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Chapter 72 – Refining Demon Spirit

Very quickly, Shao Ming Feng came back with a bunch of demon spirit stones.

After being captured, demon spirits will be sealed within a demon spirit stone to store them.

Rows and rows of demon spirit stones were spread out on the table. The view was spectacular!

“These here are Silver rank Nightmare Demon Spirits. The total price is somewhere around sixty thousand demon spirit coins. And these over here are Gold rank Nightmare Demon Spirits. The total price is around three hundred thousand demon spirit coins!” Shao Ming Feng pointed towards the two sections of demon spirit stones and explained to Nie Li.

Aside from integration with a Demon Spiritualist, demon spirits can also be sealed within armours, allowing the armour to be powerful.

Silver rank and above, the price is already rather expensive. The price are frequently from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Commoners are unable to afford them.

However, for Nie Li, this isn’t a problem.

“En, the price is still reasonable. I’ll take them all!” Nie Li nodded his head.

Shao Ming Feng turned around and looked at Nie Hai and Nie En. They both looked at each other and smiled bitterly. Shao Ming Feng is seeking their permission, however, he had no idea that they are unable make the decision for Nie Li.

Nie Li waved his right hand. A small mountain of demon crystal cards appeared from his interspatial ring. He placed them on the table and said, “This amount of money should cover it. Please, check it!”

Nie Li is actually paying himself? Looking at the small mountain of demon crystal cards, Shao Ming Feng was greatly shocked. The Heavenly Marks Family is too rich. They actually allowed a kid to carry so much money! However, he did not think too much about it. After all, he’s only a decent business man. Since Nie Li can pay for the bills, there is absolutely no problem.

Nie Li waved his right hand again, and threw all fifty demon spirit stones into his interspatial ring.

“Please come again to visit us!” After Shao Ming Feng finished counting the demon crystal cards, his smile became even more humble. This is the biggest business he has done since he began selling demon spirits.

“Owner is too kind. We still have to buy some more today. Owner wouldn’t be sending off customers, right?” Nie Li lightly glanced at Shao Ming Feng.

“Why would I? Young master still wishes to buy more demon spirits?” Shao Ming Feng asked. Nie Li’s calmness gave him a slight pressure. He bitterly smiled within his heart, wondering if this child before him is really thirteen years old, because he’s too monstrous!

“Definitely. Purchasing the Nightmare Demon Spirits is only a small portion of what I want,” Nie Li calmly said.

Shao Ming Feng was utterly shocked. How many demon spirits is Nie Li intending to buy? However, since his shop is opened for business, he definitely wished to sell as many demon spirits as possible.

“I also want to buy highly toxic demon spirits, snow wind demon spirits and fighting demon spirits…… Owner can just take out all the stocks for these demon spirits.”

All the stocks again? My G.o.d!

However, hastily, Shao Ming Feng still brought out all the stocks for these demon spirits. The amount of Nightmare Demon Spirits was rather small. However, the demon spirits Nie Li asked for amounted to as much as thousands or even tens of thousands. But the price is still a little cheaper compared to the Nightmare Demon Spirits.

“A final total of sixty five million demon spirit coins!” Shao Ming Feng quickly calculated out the price. Just calculating the price for these demon spirits alone made him sweat throughout his head.

“Sixty-five million demon spirit coins. Please check it!” Nie Li took out six thousand five hundred demon crystal cards in one go and placed them on the table.

Shao Ming Feng was in deep shock. Since the start of the business, it’s his first time seeing so much money. However, that’s not the main point. The main point is, all of this money was taken out from a child’s interspatial ring!

“Owner, I’ll still need to purchase a batch of demon spirits!” Nie Li took a glance at Shao Ming Feng and said.

“Young master only needs to order. I, Shao Ming Feng, will do my best. You only have to send someone to pa.s.s a message. I’ll send all the demon spirits over to the Heavenly Marks Family!” Xiao Ming Feng humbly said. He dares not to treat Nie Li as a kid, as this is his biggest customer. One transaction is more than several years of transactions. He definitely has to treat Nie Li nicely, otherwise, if such a big customer were to run away, it’ll be too late for him to cry.

“Okay! Patriarch, Grand Elder, let’s return!” Nie Li looked at Nie Hai and Nie En and said.

“Okay!” Nie Hai and Nie En both nodded. Originally, they were prepared to show Nie Li a big spectacle. Instead, Nie Li ended up bringing them to see a big spectacle for them. Until now, their hearts were still pumping.

Who could blame them? The Heavenly Marks Family only earns a million demon spirit coins a year and Nie Li just bought a pot with over a hundred million, furthermore, he spent another sixty million demon spirit coins on demon spirits on this trip alone.

After bidding farewell to Shao Ming Feng, Nie Li, together with Nie Hai and Nie En, boarded their carriage back to the Heavenly Marks Family.

During this trip, Nie Li, Nie Hai, and Nie En, had all gained something. Nie Hai and Nie En immediately summoned all members of the Heavenly Marks Family, and distributed out the elixirs so that they can raise their strength up faster.

After Nie Li returned, under Nie Hai’s arrangements, Nie Li and his family moved into one of the individual houses, a step away from the Patriarch’s house. This can be said to be the safest place in the entire Heavenly Marks Family. To Nie Hai’s arrangement, Nie Li is pleased with it.

Nie Li left lots of elixirs, demon crystal cards, and some other stuff in the house to let his family members use them anytime they want. After the arrangement, Nie Li remained in his room to concentrate on practising.

In the evening, news came from the Alchemist a.s.sociation’s Yang Xin, saying that there was a group of a.s.sa.s.sins that tried to rob Yang Xin. They were trying to s.n.a.t.c.h the Nightmare Demon Pot, however, they were killed by her bodyguards.

Nie Li’s eyebrow twitched. There is actually someone within the Glory City that dared to do this kind of thing? They are simply too daring. Could it be that those who tried to rob the Nightmare Demon Pot knows of it’s usage? If they didn’t, they wouldn’t try and do such dangerous things! There’s only one group of people that would dare to do this kind of thing. Nie Li’s afraid that only the Dark Guild would have the guts to do this. Whether if it’s the Sacred Family or the Dark Guild, they have to be settled as soon as possible!

Although Nie Li’s cultivation has raised by a lot, he only has the strength of a Silver rank, it’s far from enough.

Although the Shadow Devil Demon spirit is extremely powerful in terms of a.s.sa.s.sination, under normal circ.u.mstances it’s best to not reveal it so easily.

Although Nie Li wants to integrate with a lot of demon spirits, the [Heavenly G.o.d] cultivation technique can only allow him to integrate with seven demon spirits. After every integration, Nie Li’s strength and cultivating speed will be greatly increased.

Of course, Nie Li is extremely picky towards demon spirits. After rebirth, Nie Li wouldn’t go and integrate with those ordinary garbage demon spirits. After having the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit, Nie Li is prepared to explore some ruins to search for some special demon spirits. However, after having the Nightmare Demon Pot, Nie Li has a whole new idea.

Which is to use the Nightmare Demon Pot to refine demon spirits!

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