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Chapter 8 – A Girl’s Heart

Gripping onto Xiao Ning’er’s creamy jade white foot made Nie Li’s heart swing. Nie Li could clearly see that Xiao Ning’er’s smooth tight calves were simply perfect.

“Don’t misunderstand, I’m only treating your illness. The girl I like is Ye Ziyun. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I hope that we can be friends in the future,” Nie Li explained as he looked at Xiao Ning’er’s charming face.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Xiao Ning’er’s shoulders slightly shook. She nodded her head and faintly muttered, ”En.”  

From young till now, aside from her father, Nie Li is the only male that has touched her skin directly. But, the one that Nie Li likes is Ye Ziyun. At thought the of her, Xiao Ning’er’s nose slightly turned sour.

(TLN: ‘en’ is kind of a sound that indicate agreement, something like okay but they used ‘en’ instead)

Nie Li gripped Xiao Ning’er’s foot, positioned his thumb at the bruised area and, gently, started his ma.s.sage.

“Ah” Xiao Ning’er couldn’t help to let out a pained sound.

“The first time will hurt a little. Bear with me for awhile,” said Nie Li. He suddenly thought of something and felt embarra.s.sed. Holding a girl’s leg and saying such words, sounded a little weird. Although Xiao Ning’er is only thirteen years old, she grew up in a aristocrat family, and would, naturally, have some knowledge regarding these matters. After all, some of the girls her age are already married with kids.

Xiao Ning’er lowered her head. Her cheeks flushed red, and couldn’t help the weird feeling in her heart.

The blushing face of Xiao Ning’er was especially charming. It made Nie Li’s heart jumped. Xiao Ning’er was indeed on par with Ye Ziyun’s beauty in the previous life. Although she’s only thirteen years old, she is already very charming. In the previous life Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun were both G.o.ddesses that the boys looked up to. Ye Ziyun was full of grace and elegance, while Xiao Ning’er had a cold figure, made the both of them their dream lovers.

But after thinking about Ye Ziyun, Nie Li stop thinking and focused on treating Xiao Ning’er.

Under Nie Li’s gentle ma.s.sage, Xiao Ning’er felt intense pain at the beginning but the pain was soon replaced by the warmth of Nie Li’s hand entering her foot. After a while, there was the feeling of hot ants drilling into her foot, making her itch, which was replaced with a blissful numbness. Xiao Ning’er couldn’t help letting out a little ‘ah’, which made her endlessly bashful.

That bruise had been there for about six to seven months now. Over time, she would feel terrible pain from it. Xiao Ning’er had been enduring the pain with her will power this whole time. However, no matter how much she persevered, the pain had been torturing her all this time. Xiao Ning’er originally thought that treating this patch of bruise would be very uncomfortable and painful, but, to her surprise, Nie Li’s ma.s.sage was very gentle. She felt the pain that has been torturing her all this time was alleviated by a lot. She couldn’t help as her eyes turned watery. No one knew how hard it was to bear the pain. Every night, she would secretly cry. After wiping those tears off, she would continue to practice. She never thought that after being ma.s.saged by Nie Li, the pain would be relieved by this much. Her heart was filled with grat.i.tude.

Under the moonlight, Nie Li’s face was clear. The serious expression that he had on his face set ripples off in Xiao Ning’er’s heart, making it hard for her to calm down.

“Done,” said Nie Li finished the ma.s.sage.

He faintly laughed and said, “For the next few day, there will still be traces of pain, but all you need to do is rest and you will be fine.”

“En,” said Xiao Ning’er, nodding her head. Suddenly, her cheeks flushing red, she continued to say, “I still have another bruise, could you ma.s.sage it, too?”

“Another bruise?”

Nie Li thought for a moment, ‘Right… there should have been another one. The bruise on her leg shouldn’t have caused her to be bedridden for two years. There should be a more serious bruise!’

“Where is it?” he asked.

Xiao Ning’er felt her heart struggling.

‘If it’s only to let Nie Li ma.s.sage my legs, it’s still acceptable, but if it’s that place……’ Xiao Ning’er hesitated for a long time, her face shyly blushing red.

“If it’s not convenient….” began Nie Li, seeing Xiao Ning’er’s expression. He immediately realised that the bruised area should be at an inconvenient location.

“Nie Li, the person you like is Ye Ziyun?”

