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Chapter 465 - Feng Yu

Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun flew over.

Nie Li narrowed his eyes as a chill flickered in his eyes.

After so many years, he would finally face the Demon G.o.d’s Sect once again.

Nie Li was absolutely familiar with the Demon G.o.d’s Sect. They had been his old enemies and in the previous life, Nie Li had fought with the few core members of the Demon G.o.d’s Sect. Thus, he was familiar with their strength.

With a whoosh, Nie Li had turned into an afterimage as he disappeared in the sky.

In the s.p.a.ce a few hundred meters away, there were three people floating in the sky. Those three were the Elders of the Demon G.o.d’s Sect. The leader was the Second Elder of the Demon G.o.d’s Sect, Feng Yu. She was a bewitching young woman that wore a red silk dress. Her figure was as voluptuous as it was in a sense of unspeakable enchantment, vaguely showing her show-white skin. The sight of her could make the blood of others boil.

Feng Yu could be considered as an influential figure in the Demon G.o.d’s Sect, ranking third within the sect.

The two remaining were the Sixteenth Elder and Seventeenth Elder. Although their positions were inferior compared to the Second Elder, their strengths were still powerful, since they had reached the Initial Phase of Martial Ancestor Realm.

“Elder Feng Yu, rest a.s.sured. The Heavenly Note Sect is thoroughly surrounded by us and not even a fly would escape from us.” The Sixteenth Elder flattered as he smiled. His gaze uncontrollably swept across Elder Feng Yu’s chest as undetectable greed flashed across his eyes.

“Xu Hu, don’t be too confident. If one escapes, you will be held responsible.” Feng Yu snorted.

“I understand. The surroundings of this Heavenly Note Sect has been laid with an inescapable net by me with the Greater Blazing Array five hundred meters away from here. Not even a Martial Ancestor Realm expert could escape from here.” Xu Hu said as ferocity flickered within his eyes.

“Let’s hope so.” Feng Yu said with indifference.

“Elder Feng Yu, we brothers have never failed in our task before. We’re waiting for an order from Elder Feng Yu and we’ll slaughter our way into the Heavenly Note Sect, not leaving a single one alive.” Xu Long grimly smiled in reply.

“Our motive here in the Heavenly Note Sect is not to destroy it, but to capture one person.”

“Furthermore, he must be alive!” Feng Yu spoke as her l.u.s.trous eyes flickered with deep light.

“I wonder who is it that piqued the interest of Elder Feng Yu?” Xu Long asked as he could not help with his puzzlement.

“You two don’t have to know about that. All you need to know is that the person is named Nie Li. Despite his young age, he already possesses the cultivation of Dao of Dragon Realm and is the current Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect,” said Feng Yu.

“Being able to become the Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect with just Dao of Dragon Realm cultivation? I’m afraid that the Divine Feathers Sect does not have anymore talents!” Xu Hu laughed.

“Hmph, keep those contemptuous eyes of yours. The current strength of the Divine Feathers Sect is deep and unmeasurable. The amount of Martial Ancestor Realm experts is comparable to the amount of hair of an ox. If people of your strength were to go there, it would only spell death.” Feng Yu snorted as she replied.

“Since the current Divine Feathers Sect is so powerful, how could this youth that only possesses the cultivation of Dao of Dragon Realm become the Sect Master?” said Xu Long in doubt.

“That is where the crucial part lies. All we have to do is capture him!” said Feng Yu, “If the two of you are unable to find him, see me with your decapitated heads!”

As Feng Yu spoke, a laughter resounded from the sky.

“Rank Third of the Demon G.o.d’s Sect, Feng Yu has come to look for me personally. I indeed do have face!”

When the voice was heard, Feng Yu furrowed her brows as she focused towards the sky. In the far distance, there was a person that quietly stood in the sky, it was Nie Li.

He was actually able to overhear their conversation from so far away without being discovered, this person was indeed not that simple!

Feng Yu coldly stared at Nie Li.

“You’re Nie Li?” A chill flashed across Feng Yu’s eyes as she sized Nie Li up.

“Indeed. Isn’t Elder Feng Yu looking for me? I wonder, what is it about? Could it be that you’re inviting me to appreciate the wind, flower, snow and moon?” Nie Li lightly smiled as he swept his glance on the three people. One Pinnacle Phase Martial Ancestor Realm and two Initial Phase Martial Ancestor Realms.

Nie Li could call out the names of these three person.

“How rare it is for Sect Master Nie to be so refined, to actually like the wind, flower, snow and moon. This trip of mine is not in vain.” The indifferent expression on Feng Yu instantly disappeared as it turned enchanting, even her l.u.s.trous eyes were filled with l.u.s.t.

Her charming appearance made Xu Hu and Xu Long lost in a daze from looking at her.

Compared to Feng Yu’s usual indifferent expression, this difference was simply too great.

This Feng Yu that was before their eyes could not be an imposter, right…?

Women were simply too fickle-minded!

If Elder Feng Yu could give such a smile to them, they would be willing to even die for her.

Xu Long and Xu Hu instantly felt hostility and envy towards Nie Li.

“If I know that Elder Feng Yu is here to capture me, even if you need me to be tied up, I will be more than willing!” Nie Li smiled as he continued, “I’ll stand here and not move. I’ll even tie myself up. Elder Feng Yu can come to take me away anytime!”

Nie Li placed both his hands before his chest, showing an expression to catch him.

Seeing how Nie Li reacted, Feng Yu hesitated as she scanned her eyes around the surroundings.

Nie Li came here all alone without anyone following him. Furthermore, he even let himself be captured just like that, it was impossible not to suspect anything!

Perhaps there was a trick?

She did not think that Nie Li was a hot-headed person that would lose his thoughts the instant he saw a beauty.

How could someone that could become the Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect with just Dao of Dragon Realm cultivation be so simple?

“This kid is actually sending himself to death! How stupid, Big Brother, we’ll capture him!” Xu Hu excitedly clenched his fist tight as he was about to charge forth.

Feng Yu hastily stopped Xu Hu as her solemn voice sounded, “Wait!”

Xu Hu saw the grave expression of Feng Yu. He could not understand just what made Feng Yu so cautious and intimidated. Perhaps this kid was not as simple as he looked?!

“Isn’t Elder Feng Yu looking for me? Now that I have come forth myself, why isn’t Elder Feng Yu coming to get me?” Nie Li asked with a face of doubt towards Feng Yu.

Feng Yu charmingly chuckled, “Sect Master Nie must have been joking. Since when have I come to capture you, I’ve just come to invite you.”

“Oh? What an honor of mine to be able to receive the invitation of Elder Feng Yu! Perhaps I have the chance to become Elder Feng Yu’s guest under inside the curtain?” Nie Li looked l.u.s.tfully at Feng Yu as his gaze traveled her body.

The more Nie Li acted pervertedly, the more Feng Yu felt suspicious. However, she could not guess what methods Nie Li had to deal with her.

However, since they had already come here, they could not go without any harvests.

Feng Yu slowly approached Nie Li as she charmingly smiled, “As long as Sect Master Nie does not despise us, not only me, Sect Master Nie can freely choose any girl within the Demon G.o.d Sect!”

“Including your Sect Master?” Nie Li chuckled.

Hearing his words, Feng Yu was slightly stunned as she spoke with astonishment and puzzlement, “How do you know that our Sect Master is a female?”

“Our Sect Master is a female? Why are we unaware of this?” Xu Long and Xu Hu exchanged looks.

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