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Chapter 463 - Yao Lie

“Shi Mei of the Demon G.o.d’s Sect!” Disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect inhaled a mouthful of chilled air upon seeing the invader.

Shi Mei of the Demon G.o.d’s Sect are at Dao of Dragon Realm experts, a thread away from Martial Ancestor Realm.

He was completely covered in a black cloak, only his hands were exposed. They were as withered as the trunk of a tree, emitting a black aura from all over his body and filled with cold yin energy.

An expert of Dao of Dragon Realm pinnacle actually dared to invade the Heavenly Note Sect. This caused others to have suspicions. After all, there were several Martial Ancestor Realm experts in the Heavenly Note Sect.

Could it be that he has allies?

“Shi Mei, you dare invade the forbidden grounds of my Heavenly Note Sect. Someone, take him down!” A Deacon coldly barked.

Woosh… Woosh… Woosh…

Seven streaks of light pounced towards Shi Mei.

Seven disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect were all of Heavenly Axis Realm. Instantly, they formed an array which fell towards Shi Mei.

Poof… Poof… Poof…

Fresh blood splattered.

In that instant, Shi Mei had already acted. Black streaks of light formed shapes of a sword as it had instantly penetrated through the body of those seven disciples.

“Hahaha, the Small Seven Star Array is not that formidable, after all!” Shi Mei laughed. His body then disappeared in a flash and when it appeared the next instant, he had already arrived beside the Deacon. Shi Mei grabbed her by her neck and lifted her up.

The Deacon struggled with her life depending on it. However, life force rapidly left her body till she turned into ashes.

“Unforgivable, how dare you commit such an act in my Heavenly Note Sect!” A solemn voice rang out.

A woman stood on the horizon with white silk clothes that fluttered among the wind. Dazzling light shined on her, which made her look like a dignified and solemn G.o.ddess that fell from the sky.

“It’s been a long time since we last met, Void Fairy!” Shi Mei laughed, “We can be considered as old friends, I trust that you have been well!”

“Hmph, cut your chatter!” Fairy Ling Xu’s pearly-white hands quickly formed a seal as Sword Aura started to form around her.

“Fairy Ling Xu, your talent has always been less comparable to mine. Back then, when I was a 7th Stage Dao of Dragon Realm, you are only at 1st Stage. Now that I have achieved the pinnacle Dao of Dragon Realm, are you my compet.i.tor? Alone?” Shi Mei laughed. “As long as you call me Husband, who knows, I might be kind and give you a way out.”

“Hmph, I’ll see how long you can be so arrogant for.” Fairy Ling Xu coldly snorted and with a wave of her right hand, the Sword Aura shot towards Shi Mei.

Feeling the fearsome pressure which approached him, Shi Mei was instantly startled as he revealed an unbelievable expression.

“You have already reached Martial Ancestor Realm?!” Shi Mei was extremely startled.

He never imagined to think that Fairy Ling Xu had reached Martial Ancestor Realm!

Back then, they were still from the same small and unknown Sect. Eventually, the two of them parted. He joined the Demon G.o.d’s Sect, while the Fairy Ling Xu joined the Heavenly Note Sect. Back then, the Fairy Ling Xu’s cultivation had always been beneath him.

His cultivation speed could already be considered as extremely quick and he could also be considered as an astonishing talent in the Demon G.o.d’s Sect.

However, the Fairy Ling Xu had already broken through to Martial Ancestor Realm, she was actually faster compared to him!

Shi Mei must not have expected that the reason why Fairy Ling Xu’s cultivation was so rapid was all because of Nie Li’s Sacred Elixirs. If it wasn’t for those elixirs, the Fairy Ling Xu would still be trapped in Dao of Dragon Realm for another dozens of years. With the Sacred Elixirs, Fairy Ling Xu’s cultivation abruptly flew and rapidly broke through her bottleneck. Even she herself never imagined that this could happen.

“Shi Mei, die!” Fairy Ling Xu snorted. “Although we were once from the same Sect, those who violate my Heavenly Note Sect can only be killed!”

Poof… Poof… Poof…

Sword Aura penetrated through Shi Mei’s body as black blood splatter in all four directions.

With a whooshing sound, Shi Mei turned into a black aura as he shot out.

“Trying to escape? Not so easy!” Fairy Ling Xu turned into a streak of light and chased after him.

Up above the Heavenly Note Sect, one after another streak of light constantly exploded up in the skies.

Thousands of black lights flew towards the Heavenly Note Sect from all directions.

An eerie voice rang out up in the skies of the Heavenly Note Sect.

“Today, my Demon G.o.d’s Sect will destroy the Heavenly Note Sect. Do not let anyone escape!” That voice was similar to lightning as it made the ears of others painful.

Countless lights also flew up from the Heavenly Note Sect as it formed into a big array in the sky.

Nangong Xianyin stood in the middle of it as she constantly formed incantations.

“Milady, the experts of Demon G.o.d’s Sect are approaching. If we were to fight with them, I’m afraid that we would suffer heavy casualties!” The guardian that stood beside said respectfully.

“How are the Heavenly Birds doing?” Nangong Xianyin enquired.

“We have sent sixteen Heavenly Birds in an attempt to contact the other Sects. However, they were all intercepted.” The Guardian continued, “Seems to me that the Demon G.o.d’s Sect came prepared as they sent out hundreds of Heaven-Devouring Dragon Beasts.” 

Nangong Xianyin frowned her brows. She never imagined that the Demon G.o.d’s Sect would choose to attack the Heavenly Note Sect first. After all, they had been around for thousands of years and thus, possessed many means that they could protect themselves with. However, there was a vague uneasiness in her heart. Since the Demon G.o.d’s Sect had chosen to attack the Heavenly Note Sect, they would naturally come prepared.

“Activate the Great Heavenly Note Array.” Nangong Xianyin spoke with her brows frowned.


The ten Martial Ancestor Realm experts of the Heavenly Note Sect stood in their respective position and had already started to activate the array.

It was like a mysterious music that sounded from afar. The music was not loud, but it possessed endless penetration.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Tens of thousands of Demon G.o.d’s Sect experts spurted out blood as they fell from the skies like rain.

“The Great Heavenly Note Array? They actually possessed ten Martial Ancestor Realm experts, seems like I have underestimated the Heavenly Note Sect!” The eerie voice sounded out from the void again.

“Yao Lie, since the Demon G.o.d’s Sect dared to violate my Heavenly Note Sect, I, Nangong Xianyin will teach you people what comes without a return means!” Nangong Xianyin’s voice turned into ripples as it shot towards the endless void.

“You dare to show me such puny tricks?” That eerie voice coldly snorted. With an explosive sound, the ripple exploded.

At the sight of that, the heart of Nangong Xianyin trembled. An uneasy feeling came from her heart. She never thought that even the Superior Heavenly Note of the Great Heavenly Note Array would actually be blocked by Yao Lie so easily.

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