a pit.

 They had come to China to gain fame and wealth from defeating Mu Clan, but who would have expected that they would lose all three battles, and they lost in a way that they could say nothing about it!

 The first time they fought against Mu Clan's members, seven people died because of an archer!

 In the second battle, Abu's eldest disciple was killed by a single slash from a nameless member of the clan!

 Now, the second best fighter in his team, Tiger on the Road, had been defeated to the point that he could not fight back, and his opponent was someone whom Tiger on the Road had defeated before!

 Since the start, the truly strong elites from Mu Clan had never even showed their faces.

 It was a taunt!

 To Abu, this was the greatest taunt the Chinese martial artists ever gave him.

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