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Chapter 52 – Humiliation

In the Fighter Apprentice cla.s.s’s test, three primary soul crystals had actually exploded. This news shook the whole Holy Orchid Inst.i.tute.

Is there still anything more monstrous than this cla.s.s? What exactly did the students of this cla.s.s eat while growing up?

After so many tests with this Apprentice cla.s.s, the lowest is a 1-star Bronze rank. Is this still an Apprentice cla.s.s?

In the examination hall, everyone was shocked at the amazing talent of Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun.

The two girls looked at each other. They had a hint of compet.i.tiveness in their eyes.

Ever since she came to this inst.i.tute, Ye Ziyun has been wanting to re-friend Xiao Ning’er. At the same time, she had talent that far surpa.s.sed her peers. She has never been surpa.s.sed by her peers before. Therefore, even if it’s Xiao Ning’er, Ye Ziyun doesn’t want to admit defeat.

Their cultivation was not far from one another. They know that they have received help from Nie Li, otherwise, their cultivation would not have risen so fast. Aside from feeling grateful to Nie Li, they couldn’t help feeling complicated.

Ye Ziyun pursed up her lips. Although she does not have any strong affection towards Nie Li yet, after she found out about the relationship between Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er, she felt a little resentment. ‘Since your relationship with Ning’er is so good, why do you still chase after me?’

As for Xiao Ning’er, she has known from the beginning that Nie Li likes Ye Ziyun, however, she cannot stop herself from falling in love with Nie Li. What she intends to do is to have Nie Li slowly notice her and fall in love with her.

The two absolutely stunning girls stood aside, they were the twin Gemini in the eyes of others.

“Who’ll take the test next?” The teacher-in-charge looked at the students from the Fighter Apprentice cla.s.s with antic.i.p.ation. His heart had an unquenchable excitement. With these few genius’, they can easily grow into the pillars of Glory City.

“I’ll be next!” Nie Li moved towards the Strength Test Stone.

Hearing Nie Li’s voice, everyone had their attention focused on Nie Li.

The inst.i.tute’s higher ups were also extremely excited. ‘There is still someone who takes the initiative to have himself tested. Could it be that this student also has shocking talent?’

As for Shen Xiu, both her hands were tightly clenched as she looked at Nie Li with strong hatred. If Nie Li reached 1-star Bronze rank, she will have to keep her end of the bet and leave the school! She had a faint feeling that Nie Li’s eyes had contempt in them.

Leaving the Holy Orchid Inst.i.tute is nothing. What she can’t accept is that she’s chased out of the school by someone.

Every student from the Fighter Apprentice cla.s.s had their eyes on Nie Li. Their eyes looked extremely complicated. Before, when Nie Li contradict Shen Xiu in cla.s.s, some had sympathy for him, some mocked him. But even so, no one expected that Nie Li would be able to reach 1-star Bronze rank in just two months, even if Nie Li showed extraordinary talent.

But now, those people have to pull their relationship with Nie Li closer. After seeing those who had their cultivation raised so fast, they became jealous. The speed of their cultivation must have something to do with Nie Li!

For the sake of their future, many of the people have already began to think of ways to get close to Nie Li. If Nie Li could help them like how he helped Du Ze, Lu Piao, Wei Nan, and the rest, it would be worth it.

As someone who affected all those people, everyone is filled with antic.i.p.ation with Nie Li’s test results.

Nie Li indifferently smiled, walking towards the Strength Test Stone. He looked towards the observation stage far away, noticing that Shen Xiu is currently looking towards his direction with her face darkened. Nie Li’s eyes flashed with a hint of chill.

At this moment, Ye Ziyun and bunch also cast their eyes over, fixed on Nie Li. They were extremely shocked by the results that they got in this test. Thinking about themselves, who were able to raise their cultivation so quickly at such a frightening speed in a short amount of time, they felt unreal in their hearts.

It was Nie Li who created the new them. Being the one who created all these genius’, Nie Li’s cultivation must have also reached an extremely shocking stage, right?

Nie Li’s expression was calm as he launched a punch towards the Strength Test Stone.


The Strength Test Stone released a slight sound.

“Test results: 1-star Bronze rank, strength 100!” The teacher-in-charge looked at the results and announced loudly. His tone carried a hint of disappointment. For students of the Fighter Apprentice cla.s.s to be able to reach 1-star Bronze rank, the result is already not bad. However, after seeing the test results of Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, Du Ze, and bunch, Nie Li’s results is not very shocking.

“Second try, strength result 100!”

“Third try, strength result 100!”

The teacher-in-charge murmured to himself, “Weird, every student will have a little differ in their results. This student actually managed to get all 100’s, this is really weird. Guess his maximum strength probably is only 100!

Seeing Nie Li’s test results, Shen Xiu’s face ashened. If Nie Li’s strength far surpa.s.sed 1-star Bronze rank then it’s fine. However, it strikes directly at 1-star Bronze rank, not a little much or less. Shen Xiu is simply going crazy.

Nie Li looked as though he didn’t mind the results of his test, shrugged and smiled, “My luck is really good! Just managed to reach 1-star Bronze rank!”

