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Chapter 79 – Soul Weapon Katar

Nie Li’s gaze fell onto one of the treasures.

This treasure was a pair of katars. They were a little worn out, their lights were a little dim. They were covered in dust. At the top of these katars were marks of rust on them.

‘Katars? I never thought that I would found a soul weapon here, just my luck! I have to thank the predecessors of the Heavenly Marks Family for them!’ Nie Li thought in his heart, taking the pair of katars down from the hooks.

“You want these things?” Nie Hai looked at the pair of worn out katars in Nie Li’s hands. He was dazed for a moment and asked.

“Yeah!” Nie Li nodded.

Nie Hai has been wanting to take care of these katars long ago, however, due to their worn out appearances, he couldn’t tell the power of this item. Therefore, no one would buy them and he left them alone. As the treasury of the family has been almost emptied, it could at least fill a slot.

In Nie Hai’s views, there were still one or two items that were still valuable within the treasury, so why would Nie Li choose this pair of katars?

Nie Li placed the katars into his interspatial ring and continued looking around in the family treasury. Although there were still a couple of things that were not bad, Nie Li did not take them. They would not help Nie Li raise his strength. The fact that he was able to get that pair of katars is already worth the trip here. His gaze fell onto the last two items.

One of them was a blueprint. It had all kinds of inscription patterns written on it. It seemed like the drawing of a certain item.

Nie Li continued staring at that paper. At this moment, Nie Hai explained, “I have no idea what kind of blueprint this is. There isn’t one person within the Heavenly Marks Family that has created this before. This drawing seemed to be in the shape of a bird.”

After staring at the blueprint for a while longer, Nie Li recalled. This is the masterpiece of the Dark Refinery Master, it’s called Soul Puppet. This is a bird form Soul Puppet. At the early times of the Sacred Empire, there were some Dark Demon Spiritualists. They were a bunch of mysterious existences and would often commit extremely evil acts, like making Soul Puppets. After making a Soul Puppet, they would seal a deceased expert’s soul inside and then use inscription patterns to control the Soul Puppet, making the puppet work for them. After the founding of the Sacred Empire, the Dark Demon Spiritualists were wiped out in a large scale. Things like the blueprint of a Soul Puppet, have long been destroyed.

Although these things flourished for a period of time, after the founding of Sacred Empire, these items were considered very rare. During the Age of Darkness, the blueprints of Soul Puppets was even rarer. They have generally been forgotten in the history by the people.

Nie Li never thought that he would find a Soul Puppet blueprint here. One must know that if these are found at the Sacred Empire Era, the whole family would be wiped out.

“I’ll also take this!” Nie Li placed the blueprint into his interspatial ring. He is not prepared to use this to seal an expert’s soul into a soul puppet. After all, this kind of thing is too evil, but Nie Li still wants to study this Soul Puppet Art.

Nie Hai doesn’t have any objections in Nie Li taking the blueprint. After all, Nie Li gave the Heavenly Marks Family so many elixirs and demon spirit coins. They have already benefitted a lot from him. He still wishes for Nie Li to pick a few more things.

‘Let’s study the blueprint somewhere in the future.’ Nie Li thought to himself and continued to the next item. It’s a round shaped pearl. This pearl is black in colour, sparkling and shining with a black l.u.s.ter. Just taking a look would give a people of a tranced feeling.

This pearl is definitely not simple, even Nie Li doesn’t know of its origin.

“I’ll also take this!” Nie Li said.

“Others are fine, but this pearl……” Nie Hai hesitated.

“What? Is there a problem?” Nie Li asked, slightly frowning as he looked at Nie Hai.

“It’s not because of how much this pearl is worth. This pearl was left behind by the first generation Patriarch. Therefore, it has great meaning for the next generation, hence, we have to be sure to keep it.” Nie Hai said.

“I’m also part of Heavenly Marks Family’s next generation. So there shouldn’t be any problem for me to take it! I will be sure to keep it safe. This is two hundred million demon spirit coins, Patriarch can use it to buy back some of the treasure. Otherwise, the treasury of the family will be too empty!” Nie Li said as his right hand moved. He took out an interspatial and pa.s.s it over to Nie Hai.

As for this move of Nie Li’s, Nie Hai really doesn’t have any resistant to it. Nie Hai thought for a moment, looked at the interspatial ring and looked at that unknown pearl again. He bitterly smiled and said, “Okay then.”

This silver bullet attack from Nie Li is too frightening!

“Okay!” Nie Li lightly smiled. This trip was worth coming to. He does not know what that pearl is, but it’s definitely not something simple. And that Soul Puppet blueprint is also not bad. Furthermore, that Soul Weapon isn’t something that can be bought with money.

Soul Weapons are extremely useful if matched with a demon spirit. Since the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit already has its sharp claws, it doesn’t need a katar. However, this katar would be suitable for the Fanged Panda.

“Patriarch Nie Hai, I’ll return first!” Nie Li looked at Nie Hai and said.

“Okay!” Nie Hai sent Nie Li out. Right now, Nie Li is the richest within the family. Casually taking some money out would already be enough for the family to raise its strength. Because of Nie Li, the whole Heavenly Marks Family changed. So why wouldn’t he treat Nie Li like a G.o.d?

If any other family had a younger generation like Nie Li, the Patriarch will probably even smile in his sleep.

Returning to his mansion, Nie Li took out the pair of Katar Soul Weapons. Towards this pair of katars that seemed like worthless metal, Nie Li let out a low snort, and operated his soul realm. Waves of soul force rushed out of the soul realm towards the pair of katars. Using soul force, Nie Li constantly smelt the pair of katars.

The rust stains on the Soul Weapon Katar slowly dissolved. Gradually, the katar began to emit a dazzling l.u.s.ter. Finally, the katar had some resonance with Nie Li. The katars trembled nonstop and then floated into the air. “Boom” they burst.

The pair of katars turned into light and entered Nie Li’s soul realm.

The power of a soul weapon has deep connections with the user’s soul force. Generally, they would be a level stronger than the soul force. Which also means, since Nie Li’s soul force is at the Silver rank, the strength of these katars would be at Gold rank. Even Gold rank experts could be wounded by them if they’re careless.

As Nie Li’s strength rises, the soul weapon will follow and get stronger.

‘Soul Weapons are the masterpieces of the Thunder Demon Spiritualist at the late Snow Wind Era. Only they can create Soul Weapons, however, only a small amount of Thunder Demon Spiritualists were able to get their hands on the creation method of Soul Weapons. Only small amounts of Thunder Demon Spiritualist families have them. Everyone can only have one soul weapon in their entire lives. Once the human dies, the weapon will follow. Therefore, the amount of soul weapons left over from that era are only few in number. Those ignorant guys actually treated the Soul Weapon as a normal weapon. They were simply wasting resources recklessly! Luckily this was discovered by me, otherwise, there’s no knowing how long it would have lost it’s l.u.s.ter!’ Nie Li lightly smiled as he thought to himself.

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