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It was the first time Abu and his party had casualties in their ranks since they traveled from the borders into China, and they had even lost one third of their members in one go. 

Even though Mu Clan had reacted on just grounds during both times they caused deaths, which made Abu unable to seize Mu Clan's weakness and gain a good footing, he was starting to grow wary after having his progress repeatedly blocked!

The first time, Mu Clan had quickly reacted to the situation and killed them forcefully. Their killing intent as well as absolute strength had destroyed the spirit and domineering air that seven of their disciples had created right when they met. 

A'lang's loss and subsequent death left Abu and the others speechless. 

Even though they could say that All-powerful Medicinal Stone had tricked A'lang into making one hundred move deal, the end result was a sword slash that killed A'lang. In an instant, it transformed everyone's impression of All-powerful Medicinal Stone and Mu Clan. 

They were capable of being gentle and strong, and they could adapt to any situation!

The show of weakness earlier seemed to have been just a strategy to win. 

A'lang had regrettably become a negative example for a very important lesson. 

"Stay where you are!"

When Abu shouted solemnly and mightily, All-powerful Medicinal Stone only stopped for a brief moment before he continued moving into the crowd without even turning his head around. Rampaging Dragon took a step forward at that moment and stood as a wall in front of Abu and the others. 

"Your disciple couldn't handle even one attack from a normal Mu Clan member, and with that bit of strength, you actually dare to say that you didn't run into any enemies on your way here? Oh well, since you came from far away, I'll take up the responsibility and choose another Mu Clan member for you so that you can play with them. But Abu, this time, it's best if you personally come forward. Don't let your disciples die."

"Fine! Very well!"

Abu stared into Rampaging Dragon's eyes coldly, and there was fire burning in his gaze. 

He knew that his eldest disciple A'lang had died in vain and that it was impossible for him to exact vengeance on All-powerful Medicinal Stone. 

At that moment, he suddenly felt a little regretful. 

He might have come to Sky Demon Branch to look for Happy and challenge him, but he had clearly underestimated the acc.u.mulated strength and power of the strongest clan in the Chinese server. 

His best disciple, A'lang, had been toyed with like a fool by a nameless disciple of Mu Clan before being killed by a single thrust of a sword. 

Rampaging Dragon's presence also meant that Mu Clan was not entirely unprepared for their provocation. They lost the element of surprise, and that meant that they were practically challenging a superior clan head-on. 

Such an action was clearly unwise!

But things had already progressed too far, and they could no longer turn back. They had to keep going forward!

"Tiger on the Road!"

He shouted a name with a hoa.r.s.e voice, and a man with a scar on his face immediately walked out from behind Abu. His eyes were ghastly as when he looked at Rampaging Dragon. He revealed a confidence he did not bother to hide, along with scorn toward Rampaging Dragon. 

"You already lost to me once. I'll be fighting this round, so will you dare to come up against me?!"

Once he finished speaking, the area burst into a commotion. 

"Big Brother Rampaging Dragon…"

Many gazes swept over Rampaging Dragon and Tiger on the Road. 


An invisible gust of violent wind swept past the duo and made their robes flutter. 

Their cold gazes intersected with each other in the air, and sparks of hostility flew everywhere when they looked into each other's eyes. 

Rampaging Dragon was quiet for a few seconds, then said without trying to deny Tiger on the Road's challenge. 

"Sure. Challenges should always be issued to people who are stronger than oneself, but it seems like it's not the case in Vietnam. I suppose that's how you have won all your fights along the way." 

When the expressions of Abu and his group became incredibly unpleasant upon hearing that, Rampaging Dragon did not give them the chance to retort or pull back their challenge. "But since you made such a request, Brother Tiger on the Road, I, Rampaging Dragon, will naturally take up your challenge."

Silence fell then. 

Abu and Tiger on the Road quietly frowned. 

When Rampaging Dragon seized on their faults and rebuked them, they blushed in shame and felt incredibly awkward, but they did not think that Rampaging Dragon would not choose another Mu Clan member after in-depth thought and would accept the challenge. 

Rampaging Dragon was one of Mu Clan's branch masters!

Abu's group had already lost one round, but if they could win once against Rampaging Dragon, even if they were slightly humiliated, it would not be too great of a loss. 

Tiger on the Road swallowed the words he originally wanted to say to declare that he did not want to fight anymore. 

Even though he was a little curious as to why Rampaging Dragon would choose to fight against him when there was such a huge disparity in strength between them, his great confidence made him not think about it in depth. 

In his eyes, he was bound to win this round!

However, when Rampaging Dragon walked slowly into the training ground under everyone's gazes and brought out pieces of equipment from his Universe Bag, the people in the area instantly gasped softly in surprise. 

"Fourth-echelon Purple Scale Armor!"

When the dazzling purple equipment was placed on Rampaging Dragon's arms and body, his cold and callous appearance instantly became even more graceful, poised, and awe-inspiring. A purple metallic light fused together to cover his entire body, and it was very prominent as well as dazzling! An invisible qi surrounded his body, and it began swelling madly to the point that it matched against Tiger on the Road's subdued but astonishing qi. 

"Where did Boss Rampaging Dragon get that equipment? I've never seen him wear it before…"

"Gosh! It's a full fourth-echelon Purple Scale Armor Set. I heard that it's the equipment with the highest defense that tailors can make right now. It's resistance to physical attacks is insanely high!"

"There's no other answer. It's definitely that person's work!"

The Mu Clan members talked to each other in excitement while the expressions of Abu and his group turned incredibly grave. 

While the martial arts trend in the southwestern countries was pretty good, when it came to the creation of weapons and armor, they were far more inferior to the Chinese players. Right then, they were already considered to be quite well off by being able to use a third-echelon grade one masterpiece. In fact, they had even started a trend among themselves right then—come to China and kill its players to make them drop one or two highly refined equipment, which would make them rich. 

When Tiger on the Road noticed Rampaging Dragon's equipment, his expression instantly turned very unpleasant. 

Even though Rampaging Dragon was not on Dragon Rank, when compared to Tiger on the Road, he was not that much weaker. And once he gained an absolute advantage in terms of equipment, the distance between them became even smaller. It might not be easy for him to win within a short period of time. 


Rampaging Dragon stood thirty-two feet away from Tiger on the Road, but his tone was very calm. He did not show a domineering air or any signs of arrogance. He still had a solemn look on his face that people had before they had to go into a major battle. 

Tiger on the Road put his confidence and arrogance in check to focus on being careful. He did not wish to end up the same as A'lang. 


When Happy and Silver Wolf saw that, they looked at each other and put on faint smiles while they stood among the onlookers. 

Silver Wolf looked at Happy before he suddenly spoke with a myriad of feelings in his heart. "Sometimes, I'm truly curious. Happy, are you really in your early twenties?"

When he faced Happy's puzzled gaze, he added, "You are a very good judge of character. Even though your actions might seem mad, each step you take contains a lot of meaning and is very profound."

"It's not as mysterious as you make it seem…"

"I'm saying that when you judged me, Thunderous Battle, and Little North, you were pretty confident. Of course, none of us disappointed you. Mu Clan has currently developed to become huge, but instead of saying that everyone helped you build it, it would be better to say that your personality and charm affected everyone, and we're all willing to serve you!"

He stopped talking for a moment before saying something with an underlying meaning in his words. "Rampaging Dragon might still be a university student and come from a normal background, but he's willing to fight and take risks. He's also very level-headed when he acts and conducts himself. In the future, he might be an incredible a.s.set for you."

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