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Chapter 70 – Competing

“Sixty million demon spirit coins!” Yang Xin decided to continue bidding, although she felt a little nervous.. But, because Nie Li’s message was that, no matter how much it costs, she had to get that jade pot as Nie Li will pay for it.

Sixty million demon spirit coins. Was it really worth this amount? What exactly is this jade pot? Could it be that Nie Li knows the jade pot’s usage?

Nie Li looked at that mysterious fellow below. He wondered who he was. The mysterious figure is actually trying to s.n.a.t.c.h this item from her.

“Sixty five million demon spirit coins!” The mysterious man hesitated, but he still continued to bid.

“Seventy million demon spirit coins!” Yang Xin bid even higher.

The price continued to climb upwards.

Nie Hai and Nie En were dumbfounded. They knew that this item is wanted by Nie Li, however, this price is a way too shocking. Nie Li seems to be much richer than they had imagined. Just how much money did the Alchemist a.s.sociation give to Nie Li? Why did the Alchemist a.s.sociation give Nie Li so much money? This remains a large question in their hearts.

Nie Li frowned as he looked at the mysterious man below. Nie Li wondered exactly where this man is from and who he is for him to actually compete with the Alchemy a.s.sociation.

Nie Li thought, ‘Did the Hong Yue Auction House get someone to raise the price? They shouldn’t dare.’ If they did do that and word got out, the Hong Yue Auction House’s reputation would be ruined. The Alchemist a.s.sociation also wouldn’t let them off. They definitely wouldn’t do such a stupid thing. Furthermore, with this amount of money being bid, if the Alchemist a.s.sociation suddenly stops bidding, they’ll be smashing their own hands.

Could this person be from the Dark Guild?

Aside from the few super rich families and merchants, only the Dark Guild would have the wealth to compete. The Dark Guild goes around kidnapping people from various families. Then ransom the families for money. Not to mention robbing and much worse acts.

Nie Li went silent for a moment then said, “Patriarch, I have to trouble you to pa.s.s this message over to Director Yang. My words are still the same, no matter what the price is, you have to get that black jade pot at all costs. After the auction, send someone to follow that mysterious person. The person dispatched to follow the man must be at least of Gold rank. Better yet if the man dispatched were Black Gold rank, but absolutely cannot let him find out he’s being tailed!”

Nie Hai’s eyebrows twitched, and he nodded, “Okay!” He also noticed that this matter is not simple. A person of unknown background, actually has such a strong financial background to compete with the Alchemist a.s.sociation.

At this moment, every major power started to take note of the mysterious man.

“One hundred million demon spirit coins!” When Alchemist a.s.sociation called out this price, various experts from various forces were dumbfounded. They were extremely curious. Could it be that the Alchemist a.s.sociation knows of the jade pot’s usage and therefore called out such a price?

Or is the Alchemist a.s.sociation is too rich and has nothing else to spend on?

One hundred million demon spirit coins, this is too merciless!

“One hundred and ten million demon spirit coins!” The mysterious man below hesitated for quite a long while. Just when the auctioneer lady was about to hit the hammer, he placed a bid, once again.

“One hundred and twenty million demon spirit coins!” Yang Xin quickly raised the price again.

The mysterious person finally understood Yang Xin’s determination in buying and no longer bid anymore. Furthermore, his deposit is already not enough.

The people below the stage were all excited. They were able to see such an intense bidding compet.i.tion within their lifetimes. This really is a big experience. Everyone was wondering what exactly is this black jade pot. To actually going at the sky high price of one hundred and twenty million demon spirit coins. This kind of horrifying price is something only the Alchemist a.s.sociation could afford.

As for this black jade pot, it caused a strong curiosity within everyone.

The auction finally ended.

Everyone slowly dispersed, and Nie Li and bunch also went to collect the items that they bought.

At a secret room of the Auction House, Nie Li met with Yang Xin.

Yang Xin held onto the black jade pot, smiled as she looked at Nie Li and asked, “Little brother, do you perhaps know the uses of this thing?”

In order to buy this black jade pot, she had spent a total of one hundred and twenty demon spirit coins. Such a price, for even the Alchemist a.s.sociation to say, isn’t a small amount. Although the Alchemist a.s.sociation is extremely rich, they still haven’t reach the point that they can freely spend to this degree.

“I also don’t know the uses of this thing!” Nie Li smiled as he said. He stretched out his hands, pretending not to know.

“Big sister doesn’t believe you. You spent so much money just to buy an item that you don’t even know if it’s usage,” Yang Xin hugged her chest, the plump in front of her chest became more attractive due to the pressure. She was smiling yet not smiling as she looked at Nie Li, “If you don’t say what it does, big sister will bring this black jade pot back to study!”

“Just because I don’t know what uses it has, which is exactly why I bought it. With such a pure aura coming from it, it’s definitely not an ordinary item. My master might know of its uses.” Nie Li once again dragged his non-existence master out. Nie Li laughed and said, “Since it’s only this tiny amount of money, it can’t be considered much.”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Yang Xin’s face immediately had a hint of respect in it and said, “Since you bought it for your master, then quickly keep it and store it properly!” Nie Li’s master is a Grandmaster level Alchemist, therefore Yang Xin did not dare to be rash.

“There should be one hundred and twenty million demon spirit coins in this interspatial ring,” Nie Li took out an interspatial ring and said.

Yang Xin shook her head, pushed the interspatial ring back, and charmingly chuckled, “Consider this item a gift from the Alchemist a.s.sociation to your master!” Because Nie Li’s master provided the several elixir formulas, the Alchemist a.s.sociation was able to earn G.o.d knows how much money. Most importantly, it has raised the strength of Glory City by quite a lot. The Alchemist a.s.sociation is still thinking of how to curry favour with Nie Li’s master. Giving this as a gift is an extremely good chance, how can they miss it? If Nie Li’s master is happy, and provides one or two more elixir formulas, this gift would be worth it.

Nie Li was silent for a moment, calmly took the Nightmare Demon Pot over, lightly smiled and said, “Then, thanks, big sister Yang Xin. I’ll definitely tell master!”

“Then I’ll have to thank little brother for that!” Yang Xin lightly smiled and said. She seemed to have thought of something and asked, “You got me to send someone to follow that bidding person, have you realised something?” Even if Nie Li didn’t asked, she would’ve sent someone to follow him. If she finds out that that person is from the Hong Yue Family, then the Hong Yue Family will suffer!

“I suspect that it’s someone from Dark Guild.” Nie Li thought awhile and said, “However, it’s just my wild speculation.”

No matter who it is, for someone to actually compete for the Nightmare Demon Pot at such a frightening price. Could it be that aside from himself, there is someone that knows of the uses of the Nightmare Demon Pot?

“Someone from the Dark Guild?!” Yang Xin slightly narrowed her eyes, “If I find out that he’s from the Dark Guild, he can give up on leaving Glory City! I have already sent a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist to follow after him!”

“Big sister Yang Xin, it would be best if you don’t arouse his suspicions. Even if we are able to capture, then we must to capture him alive,” Nie Li said, there might be a chance if they are able to find evidence of the Sacred Family colluding with the Dark Guild.

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