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Zhang Wuji, Xie Xun, Zhou Zhiruo, Zhao Min, Xiao Zhao, along with Happy, who should not have been part of the group, stayed in a mountain cave that was not very wide. A thatch was placed on the ground, and there was a table and a few chairs placed on it. Perhaps Xie Xun had already gotten used to living in caves, for he had intentionally moved there from the bamboo house Golden Flower Granny had prepared for him. 

The six people stayed for one day and two nights in the mountain cave. 

Even though Happy was the center of the quest, when they were in the cave, it was clear that Zhang Wuji was the main character among the six!

Once Xie Xun was certain of Zhang Wuji's ident.i.ty, he became extremely loving and constantly seized Zhang Wuji's hand to have him talk about everything that had happened after he returned to China. The old man and the teenager talked to each other while weeping. 

Xiao Zhao was by their side, and she also cried frequently while repeatedly saying that her young master had suffered greatly. 

Zhou Zhiruo sat by the side and constantly glared at the criminal who had murdered her mistress, Zhao Min. She wanted to immediately kill her, but unfortunately for her, Zhang Wuji had already come into contact with Zhao Min, and they already had some degree of love blooming between them. With the situation like that, he would naturally not let Zhou Zhiruo harm her. Zhou Zhiruo was frustrated and incredibly angry, and her mind would occasionally wander. 

Zhao Min was a girl who came from the plains. She was not used to traveling on sea, and she suffered from incredible motion sickness. Her body was not in a very good condition, and most of the time, she just lay on the bed to rest. 

Xiao Zhao was the one who prepared the food. 

When they had their meals together, Xie Xun teased them and said that Zhang Wuji should take Xiao Zhao, Zhou Zhiruo, and Zhao Min as wives. 

The three women's reactions were different. 

Xiao Zhao lacked confidence, and she had a great sense of inferiority. She only ever considered herself as a servant girl. 

Zhou Zhiruo lowered her blushing face and did not say anything.

Zhao Min, however, was someone who was brave in her affections, so it was only natural that she would not share Zhang Wuji's love with anyone else. She scolded Xie Xun and was incredibly aggressive in her actions. 

Happy could sense that he was being a third wheel at the dining table. 

He smiled wanly and finished his food quickly so he could leave the cave and sit outside to practice Emei Sect's Nine Yang Skill under the sun!

After three full circulations, he felt refreshed, and his qi improved slightly. 

His ears twitched then. He heard someone walk out from within the cave. 

It was Zhang Wuji. 

"Young Swordsman Happy."

"Cult Master Zhang, it's you."

"Young Swordsman Happy, you're being too polite. I was forced to take up the position of cult master of Ming Cult, and it is a position that is entirely beyond me. It's best that you call me Wuji…" Zhang Wuji smiled wanly and sat down beside Happy. 

"Cult Master Zhang, you're being too courteous. You're the son of Great Swordsman Zhang, who is the fifth hero of Wudang Sect, and you will be Cult Master Zhang as long as you are the cult master of Ming Cult. I wonder, do you have anything to say to me as advice?"

Zhang Wuji's act of protecting Zhao Min had indirectly hurt Zhou Zhiruo. Happy could sense that Zhou Zhiruo was constantly daydreaming now, and she often hugged her Heavenly Sword while facing Dragon Saber. It was clear that she felt threatened by Zhao Min's existence and Zhang Wuji's att.i.tude. The smart girl was progressing in a direction that she should not progress. 

And Happy could not prevent it!

But when he remembered that Zhang Wuji was the person who forced Zhou Zhiruo to change, he found that he could not become friendly with Zhang Wuji. His tone was cold, and he gave off a very clear sense of distance. 

"I wouldn't dare to give you any advice."

Zhang Wuji had clearly noticed Happy's att.i.tude. He turned his face to the side and looked at Happy sincerely. 

"In truth, Young Swordsman Happy, I can sense that you like Miss Zhiruo."

"Cult Master Zhang, you have very sharp senses, then you should have noticed that Miss Zhou likes you." Happy's tone was cold and indifferent. He did not care about Zhang Wuji's awkward expression and continued, "You also know that Miss Zhou's mistress died in Zhao Min's hands, but you still protect that ruthless witch. If you do that, what is Miss Zhou supposed to do?" 