“Yeah,” Nie Li nodded his head and replied, recalling everything that happened in his previous life. The life and death situation that he and Ye Ziyun had gone through. His heart was suddenly filled with happiness just by thinking about it. With his rebirth, he will definitely protect Ye Ziyun.

At this moment, after listening to Nie Li’s words, Xiao Ning’er had a weird taste in her heart. Nie Li was the first boy to move her heart, but the one Nie Li likes isn’t her. It was Ye Ziyun.

Xiao Ning’er’s eyes flashed with disappointment, thought for a moment and asked, “Then, does Ye Zu Yun like you?”

The current Ye Ziyun doesn’t know anything about Nie Li. Not hating him would already consider very good. Nie Li shook his head, smiled and confidently said, “She will fall in love with me!”

Looking at Nie Li, Xiao Ning’er laughed, ‘So Nie Li’s love is unrequited. I don’t know where that confidence of his comes from. He actually thinks that the prideful Ye Ziyun would fall for him.’

Not that Xiao Ning’er feels that Nie Li is unworthy of Ye Ziyun’s love, but the neither of them has any understanding towards each other. The chances of them coming together is too slim. The current Ye Ziyun still doesn’t have any understanding towards Nie Li, hence, she would definitely have no feelings for him. But if one day, if Ye Ziyun understood Nie Li’s character, she might really fall for him.

Till now, no one seems to have realise Nie Li’s talent. However, one day Nie Li will definitely shine. By then, she fears that even a prideful girl like Ye Ziyun will be subdued by Nie Li.

In the eyes of others, Nie Li is still an ignorant boy, but Xiao Ning’er knows that Nie Li’s ability is far beyond the imagination of other people. Nie Li will definitely become a Legend rank Demon Spiritist like Lord Ye Mo in the future or become an even  more powerful existance.

Xiao Ning’er struggled for awhile in her heart. ‘If the illness doesn’t get treated, I will get thrown further and further apart from the surrounding genius of my age.’

Since the one helping her with the treatment is Nie Li, it wasn’t that hard to accept. Grinding her teeth, she began to undo the b.u.t.tons on her shirt. Seeing Xiao Ning’er’s action, Nie Li couldn’t help feeling embarra.s.sed.

He rubbed his nose and said, “This doesn’t look good. I’m a decent person.”

He watched as Xiao Ning’er slowly removed her shirt. Her cold figure had an unspeakable charm to it.

Xiao Ning’er stared at Nie Li as she thought, ‘Then is she a ** kind of girl?’

If it wasn’t for her treatment, she wouldn’t even take the initiative to undo her shirt. As she  unb.u.t.toned her shirt, her hands slightly trembled and her inner struggle could be seen. (TLN: ** is actually in the raw text btw)

Nie Li thought for awhile. ‘I know it is to save her, so I can’t think too much about other stuff. I can’t let Xiao Ning’er’s hope be crumbled by the disease.’

The surrounding atmosphere turned charming. The first b.u.t.ton, then the second b.u.t.ton. Xiao Ning’er’s fat-less smooth white skin was already visible, glowing under the moonlight.

After the fifth b.u.t.ton was undone, Xiao Ning’er’s perfect curves were absolutely shattering. Her chest was tied with a bandage with a beautiful bulge pushing out. Although Nie Li was reborn, seeing this scene, he couldn’t help to swallow down a mouthful of saliva. He thought back on his previous life. Although Xiao Ning’er dressed extremely conservative, her figure can be described as extremely hot. With only a glance, she would drive many men crazy.

Soon, Xiao Ning’er will grow up to be that charming and attractive women. Her cold and n.o.ble character would made her the object that many men wish to conquer.

Nie Li calmed his mind for a bit and his eyes fell on Xiao Ning’er’s ribs. On her lower rib sat an extremely shocking bruise. Although it is only the size of a thumb, the colour of the bruise was very deep. His heart was full of pity for Xiao Ning’er.

‘How can such a delicate and pitiful young girl endure such intense pain?’ he asked himself.

Nie Li placed his hands on the bruised area and gently ma.s.sage it. Xiao Ning’er’s skin was as cold as water. Her well-proportioned body had a creamy smooth texture, which he felt through his hand, making his heart swing. He tilted his head up to look at Xiao Ning’er’s face. She was burning red, almost as though she had just had a drink of alcohol, giving her a sense of unspeakable beauty. Looking from above, he could see Xiao Ning’er’s jade white shoulders, and realized a scent of female fragrance coming from her.

