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Chapter 85 – Barely

After finishing up the hundred million bet, the Sacred Family no longer continued to be the banker. The bet was, however, taken over by Yang Xin.

Since Yang Xin is the banker, Nie Li did not partic.i.p.ate in it.

“Nie Li, you have to work hard. Over ninety percent of the bets are on the Sacred Family to win. Big sister has bet it all on you!” Yang Xin charmingly looked at Nie Li, those pink lips of hers curled. Those pink lips were beside Nie Li’s cheeks. That curvaceous figure of hers was stuck beside Nie Li. The softness of her skin could be vaguely felt, it was simply extremely tempting.

This woman, is simply a mesmerizing devil!

“Big Sister Yang Xin must be joking. Such a small amount of money doesn’t mean much to you. It wouldn’t matter even if you lost,” Nie Li said, lightly smiling. Naturally, he wouldn’t be seduced by Yang Xin so easily.

“I have risked all of my personal money!” Yang Xin pouted and said with slight dissatisfaction.

“Then, I have no idea what to do. You can only pray, and resign yourself to fate.”

A short moment later, the bet started.

Nie Li and Shen Ning of the Sacred Family went to the arena.

The whole arena heated up. Bursts of voices sounded out, some were supporting Nie Li, some supporting Shen Ning.

“In the previous round, that Nie Li tricked me out of quite a bit of money. This time, I have to get it all back!”

“That Heavenly Marks Family’s brat actually got himself a Fanged Panda. What an idiot. Although he tricked the Sacred Family once, the one up this round. Shen Ning is a 5-star Silver rank Demon Spiritualist. Therefore, he will definitely win!”

The previous round when Nie Li won, wasn’t quite glorious. Shen Fei lost with a little injustice. Therefore, in this round, the majority of the bets were on Shen Ning. However, a portion of the people still felt good about Nie Li. They felt that Nie Li would be able to create a miracle. After all, Nie Li has already won one round.

Looking at Nie Li in the arena, Ye Ziyun couldn’t help laughing. She heard that the Sacred Family made another bet at a stake of a hundred million. Nie Li is too evil. During this year’s examination, his results weren’t high, but Ye Ziyun firmly believes that Nie Li’s cultivation has reached to a frightening degree. Otherwise, how could he have such control over his strength and soul force to such an extent? In her views, Nie Li can definitely win against Shen Ning of the Sacred Family. Therefore, she has bet on Nie Li with all her savings.

Seeing Nie Li’s cunning looks, although Ye Ziyun felt a little annoyed by it, could not understand why she still feels a little concern for Nie Li. When she heard that Nie Li has partic.i.p.ated in the tournament, she hurriedly rushed over.

‘It’s just the concern between friends.’ Ye Ziyun’s gaze fell onto Nie Li and thought to herself. Her cheeks were a little heated. She never had such concerns for a boy before.

The battle started.

Shen Ning immediately merged with his demon spirit. His body was burning with fierce flames and turned into a powerful Sacred Scarlet Bear.


Shen Ning took a step and flames soared into the sky. A tyrannical power swept out, the arena trembled. The flooring was charred.

“It’s actually the Sacred Scarlet Bear!”

“A 5-star Silver rank Demon Spiritualist plus the Sacred Scarlet Bear. This is an absolutely talented existence among the younger generations! Seems like Nie Li is doomed this time. Earlier, he beat the direct descendent young master of the Sacred Family so miserably. The Sacred Family definitely won’t let him off easily.”

Those who bet on Shen Ning raised their hands up, their voices were very heated.

“Merging with the demon spirit the moment you got on the stage, isn’t that being a little rude?” Nie Li murmured.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Shen Ning bitterly smiled. In the previous round, Shen Fei was beaten up miserably by Nie Li without getting the chance to even merge with his demon spirit, how could he let Nie Li have a chance? This round’s battle is too important. He’ll first merge with his demon spirit before anything else. After merging with his demon spirit, Nie Li’s Fanged Panda won’t be able to beat him.

