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Chapter 472 - Seeking Confirmation on a Matter

“Why would only the bachelors do their best?” Xiao Ning’er was extremely puzzled.

“Ning’er, why don’t you think of it this way. The disciples in the Heavenly Note Sect are all females, so if we send those with families over, wouldn’t it cause a family havoc if they got together? So, we must only send bachelors over.” Nie Li said in a rightful manner.

“Oh, I seem to understand.” Xiao Ning’er’s face slightly blushed, since Nie Li was taking drastic measures to deal with the situation.

If there’s a day when the disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect formed a Dao Companion with the male disciples of the Divine Feathers Sect, the entire Heavenly Note Sect would probably become a subsidiary force of the Divine Feathers Sect.

“There doesn’t seem to be anything else on the Heavenly Note Sect’s side. So, should I go pay a visit to the other Divine Sects?” Nie Li muttered. If he gradually gained control of the Heavenly Note Sect, then he should continue to expand his forces.

“Nie Li, what are you talking about?” Xiao Ning’er did not hear what he said, so she asked in puzzlement.

“Xiao Ning’er, I want to confirm a matter.” Nie Li said after some thinking.

“What is it?” Xiao Ning’er curiously looked at Nie Li.

“It’s like this, I want to ask about the Black Devil Forest,” said Nie Li.

“You’re talking about the Black Devil Forest that’s southwest of Glory City?” Xiao Ning’er asked in puzzlement. Why would Nie Li sudden think of such a distant matter?

“Yeah, it’s that Black Devil Forest.” Nie Li sunk deep into his memories. Back then, when Xiao Ning’er stepped into the Black Devil Forest, she had never come out of it. In the past, Nie Li had encountered a girl, Xiao Ning. But he didn’t know why Xiao Ning’er would possess the memories that were related to her.

All of this must be related to the Black Devil Forest.

Perhaps in the future, Xiao Ning’er had survived the Black Devil Forest and travelled to the Draconic Ruins Realm and met him.

Therefore, Nie Li felt slightly sorry for Xiao Ning’er in his heart.

“I have gone to the Black Devil Forest several times.” Xiao Ning’er said after some pondering.

“Why did you go there? Is there anything in there?” Nie Li asked in doubt.

“I did not enter into the Black Devil Forest.” Xiao Ning’er shook her head as she continued, “It’s just that I seemed to hear a voice every time I pa.s.sed by the Black Devil Forest, calling out for me. Every single time I approached the Black Devil Forest, I would have a strange feeling.”

“What feeling?”

“It’s like I have travelled through time and become another person. Sad things seemed to have happened and I would be filled with sadness and sorrow in my heart every time I pa.s.s by that place.” Xiao Ning’er’s gaze uncontrollably flickered with tears.

“You became another person?” Nie Li strolled back and forth as he muttered, “Strange. Why would she have such a feeling? Could it be that Xiao Ning’er can sense her past as well?”

“In the past, could it be that Xiao Ning’er was summoned by the Black Devil Forest and thus, entered it without a second thought?” Nie Li frowned, “If that’s the case, then fate and time are truly profound.”

“Nie Li, what did you say?” Xiao Ning’er asked in doubt.

“What exactly is the Temporal Demon Spirit Book? Why did it allow me to come back to the past, just what is the reason?” Nie Li furrowed his brows as he pondered, “Could it be that s.p.a.ce and time are the forms of a looping structure?”

“What looping structure?” Xiao Ning’er asked curiously.

“Nothing.” Nie Li shook his head as he continued, “Xiao Ning’er, there’s something that I want to let you see.”

“What is it?” Xiao Ning’er asked in doubt.

“Remove your clothes.” Nie Li said seriously.

“Ah? Remove my clothes?” Xiao Ning’er’s face instantly flushed red. Why would Nie Li suddenly speak of such a request, just what is he trying to do? Xiao Ning’er appeared to be hesitant as she raised her head towards Nie Li. Her face was already boiling. “Must I really remove them?”

“Yeah.” Nie Li nodded.

“B-but… it doesn’t seem right.” Xiao Ning’er raised her head and looked at the windows that were still open.

“I suddenly forgot.” Nie Li pondered and looked at Xiao Ning’er’s red face before suddenly realising that it was, indeed, a little improper. But there was something that he had to verify, “Then, we’ll close the windows.”

“Ah?” Xiao Ning’er was stunned. She initially thought that Nie Li was giving up on this matter, so she never thought that Nie Li meant they’d close the windows. Did he really want it?

Xiao Ning’er felt a deer in her heart that was wildly jumping around.

Nie Li turned around and shut the door.

Bang! Bang! Bang! One window after another was being shut.

“Nie Li, it’s still daytime right now. Isn’t it a little improper?” Xiao Ning’er shyly asked. When she lowered her head, no man would be able to resist themselves after seeing her shy expression.

“What is there to be improper about?” Nie Li asked curiously, “Is there a meaning to care about these kinds of things between us?”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Xiao Ning’er felt her heart racing even faster. What Nie Li said was the truth, she had already made her decision in her heart long ago that she would only be his in this life. But all of this seemed to be a little too rushed.

Shouldn’t that be done after marriage…?

Thinking about marriage, Xiao Ning’er’s expression dimmed a little further. Ziyun was Nie Li’s fiancée, and if he was to marry, it would be her.

Even without a t.i.tle and would be gossiped by others, Xiao Ning’er was willing to offer her everything as long as she could stay by his side.

Xiao Ning’er was more delighted to do that. At least this was better than after him marrying Ye Ziyun.

After closing the doors and windows, Nie Li walked to Xiao Ning’er’s side and lowered his head to look at her. He saw her face slightly raised, blushing like a lovely flower. She looked exceptionally gorgeous as she closed her eyes. However, her eyelashes still wiggled, showing her nervousness.

Those rosy lips would make others unable to stop themselves from giving her a kiss.

“Ning’er, why did you close your eyes?” Nie Li looked at Xiao Ning’er in doubt.

Then… you want me to open my eyes on that matter? Xiao Ning’er thought in her heart as she felt extremely shy. Nie Li, what do you want me to do? Xiao Ning’er’s chest rapidly heaved.

Looking at Xiao Ning’er’s shy appearance, Nie Li couldn’t help feeling a little stir as fancy thoughts involuntarily rose in his heart. If it was other guys seeing such a scene, they wouldn’t be able to control themselves, right?

Nie Li’s breathing had also uncontrollably increased as he stretched his hands towards the b.u.t.ton of Xiao Ning’er’s clothes. Perhaps, there wouldn’t be a better opportunity over the next period of time… 

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