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Chapter 94 – One Year Pact

“Ziyun, move out of the way!” Nie Li solemnly said. He released the potential within his soul realm, his soul force reached its peak.

Feeling the majestic force from Nie Li’s body, Ye Zong’s eyes had a hint of surprise flash across. How old is Nie Li? To actually reach such a level, and suppress his aura. This kind of talent does indeed cause others to be surprised. However, his eyes were still coldly staring at Nie Li.

“Nie Li, no! Please, I beg you both!” Ye Ziyun’s face was filled with tears.

Nie Li coldly looked at the Ye Zong in front of him, and furiously said, “Are you suitable to be a father? Since young, have you ever given any concern for Ziyun? You continuously requested her to train and train, what else have you done for her? She’s lonely in her heart, did you know that? In the inst.i.tute, there isn’t a single true friend. In the City Lord’s Mansion, whether it’s you or that old fart Ye Mo, you were all busy with your own stuff. You never showed even a little concern for Ziyun! Me and Ziyun are only good friends. Even if something happened between me and Ziyun, can someone like you that kills people without knowing anything? Have you cared for Ziyun’s feelings? What you care about is only the reputation of the Snow Wind Family!”

“Brat, do you know what you’re saying now? You’re seeking death! How dare you be so presumptuous in front of me?!” Ye Zong became more furious. He let out a snort, and waves of soul force surged from his body, a more powerful soul force pressed towards Nie Li from all directions.


Nie Li flew back.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Nie Li’s soul force was continuously bombarding against Ye Zong’s soul force, causing explosions in the air.

Nie Li was once again, sent flying. Wounds covered his body.

“If I’m afraid of death, then I’m a soft egg. Even if I die, I will still say it! So what if you’re the City Lord? Your daddy hasn’t even put you in my eyes! Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, so what? If I have a year of time, I will be able to beat you! Your daddy has even seen the existence above Legend rank before!” Nie Li was wounded all over his body. His eyes were half open. He spat a mouthful of saliva and said, “d.a.m.n, if you want to fight now, even if I die, I will still cast a Soul Reversal technique to teach you a lesson!”

[T/N: The raw actually says something like Soul returning to one technique, so I just have it Soul Reversal instead. And… ahem… No starwars please.]

If he used the Soul Reversal technique, both sides would surely sustain injuries. Nie Li didn’t want to do it as he doesn’t want Ye Ziyun to be heart broken. After all, he is the father of Ye Ziyun!

“One year? You think that you can defeat a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist in one year?” Ye Zong looked at Nie Li, coldly laughing, his mouth hung a strong disdain.

“What? You want to try?” Nie Li had both his hands on his hips. Since he has already gone all out, he pointed at Ye Zong and scolded, “Give me a year’s time and I will definitely step on you mercilessly under my feet!”

“This is what you have said. If you are able to defeat me in a year’s time, I will not pursue today’s matter. And you, Ye Ziyun!” Ye Zong coldly swept his eyes at Ye Ziyun, his eyes flashed a hint of unnoticable softness and coldly said, “If you are unable to reach Gold rank in a year, then the both of you are not allowed to meet anymore!”

Ye Zong’s soul force mercilessly bombarded onto Nie Li’s body, sending Nie Li flying. He slowly turned around and walked out, “Don’t forget my words today!”


Nie Li’s soul force dispersed. The three pairs of wings on his back also broke apart. His internal organs shifted, but his life wasn’t in any danger. He heavily breathed, in just that moment, he felt that death gazed past him. The last attack that Ye Zong used, is a lot stronger than ordinary Black Gold rank. Ye Zong has already reached the peak of Black Gold rank, a step away from Legend rank.

“Rest at ease, I will never go back on the words I’ve said.” Nie Li looked at Ye Zong’s back figure and heavily said. Watching Ye Zong gradually leaving, Nie Li’s eyes flashed a hint of doubt. He originally thought that Ye Zong would kill him to protect the reputation of the Snow Wind Family. He never thought that Ye Zong would actually let him off!

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