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Chapter 66 – Dumbfounded

Lei Zhuo and Jiang Ming also joined the fight. Four families were fighting furiously for those pills. They only stopped when the price was raised to three hundred and twenty thousand demon spirit coins.

“Nie Li, this is the precious Soul Nurturing Pill, you’re not going to buy?” Nie Hai rubbing his hands, eagerly looked at Nie Li and asked. Better for Nie Li to buy these than to let it be taken away by other families.

“Not interested. I’ve already brought so many things. I have to give others a chance, otherwise just one man bidding alone is not fun.” Nie Li lightly said.

Nie Hai didn’t know whether to smile or laugh. The Soul Nurturing Pill is an absolutely good thing to have when nurturing younger generations. He suddenly thought of something. Since these pills were provided by the Alchemist a.s.sociation, and Yang Xin’s relationship with Nie Li was so good, it wouldn’t make sense if Yang Xin did not give Nie Li some pills. No wonder Nie Li wasn’t interested with these pills.

“Nie Li, did Director Yang gave you some pills?” Nie Hai asked in a low voice.

“She did, I asked big sister Yang Xin for it. Patriarch isn’t thinking of taking them away, right? If that’s the case, I’ll tell big sister Yang Xin,” Nie Li blinked his eyes, and childishly said. His eyes flashed a hint of a playful smile. Although he has decided to contribute a portion of the pills to the family, occasionally joking with the Patriarch is still fun.

“How could I?!” Nie Hai is simply wanted to cry. If Nie Li were to report to Director Yang, the Heavenly Marks Family and Alchemist a.s.sociation’s cooperation would fall, “What I mean is, since Director Yang gave you some pills, you have to safely keep them. Don’t let them get stolen!”

“Oh, I misunderstood the Patriarch. Thanks Patriarch for your reminder!” Nie Li said, nodding his head.

Nie Hai bitterly smiled, and turned his head. Kids, nowadays, are too difficult to handle. It’s hard to even get some benefits from Nie Li. Within Nie Hai’s heart, he acc.u.mulated a pool of grief.

The compet.i.tion for the first set of Soul Nurturing Pills was brought to an end by Lei Zhuo at the price of three hundred and twenty thousand. Soon after that, it was the second set, third set, fourth set, fifth set. Nie Hai wanted to compete for it every time, however, the price was over three hundred thousand demon spirit coins every time.

Nie Hai was extremely depressed. If he bought a set of Soul Nurturing Pills, he wouldn’t have enough money for the Soul Concentrating Pills. He can only watch as the other Patriarchs competed and secretly cried within his heart.

‘This gang of Patriarchs is too much!’ Nie Hai indignantly thinking in his heart. The foundation of the Heavenly Marks Family is too thin. The cooperation with the Alchemist a.s.sociation had just started. They have been paying debts for so long and had managed to clear them only recently. How can they be compared to the Silver Tiger and Tie Men Family? These two family foundations were rather thick.

Seeing these guys compete for the elixirs, Nie Li was speechless. This business of elixirs, is still really profitable! Nie Li did not join in because he will get thirty percent of the money after the auction fees were deducted. Although he can join in to raise the price, but this was a small amount of money, compared to Nie Li’s hundreds of millions of coins.

Seeing one set after another being s.n.a.t.c.hed away by others, and not having any share to his own, one can imagine how depressed Nie Hai is.

After the fifth set of Soul Nurturing Pills were auctioned off, the intense compet.i.tion had died down a little, even though the price did not fall below three hundred demon spirit coins.

“Patriarch Nie Hai, are you not interested in the Soul Nurturing Pills, since your bidding wasn’t fierce?” Chi Feng curiously asked.

“I……” Nie Hai was unable to speak his difficulties. He wanted to say that the truth is he’s broke. However, would they believe that?

Earlier on, it was Nie Li that was spending big bucks, not him!

Li Yuan said, “Patriarch Nie Hai’s relationship with the Alchemist a.s.sociation is so close. Definitely able to buy some elixirs at a low price. If there is really low price elixirs, Patriarch Nie Hai, mustn’t forget about us! As long as the price is below three hundred demon spirit coins, we want all you have!”

