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Chapter 109: Going to the Headquarters to Collect a Debt

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As hundreds of Life Ending Hall Sect Members in uniforms surrounded the headquarters of Purple Sun Sect, a grave atmosphere rose in Xuzhou City. It was the sign of a storm coming.

As the strongest sect in Xuzhou City, Purple Sun Sect possessed great power to fight against another sect, and all the players in all parts of the world paid attention to its reaction!

Even though the number of players fighting against each other in the name of revenge had increased by leaps and bounds lately, it was still rare to see two such large sects fight each other head on. Everyone made their own a.s.sumptions of what sort of devastating sparks would rise up from the clash.

What roused their spirits was that Purple Sun Sect seemed to have come up with a plan to handle Life Ending Hall's attack, because they had opened the doors to their headquarters!

Standing at the forefront were martial artists who held sabers and shields. Behind them were archers who had already drawn their bows. Their arrows were directed at the door. They might have not attacked just yet, but they had already acc.u.mulated their strength, making others feel as if they stood in front of countless cannons. No one would dare to act recklessly in such a situation.

Even though Purple Sun Sect's act of not coming out of their headquarters would diminish their prestige and ruin their reputation a little, in the face of Life Ending Hall—the great force from Beijing—no one would think that they were cowards. Instead, they could sense Purple Sun Sect's resolve to fight the war to its b.l.o.o.d.y end from the grim atmosphere while they waited for their opponents.

While the players watching from the side wondered how this matter would develop, the people from Life Ending Hall suddenly opened up a path in their ranks. A young man wearing fitting black armor and two swords by his sides walked out. He was tall and well-built, and his footsteps were relaxed and languid. There was a strong heroic presence about him that made others feel pressured just by being around him.

He probably had quite some confidence and strength!

That was the first impression he gave to the people of Purple Sun Sect. They watched him enter through the door alone and could not help but tighten their grips around their weapons.

“Stay where you are!” Phantom Jade took a step forward and shouted to make the person coming forward stop moving. “Whoever you are, tell us your name!”

The person stopped at the stairs before the headquarters, and with an arrogant look on his face, he swept his gaze over the Purple Sun Sect members. His gaze eventually landed on Phantom Jade, the sect master, and Young White Dragon, who were on the stairs across from him. Then, some of his overbearing demeanor fell away.

“I am the vice hall chief of Life Ending Hall, Sinless in Light and Dark. Upon orders from my sect master, I have come to retrieve an item from Purple Sun Sect.”

Sinless in Light and Dark!

The Purple Sun Sect members raised a ruckus as they began to discuss among themselves.

Astonishment entered the faces of Phantom Jade and Young White Dragon. They had heard that the strongest player in Life Ending Hall was not their hall chief, Life Ender, but one of his close friends, the vice hall chief Sinless in Light and Dark.

He had performed several major feats that had great effect near Xuzhou City. Aside from killing the leaders of a few middle-sized and small sects to steal their tributes, he had even killed the sect master of Skeleton Sect, who had also come from Beijing and wanted to reap a large number of rewards in the area near Xuzhou. That sect master had been killed by Sinless in Light and Dark alone outside Xuzhou City and faced the tragic end of his corpse being exposed to the wild.

Hence, Sinless in Light and Dark, who moved like a phantom, was known as the Enforcer in secret by the players in Xuzhou City. His name was in equal status to Quicksword and North Placating Duke!

Wherever Light and Dark went, a sect was bound to face misfortune!

“So, it is Sinless in Light and Dark! I've looked forward to meeting you for a long time now. I do wonder what exactly your hall chief wants, and how it is related to Purple Sun Sect.” The sect master of Purple Sun Sect had a gentle smile and spoke with an amiable tone, as if he was not the one who had set out all his people with weapons out in his headquarters.

Sinless in Light and Dark frowned slightly, and the arrogant look on his face faded away. “Sect master, you must surely be joking. Two days ago, our hall chief personally wrote a letter to you. Have you forgotten about it?”

He had seen many people fight against them head on, but this was the first time he met someone like the sect master of Purple Sun Sect, who pretended to be ignorant, and he even did this while the hostile atmosphere around them was so thick that a knife could slice through it.

