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The wagons rumbled along forward.

Meng Wei and Mo Ya who were body refiners at the Nether Transformation Realm were present within the group, so Chen Xi was at ease, and he had sufficient time to study and comprehend the Ninth h.e.l.l Dao Origin Scripture.

This body refinement technique was obscure and profound. Even though it consisted of a mere few hundred ancient FiendG.o.d characters, yet every single word was a gem that seemed to reveal the profundities of the Grand Dao, and it was like a book from the heavens.

It was even to the extent that even Chen Xi who possessed an extraordinary ability of deduction found it difficult to see through its entire form, and he had no choice but to seek guidance from Meng Wei.

Meng Wei was very candid, and he spoke of everything he knew without reserve. No matter if it was man or woman, old or young, everyone within their Ninth h.e.l.l tribe had cultivated this technique for generations, and its profundities were mostly pa.s.sed down personally by the clansmen of the tribe, so there was rarely anyone that referred to the writings of the FiendG.o.ds on the beast skin to cultivate it.

This caused Meng Wei to sometimes be unable to answer Chen Xi's question, and he could only help explain it to Chen Xi by using the experiences he obtained from his cultivation. Even then, it still allowed Chen Xi to benefit greatly.

Up until later on, Chen Xi had fallen completely into a deep level of meditative comprehension. Sometimes, he would only wake up after five days, and sometimes he wouldn't even open his eyes for ten days or half a month because he'd become completely oblivious to himself.

Meng Wei and Mo Ya didn't disturb Chen Xi and even ordered the youths not to approach the wagon Chen Xi sat on without permission.

On this day, Chen Xi who was silent and didn't move like a clay statue had suddenly raised his head, and as his eyes blinked, numerous mysterious symbols surged within his eyes and formed various profundities.

At the same time, his entire body emitted a jade-like sheen that was dim, cold, and restrained, and it faintly conformed with the heavens and the earth from afar.

At this moment, he fell into a miraculous state of sudden comprehension.

The writing of FiendG.o.ds recorded on the beast skin seemed like numerus symbols that ceaselessly took form, surged, and transformed into the sun, moon, mountains, river, stars, and universe within his heart.

His entire mind and soul were immersed within it as he comprehended it with great concentration and sensed it with his soul. His skin became even more crystalline and actually emitted a pure and flawless fragrance! 

Meng Wei who was leading the group in the front frowned abruptly, and he glanced at a wagon at the back with astonishment.

"You've noticed as well?" Mo Ya had suddenly come over silently while an unusual expression suffused her eyes. "That's the aura of a Dao Origin, and in the inheritance of our clan, it's also called the fragrance of the Dao Fruit. It implies that the Dao Origin would be born when a flower has bloomed and bears fruit!"

Meng Wei's expression carried a trace of emotion and recollection as well. "Since our clan was abandoned by the Heaven Dao and trapped within the Ninth h.e.l.l, such a phenomenon has never been produced by anyone, yet I never imagined that it would appear on Brother Chen Xi."

The Dao Origin was like the infant state of the Grand Dao. It was self-evidently a miraculous state that could only be attained from tempering the body to a certain extent and merging with the Grand Dao.

When one cultivated to this state, one's body would seem as if it was condensed from the Grand Dao, and every single move one made would contain a profound aura, causing the might of one's body to naturally be extraordinary.

Mo Ya nodded, and then she shook her head. "No, even if it was within our Ninth h.e.l.l tribe, only those with extraordinary natural talent were capable of achieving such a phenomenon, and it was extremely rare."

When she spoke up to here, a wisp of astonishment couldn't help but arise in her heart as she felt Chen Xi's natural endowment was really too extraordinary, and such a genius figure cultivated both in qi refinement and body refinement. I really wonder how he does it…

Meanwhile, the nearby youths noticed the unusualness in their group, and they smelled the strand of unique aura of the Dao Origin in the air. Even though it was light, it still caused their souls to feel oppressed and reverent, and it felt as if they were facing the Grand Dao of the heavens and wished for nothing more than to prostrate themselves in worship.