“I…this…okay,” Nie Hai reluctantly replied. Even if he denies it, Chi Feng and Li Yuan probably wouldn’t believe him. He can only helplessly looked at Nie Li.

Seeing Nie Hai’s depressed gaze, Nie Li blinked his eyes, with a look of innocence. Nie Li still wants to mess around with this smelly old man who asks him to always have a stern face in his previous life.

The last set of Soul Nurturing Pills were sold. Lei Zhuo got three sets, Jiang Ming got two sets, Li Yuan and Chi Feng both got one set. The rest were bid away by merchants.

“Next up is the Soul Concentrating Pills!”

Hearing the three words: Soul Concentrating Pills, the whole atmosphere within the auction house was, once again, heated up. One must know that the Soul Concentrating Pill has an even stronger effect for Silver rank and Gold rank Demon Spiritualists. Especially those who were stuck in the bottleneck for a long time. One Soul Concentrating Pill has a high chance of creating a Gold rank Demon Spiritualist. Even could even help a Gold rank into breaking through the bottleneck, into Black Gold rank.

“Three hundred and fifty thousand demon spirit coins is the starting price!” The lady auctioneer announced.

“Three hundred and sixty thousand demon spirit coins!”

“Three hundred and ninety thousand demon spirit coins!”

Very soon, the bids reached over five hundred thousand, and the bidding was still proceeding. Seeing the bids soon reaching six hundred thousand demon spirit coins, Nie Hai was dumbfounded. He originally thought that he would be able to purchase a set of Soul Concentrating Pills, but who knew that he can’t even buy a set.

If he knew that this would happen earlier on, he would have bought a set of Soul Nurturing Pills instead. Could it be that he’ll go back empty handed? Nie Hai is completely depressed. This group of people were too crazy. Ten pills actually hit such a high price. Is there any justice to it. This is simply too big of a profit for the Alchemist a.s.sociation!

Nie Hai felt indignant. Who let his Heavenly Marks Family become the worst among the Aristocratic families. ly, they had to depend on selling territory to pay back their debts, and now, six hundred thousand demon spirit coins was their maximum.

Six hundred and fifty thousand!

One set of Soul Concentrating Pills can actually be sold for the price of six hundred and fifty thousand!

Nie Hai and Nie En looked at each other bitterly smiling. They became even more depressed as they looked at Lei Zuo putting a set of Soul Concentrating Pills into one of his pockets.

“Nie Li,” Elder Nie En couldn’t hold it back any more and said to Nie Li, “Can you help us get a set of Soul Concentrating Pills? Consider it a loan from you. We’ll return the money back to you in the future!” Nie Li casually threw out two million demon spirit coins without batting an eye. Just six hundred thousand demon spirit coins shouldn’t be a problem for him.

Since Nie En spoke, Nie Li decided to give him some face. Although Nie Hai is the Patriarch of the Heavenly Marks Family, he wasn’t close with Nie Li in his previous life. However, Nie En isn’t the same. Before Glory City was destroyed, Nie En gave Nie Li’s families a lot of protection. Therefore, Nie Li still has respect for Nie En.

“Since Grand Elder spoke, this matter isn’t a problem. However, there’s no need to bid for the Soul Concentrating Pills.” Nie Li moved his right hand and retrieved several large porcelain bottles from his interspatial ring. He shoved them over to Nie En and said, “In these bottles are five thousand Soul Nurturing Pills, six hundred Soul Concentrating Pills and one hundred Soul Tempering Pills. Consider them a gift to you, Grand Elder!”

Holding onto those large porcelain bottles, Nie En’s gaze was dumbfounded. His voice was trembling, “F-fa-five t-th-thousand, five thousand S-S-Soul N-N-Nurturing Pills…… S-s-six h-hundred…… Soul C-Concentrating Pills…… a-and even S-Soul T-Tempering Pills?!”

Nie En was completely speechless,, so was Nie Hai.

In this auction, several families fought so fiercely for those few Soul Nurturing Pills and Soul Concentrating Pills, and, yet, Nie Li just casually took out five thousand Soul Nurturing Pills, six hundred Soul Concentrating Pills and even the Soul Tempering Pill that was nowhere found in the market!

‘My G.o.d! Am I dreaming?!” Nie En was lost in a dumbfounded state.

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