Du Ze, Lu Piao, and bunch looked at each other. This is impossible! Nie Li’s strength had not just reached 100. The only explanation to this is that Nie Li is hiding his strength! Du Ze and Lu Piao could not help but to gasp in admiration. Although their current strength might be above Nie Li, their control over their strength is far below him. If it were them, they wouldn’t be able to get all three punches at exactly 100 strength!

“Nie Li is such a jerk. When Shen Xiu sees that all three tries are nicely on point at 100, she’ll probably explode with fury!” Lu Piao said laughing.

[TLN: Raw did not say jerk but harmful/damage but they don’t make sense to I changed it with jerk instead xD]

A few higher ups seeing this scene, looked at each other and conversed.

“1-star Bronze rank, not that bad!”

“Pity that it doesn’t compare to the other few students…”

“Lets look at his soul force, perhaps it will give us a surprise!”

After finishing the strength test, Nie Li moved forward a few steps, taking the primary soul crystal from the teacher-in-charge. Thereafter, he injected his soul force into the soul crystal. Gradually, light dots appeared from within the soul crystal.

“Soul force of 100, 1-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist!” The teacher-in-charge’s face flashed with surprise and announced. Heart thinking, ‘This student is too weird, no matter if it’s his strength or soul force, it’s all exactly 100.’ However, he is still not suspicious as it is impossible to fraud the soul crystal. Nie Li shouldn’t be cheating, because cheating wouldn’t give him any benefits.

1-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist!

A soul force reaching exactly 1-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist!

Shen Xiu almost exploded with fury. Just how, just how! If Nie Li’s talent had been a little more worst, he wouldn’t be able to enter into 1-star Bronze rank!

Seeing Nie Li’s test results, Ye Ziyun, and Xiao Ning’er all understood. Nie Li is purposely doing this. However, they were a little curious about it. If it’s the strength test, Nie Li is able to control his strength, which is fine, but the soul crystal is impossible to fraud, so how did Nie Li do it?

Just because there are things that other people could not do, doesn’t mean that Nie Li is unable to do it. The secrets within Nie Li is too much!

Under the gaze of everyone, Nie Li walked towards Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er, standing between them. Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er, one on the right and one on the left. This caused everyone to be filled with envy. Why is Nie Li able to enjoy this fortune?

Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er, no matter which one, if one of them is able to become their girlfriend, they would even smile as they slept!

At this moment, Ye Sheng, seeing Nie Li standing together with Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er, looked as though everything is expected. He finds it a little strange, Nie Li is still young, but the calm magnanimity that Nie Li gave off, gave others an extraordinary feeling.

“Send this Nie Li to the Genius cla.s.s!” Ye Sheng said, after being silent for a moment.

“Vice Princ.i.p.al, this is against the rules. He’s only a 1-star Bronze rank!”

“What is there to be against? I have great expectations of him.” Ye Sheng’s brow raised as he spoke in a deep voice.

Seeing the changes in Ye Sheng’s att.i.tude, the people beside him looked at each other, thought awhile and did not say anything else. In the absence of the Princ.i.p.al, the Vice Princ.i.p.al has the most authority. They can’t go against their boss.

In the test onwards, there was no one in the Fighter Apprentice cla.s.s whose results made anyone else’s eyes light up. All of them did not reach 1-star Bronze rank. Although everyone felt a little disappointed, after thinking it over, Ye Sheng and the rest were still satisfied. A Fighter Apprentice cla.s.s popping out so many genius is already way out of their expectations.

The year examination of the Fighter Apprentice cla.s.s caused a sensation throughout the school. The usually not noticeable Fighter Apprentice cla.s.s instantly became the focus of attention.

Just as the test is still in progress, Shen Xiu walked to the side of Ye Sheng. At this moment, she felt extremely humiliated.

“Vice Princ.i.p.al, I request to resign from the school. From the start of today, I am no longer a teacher of the Holy Orchid Inst.i.tute.” Shen Xiu said, her bet with Nie Li is already well known across the entire Holy Orchid Inst.i.tute. If she disregarded the bet, she would be looked down upon, even the Sacred Family’s reputation would be affected.

“Teacher Shen Xiu, why would you want to resign?” Ye Sheng lightly smiled and continued, “Your Fighter Apprentice cla.s.s popped out so many genius’. The school is even prepared to reward you! I believe that the students in the Fighter Apprentice cla.s.s needs a teacher like you!”

Hearing Ye Sheng’s words, she did not feel any glory, but an invisible slap to her face. She knows that those genius’ have no connection with her. Some of them haven’t been attending cla.s.s for months. She only closed one eye towards the situation and waited for the year examination to arrive to watch how the students would be humiliated. However, she never thought that it would come back and severely slap her in the face.

Those student’s results were not as she had imagined. Instead of being humiliated during the examination, they turned into dazzling genius’ in the school.

“I have already made my decision. I hope that you will accept!” Shen Xiu said, determined.

Truth is, Ye Sheng is already aware of Shen Xiu’s bet with Nie Li. He lightly smiled and said, “Since you have made up your mind, I will no longer hold you back.”

After hearing Ye Sheng’s words, Shen Xiu furiously looked at the Nie Li, who is currently in the hall, then turned around and left.

Being forced to resign by a brat in the Fighter Apprentice cla.s.s, this is her greatest humiliation! One day, she will definitely seek revenge!

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