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Chapter 51 – Exploded?

“I’ll go next!” Du Ze walked towards the Strength Test Stone.

Watched Du Ze walk towards the testing stone, Lu Piao rolled his eyes. Lu Piao could finally get some attention to himself, and now, they will all be s.n.a.t.c.hed away by Du Ze.

Compared to ordinary students, Lu Piao has the capital to be proud, a thirteen year old 3-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist. However, if he is compared to Du Ze, the distance between them is too great. Both of them have cultivated together, however, Du Ze has already dragged himself far away from Lu Piao’s cultivation.

Du Ze arrived in front of the Strength Test Stone. His overall mature face was calm. He raised his fist and threw a heavy punch towards the Strength Testing Stone.


A sound much more powerful compared to Lu Piao sounded throughout the hall. The whole Strength Testing Stone trembled.

“Test results: 5-star Bronze rank, 500 strength.” The teacher-in-charge gasped, thinking ‘What is wrong with today? Why is the students in this Fighter Apprentice cla.s.s more and more monstrous one after another? Just earlier on, a thirteen year old 3-star Bronze rank appeared, and now, a 5-star Bronze rank popped out.

The surrounding students went into dead silence, Du Ze is actually even more monstrous than Lu Piao!

The heart of the students broke. Their courage for the test have been greatly affected.

As for those higher ups in the observation stage, they couldn’t help breathing heavily. A thirteen year old 5-star Bronze rank, how long has it been since such a genius appeared in Holy Orchid Inst.i.tute?

“No one is allowed to s.n.a.t.c.h him from me, he is my disciple!” Ye Sheng said excitedly.

“Vice Princ.i.p.al, how can you be so cruel. To train one on the path of a Fighter, I’m more a more suitable teacher then everyone else. Why don’t you let me teach him?!” An old man with both white beard and hair hurriedly said.

“A student with such extraordinary talent, you think that his talent will only be confined as a Fighter?” Ye Sheng’s eyes lit up.

“No need for the second try,” Du Ze lightly said, walking to the side, preparing to take the soul force test.

“You really don’t need to go for a second try?” The teacher-in-charge said, “If you give it a second try, you might even pa.s.s 500!” The teacher said with some expectations.

However, the response that he received is only a cold back view of the teen. Du Ze’s voice softly came over, “This is already the greatest strength I can utilize.”

“So that’s the case!” The teacher slightly nodded. This amount is already very shocking, if it’s stronger, he’d soon reach the silver rank. A thirteen year old silver rank, that is too unbelievable.

Du Ze picked up the soul crystal, and injected his soul force into the soul crystal. The soul crystal shined, the white spot within the crystal gradually becoming more and more.

That primary soul crystal was a blazing small sun.


The soul crystal exploded, fragments falling onto the ground.


“Tssss! This is too sick!”

“His strength alone already reached 500. I never imagined that his soul force is even more sick!”

“My G.o.d, isn’t this too monstrous?!”

A primary soul crystal can withstand at most 600 soul force, once it goes beyond, it’d explode. Generally, an Apprentice cla.s.s would only be using a primary soul crystal because there hasn’t been an incident of a soul crystal exploding. Even when Lord Ye Mo was thirteen years old, he still didn’t have such a frightening cultivation speed.

Suddenly, everyone looked at Du Ze in a different light. Du Ze has already destroyed their understandings. Could it be that there will be another existence even stronger then Lord Ye Mo in Glory City?

Ye Sheng went silent for a moment before calmly saying, “I will personally report this matter to the princ.i.p.al and Lord Ye Mo. Du Ze will receive a more focused protection. Such talent is even beyond my capabilities to teach, I have to personally consult Lord Ye Mo to find him a suitable teacher.”

A Strength of 500 and a Soul Force of over 500. Du Ze has made everyone deeply shocked.

“Vice Princ.i.p.al, do we need to change the soul crystal?” The teacher-in-charge asked towards Ye Sheng in a trembling voice.

“No need!” Ye Sheng shook his head, “I will let a few of our Lords test his soul force personally!”

Aside from letting Du Ze to be examined by a few of the lords, he still needs to be well protected. Otherwise, if the Dark Guild catches onto this information, it will be troublesome.

“Understood!” The teacher-in-charge looked at Du Ze, speaking in a polite tone, “Your test has been completed.”

Just this youngster alone, his future achievements could not be imagined, he might even probably be the second Legend rank Demon Spiritualist!

The test has ended? Du Ze was slightly surprised, however he still nodded his head and walked to a corner.

At this moment, most of the students looked at Du Ze in awe, as this person could be a future Legend rank Demon Spiritualist!

After Shen Yue was stunned by the brief shock, his face became even more ugly, both fists tightly clenched, beads of blood leaking from the center of his palms. In this test, he realised that the distance with Du Ze and the rest is getting further and further. He could already no longer catch up to them.