“Oh, you must be talking about that jade slit ring.”

The sect master of Purple Sun Sect patted his head, as if he had come to a realization. “Yes, that's right. Your hall chief indeed sent a message. My memory fails me…”

Sinless in Light and Dark spoke his next words in a calm tone. “It's wonderful that you managed to remember it, Purple Sun Sect Master. We are short on time. Our hall chief is still waiting for your reply.”

“Ha ha, we still have some things to say about this.” The sect master of Purple Sun Sect waved his hand while speaking in a tone as if he was chatting with an old friend. Without even turning his head around, he asked the person beside him, “Have you heard who has the jade slit ring?”

His acting skills were practically at the level of an academy award winning actor.

“It's Leader Huang,” Phantom Jade answered after he recovered from his daze. He cast Sinless in Light and Dark a glance while speaking.

“Oh, where is he now?”

“I'm here!”

Leader Huang quickly walked to stand in front of them on the stairs.

“Very well.” The sect master of Purple Sun Sect cast him a glance and asked with a faint smile, “Did you take the jade slit ring Vice hall chief Light and Dark mentioned?”

“I had indeed taken the item from that person's hands back then, sect master.”

“Then return the item to them. It's just a jade slit ring, don't ruin the harmony between our sects for such a small matter.” the sect master of Purple Sun Sect ordered lightly.

“Purple Sun Sect Master, you are indeed magnanimous, I, Light and Dark, am impressed—”

Before Sinless in Light and Dark could finish speaking, Leader Huang's expression became anguished, and he turned toward the gate.

“Vice Hall Chief Light and Dark, you will have to be disappointed. While the jade slit ring was indeed on me at that time, I couldn't protect it well. While we escorted a tribute back to the city, we were ambushed by a group of people. Once we died, I lost the jade slit ring.”

“You lost it?”

Sinless in Light and Dark frowned. It was only then that he was able to tell that Purple Sun Sect could not hand over the jade slit ring.

“That's right.” Leader Huang explained. “After thorough investigation, we discovered that the person who ambushed us was a group from Black Rose. After they made me drop the jade slit ring, I immediately told my sect master, and we surrounded Red Coral, the chief military advisor of Black Rose Clan, who had been the one to take the jade slit ring.”

“What happened then?”

Sinless in Light and Dark naturally knew how important the jade slit ring was. He knew that there was a great fortuitous event and treasure hidden within it, so once the person who had it died, the item would drop, which was why he patiently listened to Purple Sun Sect's explanation. He did not fly into a rage even when the sect master of Purple Sun Sect put up an act.

“Today, we finally found Red Coral and blocked her path while she was in an ancient tomb…”

“… With your sect's ability, you cannot possibly have let a member from a small clan escape from your clutches, right?”

“Indeed, but if we managed to get it, would we have arranged ourselves right now?” Phantom Jade took over the conversation in an ill-mannered tone. When he noticed Sinless in Light and Dark's gaze switch to himself, he continued explaining. “My young master and I brought around ten Blessed Realm sect members to enter the ancient tomb, but we didn't manage to get the jade slit ring back. Not only did we not get it back, our brothers and even our young master died inside.”

At that moment, faint surprise appeared on the face of Sinless in Light and Dark, who had been listening quietly. He quirked an eyebrow and cast Phantom Jade a glance.

“Are you saying that the item is currently with Black Rose Clan, and it's in the hands of a woman named Red Coral?”

“It's in the hands of the person who killed our young master,” Phantom Jade corrected him. “After all, you can obtain your answer through a fortune teller. Why don't you go and personally get it back?”

“Based on your words, you don't seem to want to take revenge for your young master. Why?”

Sinless in Light and Dark stared at Phantom Jade in doubt. He could tell that Young White Dragon and a few people by his side did indeed appear to have had their abilities reduced.

There was no way they would have made this sort of sacrifice just to handle Life Ending Hall…

The only reason for this could be that they had run into a wall!

Once Phantom Jade earnestly explained that they were not the opponents of the person who killed them, interest lit up in the eyes of Sinless in Light and Dark.

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