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Chapter 92 – The City Lord Arrives

Ye Ziyun realised something and screamed.

“Nie Li, turnaround!” Ye Ziyun’s face flushed red as she stomped her feet.

“What’s wrong?” Nie Li blinked, taking a few more glances. This isn’t something he can see all the time, if he were to turn around, then it would have been wasted.

“Nie Li, how can you be like this. I……” Ye Ziyun was angry. She hastily retrieved a cloth from her interspatial ring to cover up. Her heart was in a mess. Ever since she was young, this was the first time a guy has seen her like this.

“Not as though I haven’t seen this before……” Nie Li murmured, then slowly turned around. He laughed and said, “Wear your shirt, I won’t look at you.”

“You can’t turn your head around! Otherwise…… I won’t talk to you anymore!” Ye Ziyun can’t think of any harsh words to say, so she can only said this.

Rustling sounds came from behind Nie Li, causing one to imagine. However, Nie Li did not turn around to look. He didn’t want to irritate this beauty behind him. However, no matter what, the trip today was worth this.

“Okay, you can turn around now.”

Hearing Ye Ziyun’s voice, Nie Li turned his head around. He realised that Ye Ziyun was wearing a white dress. That delicate purple hair of hers was still wet, draped over her shoulders looking soft and elegant. Her white skin was like peeled eggs. Those watery big eyes of hers were twinkling as though they are saying something. The pair of small dimples on the even sides of her cheeks and the slight charming crimson on her cheeks made Nie Li dumbfounded.

“Nie Li, I will remember today’s incident. I will definitely make you pay for this!” Ye Ziyun was staring at Nie Li angrily. However, her angry expression had a hint of beauty in it. Not knowing why, Nie Li’s heated gaze caused her to have a strange feeling in her heart.

“I nearly forgot, you still owe me a favour!” Nie Li said, smiling while looking at Ye Ziyun, “Since I saw you, consider us even!”

“No. This is two different matters. I will still owe you that favour! This matter cannot be settled so easily!” Ye Ziyun said in dissatisfaction. She felt that she had made a loss, having everything seen by Nie Li.

“How about this, I’ll let you look at me back!” Nie Li said, as he starts to undress.

“Who’d want to look at you!?” Ye Ziyun stomped her feet as she hurriedly covered her eyes. She is simply speechless. How can Nie Li be like this? Such a jerk! However, not knowing why, a faint ripple was set off in her heart. As the daughter of the City Lord, she normally doesn’t have a friend. Not to mention having such a person tease her without restraints. Because of the appearance of Nie Li, colours were added to her simple life.

“Since you don’t want to see, so be it.” Nie Li shrugged, the corner of his mouth curled. Seeing how cute Ye Ziyun is, his heart was filled with warmth. To be able to be reborn and once again see Ye Ziyun is too good. He will definitely not disappoint G.o.d’s blessing.

Nie Li looked around the surroundings then walked towards Ye Ziyun’s building.

“What are you doing?” Seeing Nie Li’s action, Ye Ziyun hastily said.

“Since I’ve come here, you’re not going to let me take a look around your room? Isn’t that a little too rude?” Nie Li directly walked towards the building.

Rude? Ye Ziyun is simply going crazy. Exactly who is being rude. Who broke into a girl’s yard without knocking, and now he wants to take a look at a girl’s room?

“Nie Li, stop!” Ye Ziyun hurriedly called out. Her room isn’t something that anyone can enter.

“Shu!” Nie Li was like a loach, slipping into Ye Ziyun’s building. In his previous life, he had not seen Ye Ziyun’s room before which is why his heart was filled with curiosity. He was wondering how Ye Ziyun’s room looked like.

After entering the building, he continued walking forward and entered into Ye Ziyun’s room. Ye Ziyun’s room was extremely exquisitely decorated. Having flower carvings and pink veils, looking sweetly pretty.

Nie Li freshly looked around, walking towards the back of a screen. Behind the screen, a wooden tub was placed there, the tub was still emitting steam. Ye Ziyun had just taken her bath here. Thinking of the scene of Ye Ziyun bathing in the wooden tub, Nie Li couldn’t help feeling some heat in his heart.

Ye Ziyun hastily ran in.

“Nie Li, how can you just break into a girl’s room. Quickly, get out!” Ye Ziyun said, feeling anxious and shy. However, facing the shameless Nie Li, she has no idea how to deal with him.

“It’s not a big deal, I’m just looking around the room only. It’s not as though you’ll get pregnant.” Nie Li deeply inhaled a breath. There is a faint, but familiar, fragrance lingering around in the air, this is the smell of Ye Ziyun.

“Pregnant?” Ye Ziyun’s eyes were wide. That expression of hers was as though she was struck by lightning. Just what exactly is in Nie Li’s head? She simply feels like cracking Nie Li’s head open and have a look inside.

“Even the hot water has been prepared. You go out first, I’ll have a bath!” Nie Li quickly undressed himself and jumped into the wooden tub. He said in satisfaction, “This is so comfortable!”

“Urghhhhhhh!” Ye Ziyun is simply going crazy. The moment Nie Li comes, he treats this place as though it’s his own. She just finished bathing in the wooden tub and hasn’t even had the time to pour the water away, how could Nie Li just jump in like that?

Furthermore, Nie Li shamelessly undressed himself in front of her!

Ye Ziyun is simply helpless. If she were to remain here, wouldn’t she have to look at Nie Li bathing? Ye Ziyun can only helplessly leave.

At the yard, Ye Ziyun’s mind was in a mess. She sat on a piece of rock. Her slender fingers were folding a piece of gra.s.s. Although she was bullied by Nie Li, she wasn’t unhappy. Her heart had an indescribable feeling.

‘Hateful fella!’ Ye Ziyun angrily thought.

Perhaps she is too lonely. She usually doesn’t have any friends in school. After her mother pa.s.sed away, her father and grandfather have been busy with their own matters, hence accompanied her here very rarely. If anyone were to come and bother her, she would feel very happy about it. Although Nie Li is a little jerkish, she still does not hate Nie Li.

Nie Li simply understands Ye Ziyun’s character too well, which is why he acted that way. He won’t let Ye Ziyun distance herself away from him.

In that hot water, lingers the fragrance of Ye Ziyun. If they were to soak inside together, how wonderful would that be? Deep in his thoughts, Nie Li’s heart accelerated a little. The road is still long, Nie Li knows that in order to reach that step, he has to work very hard.

At this moment, knocking sounds came from the yard’s door.

Hearing this sound, Ye Ziyun’s face immediately changed colours. This knocking sound is obviously the arrival of her father.

Nie Li is still in the room! He was doomed!

Nie Li also heard the knocking sound, and immediately became dumbfounded. This is a little too much! Thinking of the strict face of Ye Ziyun’s father, Nie Li suddenly felt his head ache.

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