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The seven tempering of the Rebirth Realm represented a cycle of life with every tempering, and every advancement caused one's strength to undergo a qualitative transformation.

These seven temperings were respectively attributed towards the heart, liver, lungs, spleen, kidney, mind, and soul.

Chen Xi had already attained the 2nd tempering of the Rebirth Realm earlier, causing him to move from the element of fire to wood, and it tempered the liver. His Rebirth Wheel revealed a cerulean blue color that was translucent like jade as it floated within his Dantian, and it emitted jade green and clear rays of light, causing it to seem extremely profound.

Presently, after he devoured the divinity from the Crimsonflame Cavaliers and Goldplate Cavaliers, the color of his Rebirth Wheel was already suffused with a hazy golden color. Obviously, it was about to advance to the 3rd tempering of the Rebirth Realm and attain the state of moving from the element of wood to metal.

Moreover, his body refinement cultivation had obtained an extremely great benefit as well. The tiny apertures in his body had been developed successively, and they formed a world of their own that contained his Soul Core within them. Besides that, his surging Shaman Energy was suffused with a crystalline and translucent sheen that was the trait of divinity that remained eternal, and it caused his body to become even stronger.

It was truly difficult to imagine that the divinity contained within the bodies of these specters would actually be so miraculous, and it was simply comparable to the most precious spirit pills and miraculous medicines in the world.

If one didn't see it with their own two eyes, there would probably be no one that would dare believe this was real.

After carefully sensing the changes in his strength, Chen Xi revealed a wisp of satisfaction on the corners of his mouth, and when he turned around and saw those cultivators were still standing on the spot, he couldn't help but shake his head. "Leave, quickly. This place isn't somewhere all of you can stay for long."

He was speaking the truth. This place was already 500km away from the city gate, and Crimsonflame Cavaliers formed the majority of the forces that were distributed in this area. Moreover, the deeper one went, the stronger the strength of the enemy would be, and it was absolutely not a place an ordinary person could stay at.

"Brother Chen, thank you for your life saving grace. If you have any use for us in the future, then we'll lay down our lives for you!" All of them were startled and recovered from their shock before cupping their fists and speaking out successively.

"If we have the fate, then we'll drink and chat together another day." Chen Xi smiled and cupped his fists from afar.

All of them turned around and retreated towards the city right away. The weapon of the G.o.ds was holding down the area there, and there were only ordinary Specter Cavaliers there, so it was undoubtedly much safer.

On the other hand, Chen Xi flashed out to slaughter his way towards the depths of the army.

He'd calculated that the divinity contained within ordinary Specter Cavaliers was too weak and killing over a hundred was only comparable to the divinity obtained from a single Crimsonflame Cavalier, whereas a Goldplate Cavalier was much stronger, and the divinity obtained from killing one was sufficient to compare to around 50 Crimsonflame Cavaliers!

Chen Xi's goal was extremely simple, it was to use all means possible to fiercely advance his cultivation during the final test of the Primeval Battlefield.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Right when Chen Xi was pondering, a wave of footsteps that were dense and like thunderclaps suddenly resounded out in the extreme distance. It seemed like the sound of gathering men on the battlefield, a powerful army rumbling as they dashed over, and the heavens and the earth shook as a surging black mist rose up 300m into the sky.

"What's that?" Chen Xi's eyes squinted.

Group after group of Crimsonflame Cavaliers gushed out from within the surging black mist, and they were completely covered in flowing glows of fire and emitted monstrous and ferocious auras, causing them to seem as if they'd walked out from the gates of h.e.l.l.

They dashed out in row after row, and each row consisted of more than 100 Crimsonflame Cavaliers. They seemed like overlapping torrents of flames that whistled as they dashed, and they emitted a ferocious imposing aura that seemed capable of trampling down upon the world and sweeping through everything before them.

Moreover, behind them was row after row of Goldplate Cavaliers, and they seemed to be holding down the line and emitted terrifying auras.

These specters are formed from the resentment of Xeno-race experts, causing their intelligence to be low. Even if their strengths are shocking, they don't know how to vary their approach and are just like puppets, so killing them…is as easy as flipping my hand! Chen Xi's eyes narrowed, he was excited instead of being terrified, and a strand of burning and high spirited battle intent even rose in his heart.

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