“How did they raise their cultivation so quickly?” Shen Yue’s eyes went dark. He had a feeling that all of this is connected with Nie Li. It’s probably Nie Li that helped the both of them to look for a suitable cultivation technique!

Of course, it is still just a guess of Shen Yue. However, he doesn’t know that he guessed correctly.

“Shen Xiu, why didn’t you notify us of such talented students in your cla.s.s?” A few higher ups looked at Shen Xiu, asked in a heavy tone. Luckily Lu Piao and Du Ze had the test, otherwise, if it was known to the Dark Guild earlier on, the consequences could be disastrous.

Shen Xiu opened her mouth, but did not say anything.

Shen Xiu’s face became more and more gloomy, she thought she understood the potential of the both of them. Sometime back, both of their cultivation wasn’t even noticeable, so how did they raise it so quickly?! This is definitely weird! However, she will not tell this information to the inst.i.tute’s higher ups. If the higher ups knew that Lu Piao and Du Ze managed to raise their cultivation so fast in such a short amount of time, it would attract even more attention to the both of them!

At this moment, outside the examination hall, students from the Demon Spiritualist cla.s.s were busy discussing.

“I wonder how the test of that rubbish from the Fighter Apprentice cla.s.s went?” one of the Demon Spiritualist cla.s.s students chucked. His name is Shi Hua, he’s the leader within Demon Spiritualist cla.s.s, and has a cultivation of 2-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist.

“With so many cla.s.ses, so far only fifteen meet the requirements to join the Demon Spiritualist Apprentice cla.s.s. Probably only the two girls will join us, aside from that, the others have no hope!” Shi Hua said. He’s fond of Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er, hoping that the both of them would join their cla.s.s.

“I heard that Shen Yue isn’t that bad either. He’s already reached 1-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist.”

“Really?” Shi Hua contemptuously curled his lips. Even if Shen Yue managed to reach 1-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist, She Yue still won’t be able to attract his attention.

At this moment, students from other cla.s.ses were clamouring up.

“How is this possible?”

“Could there be an error with the test?”

“Impossible, the Strength Test Stone has tested so many students before, It has never had any error with it!”

“My G.o.d, isn’t this going against the heavens?”

Shi Hua frowned, looking at his cla.s.smates from the Demon Spiritualist Apprentice cla.s.s and asked, “What happened? What’s wrong with them?”

“Shi Hua, this is too unbelievable!”

One of the student still remained in deep shock, he took a deep breath and said, “Two people in the Fighter Apprentice Cla.s.s had unbelievable results!”

“It’s only the Fighter Apprentice cla.s.s, even if their talent isn’t bad, at most, there’s only a 1-star Demon Spiritualist. What is there to be shocked about?” Shi Hua said, lightly laughing.

“No, if it’s a 1-star Demon Spiritualist, it definitely won’t attract such a sensation. Three people in the Fighter Apprentice cla.s.s have finished their test. One resulted as a 1-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist, and another resulted as a 3-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist. The last one is even more shocking. The primary soul crystal actually exploded! Exploded! My G.o.d, this is too sick!”

“Someone exploded the primary soul crystal?” Shi Hua’s eyes rounded, extremely shocked.

“After he exploded the primary soul crystal, the teacher-in-charge did not make him test again. Therefore, we still don’t know the extent of his soul force!”

Shi Hua inhaled a deep breath, his chest heaving up and down from the heavy breathing and asked, “Is it the two girls?”

“No!” that student shook his head, “At this moment, the two girls have yet to take the test. So far, only three boys took the test!”

Shi Hua’s mouth opened widened, is this really the Fighter Apprentice cla.s.s? How did the Fighter Apprentice cla.s.s pop out two frightening people? He has already reached 2-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritualist, and is already the leader of the Demon Spiritualist Apprentice cla.s.s. Comparing himself with the two monsters, the distance is too great!

At this moment, the other cla.s.ses caused another commotion.

“Now what?” Shi Hua asked, with both of his eyes looking depressed.

“Earlier on, three more guys popped out from the Fighter Apprentice cla.s.s. They seem to be called Wei Nan, Zhu Xiangjun and Zhang Ming. All three of them are 2-star Bronze rank, only a little more into 3-star Bronze rank!”

“d.a.m.n, is this really the test of the Fighter Apprentice cla.s.s? You sure that this is not the Genius cla.s.s?” Shi Hua hysterically shouted.

Before the shock even subsidised, even more news came out. When both Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er took the test, the both of them exploded the primary soul crystal.

Dead silence.

The results caused everyone to choke in depression.

Shi Hua simply wanted to bang his head against the wall. Before the test of the Fighter Apprentice cla.s.s began, as the leader in the Demon Spiritualist Apprentice cla.s.s, he was extremely proud, feeling that he is more than qualified to chase after Xiao Ning’er or Ye Ziyun. However, right now, his pride is completely shattered. It turns out that Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er are not of the same level as him.

“Bunch of sickos,” Shi Hua absent-mindedly murmured.

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