Chen Xi was completely unaware of all this, and he was immersed in a deep state of comprehension.

This wasn't an increase in cultivation, but a type of creation and improvement of the body. On the other hand, the so-called 'Dao Origin' was to draw the 'Dao' into the body and clean the vital blood, purify the tendons, and temper the Shaman Energy.

This sort of 'Dao' came from one's grasp of the various Grand Daos, but most importantly, it was to interact with the Grand Dao. When the body underwent a transformation under the tempering of this type of Grand Dao, it would become the so-called 'Dao Origin.'

Chen Xi sat cross-legged, and in his hazy state, a strand of white qi coiled around his body while effusing a refreshing fragrance, and it cleared the impurities on his body. It caused his bearing to become even more translucent and ethereal as if he was a divine being that wasn't tainted with the aura of the mortal world, pure and flawless.

He obtained extremely great benefits during this process of comprehension. It was as if his body was immersed in a warm spring as the Grand Dao fused into his body, and it cleared him of impurities, causing him to undergo a change akin to rebirth and obtain a type of indescribable comprehension.

What's the Heaven Dao?

At this moment, Chen Xi had the feeling of being immersed within the Heaven Dao. It was like he was drifting about in a vast ocean, whereas he was a little boat that was rocking up and down as it flowed along with the waves, and it sought to traverse to the other side and seek the Dao.

During this process of traversing to the other side, it was a process of tempering the body and constructing the boat, and it had to receive that tempering and baptism of the boundless ocean that was occasionally calm and occasionally like a tempestuous storm.

This was a type of exploration towards the essence of life and was progress. It relied on the might of the Grand Dao to perfect one's body and construct an eternal Dao Origin that stimulated one's potential, so one would surely soar into the sky with success upon achieving the Dao!

Time slowly pa.s.sed by, and another month pa.s.sed. 

The entire body of Chen Xi who sat within the wagon trembled before he opened his eyes, and he felt the obvious changes in his body. His body was clear, flawless, and coiled with a profound refreshing fragrance. Every single inch of his skin seemed to be flowing with strands of the aura of the Dao.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, even an Earthly Immortal Realm expert in body refinement would find it exceedingly difficult to temper the body to such an extent. Of course, there were also some special exceptions.

At this moment, Chen Xi's body was slightly similar to the 'Flawless Gla.s.s Goldbody' of the ancient Buddhist Sect, because both of them had fused with the Dao and didn't have the slightest aura of the mortal world.

The most obvious benefit was his body refinement cultivation obtained an extremely great increase. His body was like the origin of the Dao, and it emanated the aura of the Dao, causing his entire body, spirit, energy, and essence to possess an impregnable layer of defense.

Moreover, at this moment, Chen Xi vaguely had the feeling that his body refinement cultivation was showing faint signs of breaking through!

My body refinement cultivation will surely be able to advance to the Nether Transformation Realm in less than a month. Chen Xi had an indifferent and tranquil expression, and he clearly sensed the trace of imperceptible opportunity to advance.

He didn't stay within the wagon any longer, and he stretched himself before walking off the wagon and looking towards the distance.

"Stardrop Mountain Range?" Chen Xi couldn't help but be surprised when he saw a boundlessly vast mountain range that appeared within his field of vision because this place was 500,000 km away from Blaze City.

"Exactly, it's Stardrop Mountain Range, and we'll be able to arrive at Taotie City after we pa.s.s through this mountain range." The nearby Mo Ya said with a smile, "I never expected that your comprehension would actually continue for as long as two months. It's truly shocking."

Two months, huh? Chen Xi withdrew his gaze and couldn't help but sigh with emotion because he felt that a long time had pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.


Right at this moment, a beam of light that shot into the sky suddenly charged out from the distant Stardrop Mountain Range. At the same time, a wave of intense sounds of battle sounded out along with this, and it instantly caused their entire group to stop. 

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