When he said the latter half of his words, he subconsciously revealed his pity for Zhou Zhiruo. 

"I can tell that you do indeed like Miss Zhiruo." Zhang Wuji sighed and said, "My senior brother, Song Qingshu likes Zhiruo as well, but you're different from him. Song Qingshu will use every means necessary to get her, but you do not seem to care whether or not you'll be able to obtain Zhiruo… However, you are still very concerned with everything about her."

When Happy heard that, his expression changed slightly. 

"What do you want to say?"

"In truth, over the past few days, I could tell that when Miss Zhiruo was with Miss Zhao, she might have appeared strong, but she was suffering inside. Young Swordsman Happy, your existence also allowed me to see that if you truly like a person, you will definitely be concerned with everything about them. That's why I've become certain of who is the person I like right now. And hence, I have a favor to ask of you, and I hope that you can agree to it."

For some reason, Zhang Wuji's words made Happy feel a chill down his spine, which came out of nowhere. 

'The person you truly like? Could it be that the plot has changed, my appearance making Zhang Wuji make his decision earlier to be with Zhao Min and give up completely on Zhou Zhiruo?!'

Happy sucked in a sharp breath, though his expression remained the same. His ears twitched, and he heard a few sounds of breathing that suddenly quickened in the cave. 

It was clear that the three girls in the cave had heard Zhang Wuji's words. 

'This is bad.' Happy found himself bewildered. 'How will Zhang Wuji's switch in att.i.tude change the direction of the plot?'

Happy thought about it for a long moment before he gradually calmed down and asked, "What is your request?"

Zhang Wuji put on an expression that made it seem as if he had been released from a burden. At the same time, a hint of determination appeared on his face. "I think I've fallen in love with Zhao Min. So, I can only refuse Miss Zhiruo's love for me."


Happy sensed a loud bang erupting violently in his mind. Zhang Wuji's words were like a loud clap of thunder that shocked him greatly. 

He sucked in a deep breath and began as his thoughts raced in his mind. 

Once Zhou Zhiruo heard Zhang Wuji's words, she would definitely give up on him completely and start acting recklessly. 

Zhao Min's act of causing a ruckus in Emei Mountain and destroying Zhou Zhiruo's wedding with Zhang Wuji would not happen either. 

The progression of events gradually surpa.s.sed what Happy knew and could control. 

"I know what you want to say, but Miss Zhao and Miss Zhiruo are like oil and water, and they will definitely not be able to get along with each other. Young Swordsman Happy, since your feelings for Miss Zhiruo reciprocated, isn't such an arrangement perfect?"

Right after he finished speaking, the clear sound of the system's notification rang in Happy's ear.


"Will you agree to Zhang Wuji's request and court Miss Zhiruo? If you agree to it, then once you successfully become a couple with Miss Zhiruo, you will obtain Zhang Wuji's Nine Yang Divine Skill!"

'Nine Yang Divine Skill!'

Happy could hardly believe that he was about to obtain the chance to inherit Nine Yang Divine Skill. 

However, he said, "Zhang Wuji, you actually want to disappoint Miss Zhou for that Witch Zhao Min…" 

His mind turned swiftly while thinking about how he should handle the situation. "What a pity for Miss Zhou, who loves you with all her heart."

"I am forced to do this," Zhang Wuji lamented. 

Happy thought about it for a few seconds until he managed to clear his train of thought. His eyes became clear, and he said very calmly, "You cannot force someone to like someone else. Miss Zhou likes you, Zhang Wuji, and you like Zhao Min. It has nothing to do with me. 

"Cult Master Zhang, I'm afraid that I cannot agree to your request, but for Miss Zhou's sake, I will give you one last piece of advice. Miss Zhao is selfish, and her ruthless actions have offended all the heroes in the world! 

"She is a target of scorn, while Miss Zhou is a person with a pure heart, and she is currently the sect leader of Emei Sect. To me, Miss Zhou is the one who truly suits you."

Zhang Wuji said nothing. 

In the end, they parted on bad terms. 

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