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Chapter 451 – Heavenly Note Pavilion

There were many secrets concealed within the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. Many powerful figures have fought for it, ever since it appeared in this world.

However the book itself also had its own intelligence, and it constantly searched for its master.

Nie Li had suspected it, back when Glory City was first destroyed. Back then, he’d experienced all sorts of suffering. He had been the only one left alive in their escape. And at his moment of crisis, when he was hanging by a thread between life and death, he had, somehow, managed to enter the Desert Palace and obtained the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. And, because of that, he had received the chance to be reborn.

It seemed as if everything had been predetermined.

Just like karma.

However, Nie Li vaguely suspected that this matter wasn’t that simple.

Without the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, he would never find any answers, no matter how much he searched.

The biggest problem was that he couldn’t allow it to fall into the hands of the Sage Emperor. If that ever happened, then no one would be able to stop the Sage Emperor from refining the Draconic Ruins Realm and turn everything into an eternal void.

All of Nie Li’s loved ones would also disappear from this s.p.a.ce-time. That was something that he absolutely wouldn’t allow.

“The Sage Emperor will definitely notice the Temporal Demon Spirit Book’s aura. However, if we have the G.o.dslayer Artifact, then we can conceal the aura of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book,” explained Yu Yan.

Nie Li was silent. For some reason, beyond his comprehension, his Soul Realm faintly rippled. The vine within his Soul Realm was still growing, as though it was trying to fill the endless void. As though it was searching for something.

“The Sage Emperor is still asleep right now, so he won’t be able to sense the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. There’s nothing we have to worry about. However, we still lack the means to deal with his claws.” Nie Li recalled the six Deity-ranked Demon Beasts under the Sage Emperor — all were extremely powerful and had been continuously observing the Draconic Ruins Realm. The instant one of them appeared&h.e.l.lip; they weren’t beings that Nie Li could handle at his current stage.

Yu Yan also fell silent.

Those six Deity-ranked Demon Beasts stood guard on the Eight Desolate Peaks. From there, not a single movement in the Draconic Ruins Realm would be able to escape their surveillance. Usually, those six wouldn’t stray from their posts, because none of the major sects were worth the effort for them to take action.

“Before we break the seal to the Tiny World, there’s somewhere I must visit!” Nie Li recalled with a smile.

“Where?” Yu Yan asked.

Nie Li gave her a mysterious smile but didn’t reply.

Heavenly Note Pavilion.

Hundreds of flowers bloomed and trees waved their lush green branches, full of life. It was similar to a paradise that was as graceful as the zither music that filled the air.

Birds were chirping in the forest, along with that zither music.

A group of young women were happily chatting away inside a small pavilion. The entire scene was lively and busting with life.

At the center of everyone’s attention was Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun. Ever since the two of them joined the Heavenly Note Sect, they had shocked everyone with their talents.

The two of them had come from the Tiny World, and possessed 9-Grade Heavenly Rank Spiritual Roots. Even the elders of the Heavenly Note Sect couldn’t help feeling jealous of their astounding talents.

Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun were disciples to the two most powerful elders of the Heavenly Note Sect. As of now, they’d already reached Dao of Dragon Realm cultivation.

Throughout the entire history of the Heavenly Note Sect, it was rare for anyone to reach the Dao of the Dragon Realm in such a short amount of time.

Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun were undoubtedly the most powerful compet.i.tors to the Sect Master’s position.

“Hey Ning’er, did you know that the Grand Elder has been favoring Ziyun alone? That’s simply so arrogant! I feel angry for you! Why is she the only one allowed in the Heavenly Cloud Domain, while you’re not?” A woman, who was over thirty years old, exclaimed as she feigned indifference. Meanwhile, her pupils were lit with a while dark and sinister light.

Her name was Xuan Yue, Xiao Ning’er’s Senior Sister. They were disciples under the same master.

“Senior Sister Xuan Yue, Ziyun’s bloodline was compatible. That’s why she was sent to the Heavenly Cloud Domain.” Xiao Ning’er lightly knitted her brows as she revealed her loathing. She was smart — there was no way she couldn’t see that Xuan Yue was trying to pit them against each other. “Ziyun is my best friend, so stop that.”

Xuan Yue twisted her lips to one side. “Ning’er, you’re being silly. You treat her as a friend, but does she think the same way?”

Xiao Ning’er suddenly stood up and glared at Xuan Yue, “Senior Sister Xuan Yue, please check yourself. Don’t gossip behind others’ backs. That would only lower your integrity.”

She turned away — she was done with Xuan Yue.

A vicious glimmer filled Xuan Yue’s eyes, but quickly pa.s.sed. True, she was Xiao Ning’er Senior Sister, but their Master clearly favored Ning’er more. Who knows how Xiao Ning’er had gotten those mysterious elixirs? She’d given them to Master, and after Master consumed them, her cultivation had increased greatly. Since then, Master had favored Ning’er.

A group of elite disciples was gathered next to Xiao Ning’er. Each possessed a level of influence within the Heavenly Note Sect.

It wasn’t just Xiao Ning’er — it was the same with Ye Ziyun. She’d also received no small amount of attention for her extraordinary talents. In addition to that talent, since she came to the Sect, her cultivation had also soared by leaps and bounds. Her number of followers had steadily increased, as well.

The two of them had become the most influential individuals in the Heavenly Note Sect.

Xuan Yue was extremely depressed. Even though she’d come to the Heavenly Note Sect a long time ago, she was incomparable to a brat who’d joined only recently. She simply couldn’t accept that. Instead, she planned to drive a wedge in the relationship between Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun. But no matter how much she tried, Xiao Ning’er would always ignore her.

“Junior Sister Ning’er, perhaps Big Sister’s words were a little too much. But I’m concerned for you. Xiu Ming of the Phaseless Sect is going to visit us soon. You have to take advantage of your opportunities. Young Master Xiu Ming has extraordinary talent. He’s also the son of the Grand Sect Master, it’s practically been decided that he’ll be the next Sect Master. If you build a good relationship with him, you’ll be a step closer to becoming the Sect Master of the Heavenly Note Sect. That position would have nothing else to do with Ye Ziyun.” Xuan Yue smiled as she pursed her lips. She refused to believe that Xiao Ning’er wouldn’t be motivated by that piece information.

Wasn’t the Sect Master of the Heavenly Note Sect the reason why Xiao Ning’er tried so hard?

“Since Senior Sister Xuan Yue pays so much attention to this Young Master Xiu Ming, then why don’t you go for him? Why give the opportunity to me?” Xiao Ning’er replied casually without the slightest ripple in her voice.

Xuan Yue didn’t understand why Xiao Ning’er would go as far as aiming for Sect Master, all to get closer to one person — Nie Li! If building a relationship with someone like Young Master Xiu Ming removed her from Nie Li, then she’d never do it.

Xuan Yue puckered her lips again, while inside, she was coldly laughing at Ning’er. This girl pretended to be holy and perfect, but Xuan Yue refused to believe that she didn’t care about being Sect Master.

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