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Chapter 81 – Bet

Looking at Nie Li’s expression, Yang Xin understood what happened. Nie Li has some conflict with this Shen Fei. The reason Nie Li called her over, the purpose is very clear. It is to fight with the Sacred Family.

Even knowing that she would offend the Sacred Family, she stood on Nie Li’s side without any hesitation. She easily made that decision.

“Hmpf” Shen Fei snorted. He did not bother himself with Nie Li. ‘I’ll let you be arrogant for a while longer. When the tournament starts, watch how I mess with you to death!’

“Haha, Young Master Shen is really friendly!” Nie Li laughed, “ Ning’er would often mention to me about you, saying that you are a generous man!”

Hearing Nie Li mentioning Xiao Ning’er, Shen Fei was simply about to explode. Nie Li is really touching his weak spots. He seems to feel that there is a green hat on his head.

Seeing that Shen Fei’s colour turned into the colour of pig liver, Nie Li seemed to have not noticed it. He continued, “Recently, Ning’er’s cultivation has been going through leaps and bounds, soon reaching the Silver rank! I even helped her with a ma.s.sage. Her Artic disease is almost cured. Speaking of which, Young Master Shen still has to thank me!”


Hearing Nie Li’s words, images appeared in Shen Fei’s head. He almost vomited blood. Everyone must know that, even now, Xiao Ning’er hasn’t even let him touch her hands!

“Surnamed Nie. You’re really p.i.s.sing me off. I’m going to kill you!” Shen Fei could no longer control himself. Both of his eyes widened. As a direct descendent of the Sacred Family, being proud and arrogant, he has never been treated with this kind of humiliation. Shen Fei rushed out, throwing a punch towards Nie Li.

At this moment, Yang Xin’s eyebrows twitched. She lept in between the two. Although she clearly knows that Nie Li is purposely provoking Shen Fei, she bitterly smiled in her heart. Since Shen Fei is finding Nie Li’s trouble, she naturally can’t sit there and do nothing about it.

Seeing Nie Li purposely provoked Shen Fei and got Yang Xin to stand out for him, Shen Ming was also slightly angry inside. He pulled Shen Fei back without saying anything.

“Young Master Shen Fei, don’t be rash!” Shen Ming said, slightly smiled, “The martial tournament will soon begin. Presumably, the Nie Family will definitely send someone to do battle. Why don’t you have a showdown later? No point harming the harmony!”

Shen Fei’s chest heaved nonstop. He forcefully pull back his anger. He glowered at Nie Li. He can clearly see that Nie Li has the protection of the Alchemist a.s.sociation, therefore fears nothing. Here, he couldn’t do anything to Nie Li. But when the tournament starts, he will teach Nie Li a harsh lesson.

If Nie Li doesn’t go up, then they will just beat the c.r.a.p out of the Heavenly Marks Family’s representatives, and see if Nie Li will still not come down.

Shen Fei inhaled a deep breath, and stopped his tracks.

After hearing that, Nie Li calmly said by the side, “About the tournament, it’s pointless without any profits. If there isn’t any bet, I’ll not be entering.”

“Oh?” Shen Ming lightly glanced at Nie Li and asked, “I wonder what kind of bet you want?”

“For this round’s tournament, I’ll be the banker! No matter how much the Sacred Family wants to bet, I’ll take it all. But if the bet is too low, I’ll not be playing.” Nie Li casually said.

“You be the banker? You have that much money?” Shen Ming’s brows slightly twitched. Once the bet starts, both sides have to fork out an equal amount of money. Winner takes everything, “I’m afraid that the Heavenly Marks Family wouldn’t be able to afford to play!”

“With big sister Yang here, the Sacred Family is scared that I could not afford to play?” Nie Li said, lightly smiled.

Yang Xin could see that the reason why Nie Li angered Shen Fei, and provoked the Sacred Family is to let the Sacred Family fall into his trap and bet with him. Seems like Nie Li has the confidence to win against Shen Fei.

