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Chapter 450 – G.o.dslayer Artifact

A majestic aura was constantly being breathed in and out. Nie Li felt surges of powerful auras entering his body and warming his limbs and meridians.

While Nie Li was cultivating, a mysterious energy exploded in the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. Nie Li was startled in his heart as he immediately entered into the painting. He saw a lump of flames blazing in the painting that looked just like the sun.

That powerful energy filled the entire painting.

It was G.o.ddess Yu Yan!

Nie Li looked towards Yu Yan’s direction and saw her tiny body being bathed in the blazing flames. Her clothes have long turned into ashes and her voluptuous figure could be seen in the flames.

G.o.ddess Yu Wan was beautiful and flawless. Any guy who saw her would probably get a sudden shock.

“Nie Li.” G.o.ddess Yu Yan slowly opened her eyes as a smear of blazing fire flashed across her eyes. In her calm eyes, there seemed to be a faint wrath.

“Big Sister Yu Yan, what’s wrong with you?” Nie Li couldn’t help asking. The powerful energy that was being emitted from G.o.ddess Yu Yan made him shocked.

“I’ve recalled it. There are cause and effects in everything!” G.o.ddess Yu Yan raised her head and looked up to the sky.

“What have you recalled?” Nie Li couldn’t help giving pause for a moment, before asking.

G.o.ddess Yu Yan hesitated for a moment, before looking towards Nie Li, “I’ve recalled everything from the previous and present life. I thought that I’d forgotten them, but actually, they were hidden in the depths of my memory all along. Are you willing to make a trip with me back to the Tiny World?”

“Tiny World? But the entrance to the Tiny World hasn’t opened yet, how are we going to go?” Nie Li looked towards Yu Yan as he asked. His gaze swept Yu Yan’s naked body and couldn’t help retracting his gaze awkwardly.

Yu Yan looked at Nie Li, “I can open the seal to the Tiny World. However, that would mean that the Tiny World would be completely open. I’m not sure if it will be fortunate or disastrous.”

Nie Li was filled with astonishment. Yu Yan said that she could completely open the seal towards the Tiny World?

What’s hidden in the Tiny World?

Among the three thousand smaller realms, only the Tiny World was sealed. There must certainly be secret hidden in the Tiny World.

“Although I’m not sure why Big Sister Yu Yan wants to go to the Tiny World for, but since you’ve decided, then I will follow you.” Nie Li said calm and unhurried.

Yu Yan was stunned for an instant before sighing. “Nie Li, thanks. You’re the only one I could trust!”

Yu Yan’s desolate tone touched Nie Li’s heartstrings. In the past, he was all alone. No one could understand the loneliness and helplessness better than him. Luckily, he managed to be reborn and redo everything again. He still has so many friends and relatives.

In this life, let me protect everyone!

Nie Li looked towards Yu Yan, he could sense the sadness in her heart.

The flames on Yu Yan turned into a magnificent gauze as it slowly wrapped her beautiful body. She raised her head and said, “If we’re going back to the tiny World, we have to either wait for the next opening of the Tiny World or to break the Tiny World’s seal. But right now, we’re short on time. We have to find this item.”

Nie Li had no idea what was it that Yu Yan spoke of.

“How should we break the seal to the Tiny World?” Nie Li couldn’t help asking.

“Nie Li, have you heard of the G.o.dslayer Artifact?” Yu Yan looked at Nie Li as she asked.

“The G.o.dslayer Artifact?” Nie Li was stunned for a moment.

“Correct, in this world, there are two G.o.dslayer Artifacts. This two items have existed in this world since ancient times and are extremely powerful. The two G.o.dslayer Artifacts are the Myriad Ancestor Sword and the Sacred Demon Blade.” said Yu Yan.

“The Myriad Ancestor Sword and Sacred Demon Blade? I think I’ve heard of them before!” Nie Li slightly frowned his brows.

“The Myriad Ancestor Sword and Sacred Demon Sword are controlled by the Ancestral G.o.d Land and the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land. The two G.o.dslayer Artifacts made the Ancestral G.o.d Land and the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land the two most powerful forces, causing them to become official existences.” Yu Yan sighed as she continued, “Except that for a long time now, no one could use the Myriad Ancestor Sword. In a great battle, it was separated into seven pieces, which were separately controlled by the Ancestral G.o.d Land, as well as the six righteous sects.”

“Seven pieces?” This was the first time that Nie Li had heard of this story, and he doesn’t know how powerful the Myriad Ancestor Sword was. “Does that mean that the Divine Feathers Sect also has one of its pieces?”

Yu Yan nodded her head, “Correct.”

“Why hasn’t the Big Five mention it before?” Nie Li couldn’t help asking.

“Such treasures are important treasures of the Divine Feathers Sect and, therefore, are heavily concealed in secret. With the strongest Martial Ancestor Realm as its protector. Only when he dies, will he pa.s.s it to the next.” said Yu Yan.

“It seems that this treasure is in Hierarch Martialsky’s hands then.” Nie Li nodded as he continued, “But what does it have to do with breaking the Tiny World’s seal?”

“Only the Myriad Ancestor Sword could break the seal on the Tiny World.” Yu Yan answered.

“Why would the Tiny World require such a powerful treasure to break the seal open?” Nie Li couldn’t help voicing his doubts.

“The Tiny World’s seal was formed by a Supreme. In the Tiny World, there’s a treasure even greater than the G.o.dslayer Artifact. It’s called the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. Only if we find this book, can we obtain the chance of defeating the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land. Otherwise, it will be impossible!” Yu Yan said solemnly as she carried on, “This is also the reason why I’m in the Tiny World!”

Temporal Demon Spirit Book?

Nie Li was stunned for a moment. Indeed, the Temporal Demon Spirit Book was extremely powerful. However, Nie Li had no idea where the book disappeared to. Only by destroying the Tiny World’s seal with the G.o.dslayer Artifact, they’ll be able to find the Temporal Demon Spirit Book?

“But where should we go to find the Temporal Demon Spirit Book?” Nie Li couldn’t help asking his question.

“The Temporal Demon Spirit Book is a sacred item, much more powerful then the two G.o.dslayer Artifacts. Because of the Tiny World’s seal, the Temporal Demon Spirit Book vanished without a trace and is nowhere found. If we open the seal of the Tiny World, can we sense the aura of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.” said Yu Yan.

Nie Li hesitated for a brief moment. The missing book had always been a sore point in his heart. He must find the Temporal Demon Spirit Book in order to have the confidence to confront the Sage Emperor!

The Sage Emperor was too powerful as he had sealed off the Draconic Ruins Realm and was refining it. Add his underlings that have many powerful claws, unless he had absolute confidence, he can’t go head-on with the Sage Emperor!

“If we break open the seal to the Tiny World, wouldn’t the Sage Emperor be a step before us in finding the Temporal Demon Spirit Book?” Nie Li couldn’t help asking. This was also the most important thing that he’s worried about.

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