Silently, the both of them did not speak and the woods were quiet and serene.

Xiao Ning’er could feel the warmth from Nie Li’s palm. From young till now, this is the first time a guy was so intimately in contact with her body. Right now, her shirt was half removed, revealing a large patch of skin, making her bashful. Even though her heart is strong, in the dead silent night, her heart was very lonely. When was experiencing the unbearable pain caused by the bruise, she wanted to find someone to rely on. But in the family, no matter if it’s her brothers or father, she felt deeply indifferent.Nie Li, at this moment, was the only one, she felt, that she could rely on.

The best she has was shown toNie Li. She glanced at Nie Li and realised that Nie Li, at this moment, was focused on ma.s.saging her bruised area. That serious att.i.tude of his made her to feel grat.i.tude, but at the same time she felt lost.

While Nie Li’s thumb was ma.s.saging the bruised area, he would accidentally touched Xiao Ning’er’s jade white arms from time to time. That delicate touch would make anyone distracted, even if it’s Nie Li. Nie Li’s mind would return to the scenes of him and Ye Ziyun’s one night of pa.s.sion.

Ye Ziyun, at that time, had developed much better than the current Xiao Ning’er, but the current Xiao Ning’er is still young. Once she grows up, she shouldn’t have that much difference compared to Ye Ziyun.

Ye Ziyun’s charming and elegant look would appear in Nie Li’s mind from time to time and he would remember that Ye Ziyun died to save him Therefore, after his rebirth, Nie Li definitely cannot let her down. Thinking of that, Nie Li’s heart finally calmed down.

While Nie Li was carefully ma.s.saging the bruised area with his thumb, he would tapon several important acupuncture points. Because of Xiao Ning’er’s well-proportioned body, he would occasionally ma.s.sage a sensitive spot and would feel the soft bulge, leaving Nie Li slightly embarra.s.sed.

Xiao Ning’er felt the surge of heat coming from Nie Li’s hand as it moved around the rib area. From time to time she would even feel a blissful numbness. Nie Li’s hand would occasionally touch the twin perks that no other man has touched before, making her blush wine red. The look she had when she’s blushing was extremely attractive. That girl’s charming and enchanting looks would make others unable to do anything but want to take her in their arms.

This was a really tough ordeal. After ma.s.saging for a long time, Nie Li let out a breath, smiled and said, “Done!”

Feeling Nie Li’s hand move away, Xiao Ning’er felt a sense of loss. She had to admit, Nie Li’s ma.s.sage technique was amazing. It helped her relieve the pain that tortured her for so long.

“Thank you,” Xiao Ning’er whispered as she started to b.u.t.ton her shirt. Seeing the jade white skin, graceful curves slowly disappearing from his sight, Nie Li’s ups and downs mood was calmed down.

With a stern face, he said, “Rest well for the next few days. This should help to alleviate the pain. I’ll give you a ma.s.sage every three days, a few times more and the roots of the illness will be removed. Before reaching Bronze rank, don’t train your soul force at night. Absorbing too much moonlight essence, if you are unable to harmonize with it, would cause serious consequences!”

“En,” Xiao Ning’er nodded her head. She no longer dared to practice, anyhow. If it wasn’t for Nie Li, she can imagine how terrible the situation would’ve been in the future. All of her efforts and hard work would’ve been in vain.

Seeing Xiao Ning’er without any other issue, Nie Li stood up and said, “It’s time for me to leave.”


She couldn’t tell what her feelings were. Xiao Ning’er nodded and went silent for a moment before saying, “Nie Li, you’ve helped me. If there’s anything you need my help with in the future, I will spare no effort to help you!”

Seeing Xiao Ning’er’s serious expression, Nie Li smiled. While nodding his head, he said “Okay, if I need your help in the future, I’ll find you!”

Truth is, Nie Li helped Xiao Ning’er out of pity towards her. He never thought of getting anything back in return.

Nie Li turned around and left, his shadow slowly disappeared into the forest.

Xiao Ning’er stared at Nie Li’s leaving figure. She stood on the spot for a long time, feeling that the illness in her body has already alleviated by a lot. Her mood became cheerful again.

“Nie Li, what kind of person are you, actually?” Xiao Ning’er muttered, watching Nie Li from the back. When she could no longer see him, she turned around and walk towards the exit of the training ground.

The moon was like water. As the moonlight shined, it would sprinkle a layer of veil over the night.

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