“If little brother Nie Li couldn’t afford it, I’ll pay for him!” Yang Xin said, smiling.

“Since Director Yang said so, then we’ll have a game or two. The tournament between Young Master Shen Fei and this Young Master Nie Li, I’ll bet that Shen Fei wins. Stake is fifty million demon spirit coins, do you dare to accept?” Shen Ming narrowed his eyes, looking at Nie Li.

Shen Fei’s fierce gaze was also on Nie Li.

“Fifty million demon spirit coins?” Nie Li suddenly widened his eyes.

“What, you’re scared?” Shen Fei snorted. This time, fifty million demon spirit coins at stake. Doesn’t it scare you silly?

“I say, you stake fifty million demon spirit coins, and yet, you still have the guts to play? Such a big family like the Sacred Family only dares to bet so little?” Nie Li, looking puzzled, looked at Yang Xin and said, “Big sister Yang, is the Sacred Family really so poor? Fifty million demon spirit coins is barely enough to buy sweets for kids.”

Looking at Nie Li’s expression, Yang Xin laughed in her heart. Nie Li is still a full of bad ideas. He’s luring the Sacred Family. She shook her head, and seriously said, “Little brother Nie Li, fifty million demon spirit coins is considered a lot for their type of family.”

“How could this be? So shabby?” Nie Li took out a bunch of demon crystal cards, approximately twenty-thirty demon crystal cards, waved his hand and threw them towards the stage. It instantly caused a commotion on the stage. Someone had casually thrown out hundreds of thousands of demon spirit coins. Nie Li had an extremely arrogant look and said, “Since the Sacred Family is so poor, I’ll force myself to play with you guys. If I win the fifty million demon spirit coins, I’ll split them with the audience. Since there isn’t much meaning to it, I’ll just treat it as throwing some pocket money.”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Shen Ming’s and Shen Fei’s faces paled. Nie Li is too crazy. Fifty million demon spirit coins is not a small amount. Ordinary n.o.ble families couldn’t even take out so much money. Only a Major family like the Sacred Family could afford such an amount. Of course, it cannot be compared to the Alchemist a.s.sociation. The Alchemist a.s.sociation now is too rich. It’s even more wealthy than the City Lord Mansion.

“Fifty million, you even have the guts to say so little!” Nie Li laughed in disdain.

Shen Ming inhaled a breath, but still remained calm. Since Nie Li angered Shen Fei, he definitely has the confidence. First round, just betting fifty million is no big deal. After all, there is still lots of chances. First, look at Nie Li’s strength before anything else!

“First round we’ll just play fifty million. We’ll see if you are still willing to continue playing.” Shen Ming said and lightly smiled. Even if Nie Li is confident about winning against Shen Fei, there is still two other representatives from the Sacred Family. Putting a bet on those two is more reliable.

“Sure, as long as the Sacred Family wants to play, I’ll follow the the end. I’ll be the banker, no matter how much the Sacred Family is betting, I’ll accept it all!” Nie Li said.

Looking at Nie Li’s arrogant expression, Shen Ming sneered. However, he still politely said, “This young master of the Heavenly Marks Family is really straightforward. I wonder who will be the witness?” Shen Ming took a glance at Yang Xin and said, “I’m afraid that Director Yang could not do it.”

“All the other families will be the witness to this bet!” Nie Li said.

“Okay!” Shen Ming also said, straightforwardly.

The Sacred Family’s and the Heavenly Marks Family’s deliberately publicized bet was quickly spread out. The whole tournament field was heated up. All the Patriarchs of various families were also invited to be witnesses.

“What’s wrong with the Heavenly Marks Family, to actually bet against the Sacred Family?”

“You don’t know? The Heavenly Marks Family is sheltered by the Alchemist a.s.sociation. They are now very rich. They seems to be fighting with the Sacred Family.”

“You sure that this is not between the two giants, the Sacred Family and the Alchemist a.s.sociation instead?”

“Who knows?” Various Patriarch were discussing.

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