Victory is already within Shen Ning’s grasp.

Nie Li also quickly merged with the Fanged Panda, turning into a chubby, harmless Fanged Panda.

Looking from any angle, the Fanged Panda didn’t seem to be a threat.

“Roar!” Shen Ning strode towards Nie Li, waves after waves of hot air blasted throughout every directions.

Thunder flames!

Shen Ning suddenly leaped, and threw a palm downwards. One after another flames like a meteor were falling down.

Seeing this scene, Nie Li did not engage in combat and started running.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Flaming meteors fell down, raging on the ground, leaving craters in the ground.

Nie Li jumped, dodging every flaming meteor coming at him, causing those who looked at the scene to be pinched in a cold sweat. If one of the flaming meteors were to hit Nie Li, even if he didn’t die, it would take at least half of his life.

Booing was heard from the audience.

“That Heavenly Marks Family’s brat doesn’t have any guts. He actually starts running the moment the fight begins. Can he have a little backbone?”

“This tournament match is so pointless. That Heavenly Marks Family’s brat…if he’s unable to win, then surrender! Simply wasting emotions!”

Bursts of sounds erupted from the audience.

Yang Xin stared at Nie Hai, Nie En and asked with her face sullen, sounding somewhat angry, “Did you not accompany Nie Li to change his demon spirit? How could you let Nie Li use such a garbage demon spirit like the Fanged Panda?”

Nie Hai bitterly smiled and hurriedly said, “Director Yang, you misunderstand. Recently, we have been helping Nie Li buy multiple demon spirits. We bought at least tens of thousands of them. However, Nie Li still chooses this Fanged Panda. There is nothing we can do!”

Hearing Nie Hai’s words, Yang Xin had an expression of surprise on her face. Nie Hai and bunch have bought more than ten thousand demon spirit these days? Taking a glance at Nie Li who is currently in the arena, although Nie Li looked somewhat pitiful, he was able to dodge every attack. He was probably doing this on purpose.

‘Since little brother Nie Li personally chose the Fanged Panda, there must definitely be a reason for it!’ Yang Xin lightly smiled, thought to herself.

Seeing Yang Xin’s expression, Nie Hai felt relieved and wiped his sweat from his brow. After all, his family is merely a small family, how can he offend a figure like Yang Xin?

At the audience area far away, Ye Ziyun stared at the arena without moving her eyes, her brows slightly knitted. Even she could not tell that Nie Li was purposely putting on an act. She thought that he was trying his very best. However, she had a feeling that Nie Li will definitely win.

One after another, flaming meteors exploded beside Nie Li. Truth is, these flaming meteors can’t even do anything to Nie Li. If Nie Li were to spit out a Yin-Yang bomb, it would be more than enough to blast away Shen Ning. However, Nie Li wasn’t thinking of winning against Shen Ning so easily.

If he were to easily win against Shen Ning, the Sacred Family definitely wouldn’t play the third round with him!

Therefore, he has to show it that he barely win against Shen Ning.

“Runt, don’t run!” Shen Ning was continuously going berserk, as he controlled the frightening power of the Sacred Scarlet Bear. The whole arena’s grounds were severely ravaged.

However, what made Shen Ning depressed was that this Nie Li’s luck was too good. Every time his flaming meteor was about to hit Nie Li, he would stumble and dodge it.

Thinking about the look of the clumsy Fanged Panda, and looking at Nie Li stumbling away, Shen Ning couldn’t help having a weird feeling about the fight. The Fanged Panda that Nie Li has integrated with, is really strange!

If it were an ordinary Fanged Panda, he would have already settled it easily. How can it hang on for so long.


Shen Ning positioned himself downwards from the sky. Both of his hands came together, turning into endless flaming fist, fiercely crashing down from the sky.

Seeing this scene, Nie Li’s eyes lit up and he rolled toward the side.

“Trying to run? Too late!” A hint of a sneer was on Shen Ning’s face, waves of scarlet flames were gushing out from his body. His whole body was a meteorite, fiercely falling downwards.

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