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Chapter 45 – Elixir’s Formula

Nie Li walked to the walls. There were lots of papers on it, all were problems that were encountered during refinement. On the table beside the walls, lies a horned pen.

Nie Li took up the horned pen from the table.

“Wait!” Huyan Ming hurriedly said, what is Nie Li planning to do?

“What is it?” Nie Li puzzled, looking at Huyan Ming and said.

“You plan on answering those questions?” Huyan Ming asked.

“Yeah, can’t I?” Nie Li asked, blinking his eyes.

“You can, but…” Huyan Ming wanted to say that all those questions on the wall were encountered by Alchemy Masters during their refinement process. Just reading books wouldn’t be able to answer them. One has to personally refine and search for the solution. Huyan Ming doesn’t think that Nie Li would be able to answer those questions.

“Since I can, then there’s no problem,” Nie Li brightly smiled, lifting the horned pen up and began to write.

Nie Li swiftly moved his hand, writing down the answers after taking a glimpse at the problems.

Seeing how fast Nie Li was writing down the solution to the problems, Huyan Ming didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Nie Li did not go through the refining process and yet he could already come out with the solution. It’s practically laughable. His gaze then fell onto one of the questions, it’s a problem about herbal equilibrium.

“How should the ratio of Snow Gra.s.s, Nine Immortal Gra.s.s, and Dragon Gall Gra.s.s be? According to the alchemy theory, combining these three herb would definitely be able to refine an extremely strong antidote medicine. However, how should the ratio of these herb be? Up till today, there is still no answer to it,” Huyan Ming murmured.

And Nie Li’s answer to it is: ‘No matter what the ratio , it’s impossible to succeed. Dragon Gall Gra.s.s should be changed to Solani Gra.s.s. The ratio would be 3:1:2.’

Solani Gra.s.s is very similar to the Dragon Gall Gra.s.s, both have detoxification effects. However, the Dragon Gall Gra.s.s is violent, whereas the Solani Gra.s.s is much calmer. Furthermore, this ratio for the herb is perfect.

“Brilliant!” Huyan Ming shouted with praise. He already couldn’t wait to try refining it, verifying the ratio.

Huyan Ming continued looking at the papers on the walls, Nie Li’s answers are extremely brilliant. Although he does not know if they’re correct or not, but it’s worth testing. Although the solution to those problems could not be verified, there are a few that Huyan Ming can verify. For example, questions about the refining process, the answers that Nie Li gave are correct.

The look of Huyan Ming to Nie Li changed, it was filled with admiration. Because some questions up there, even President Gu Yan couldn’t solve them.

Could Nie Li’s knowledge have already surpa.s.sed the Senior Alchemy Master level? Reaching the legendary Alchemy Grandmaster level?

Just what kind of monster is he? Nie Li is only a thirteen year old kid!

As a Primary Alchemy Master, Huyan Ming has been very prideful. After all, the amount of Primary Alchemy Masters in the Alchemist a.s.sociation doesn’t even amount to a hundred. And now, seeing such a young teen with such frightening knowledge, Huyan Ming had the thought of killing himself by the wall.

In just a moment, Nie Li had already answered a hundred questions. After he finished the hundredth he placed the pen down and murmured, “These questions, ain’t that difficult after all.”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Huyan Ming simply wanted to vomit blood. These problems have been acc.u.mulated over the years with no one able to solve them, and Nie Li actually said that it’s not that difficult?!

Huyan Ming realized that the appearance of Nie Li might bring the Alchemist a.s.sociation to a whole new era. Just these questions on the wall alone, once they are verified, would be more than enough to let the Alchemist a.s.sociation rise to a whole new level!

Just when Nie Li finished answering those questions, an old man with both a beard and hair snow white and a s.e.xy, tall beauty were standing behind him.

When the both of them saw Nie Li’s pen swiftly going through across the problems, at the beginning, they felt that it was funny. These questions weren’t things that Nie Li can solve at his age. However, when they saw what Nie Li had written, they were shocked beyond words.

Gu Yan and Yang Xin both looked at Nie Li and thought, ‘Just what kind of monster is he?’

Is Nie Li really just a thirteen year old kid? Although Nie Li’s face is still immature, Gu Yan and Yang Xin both thought that Nie Li is an old monster that has lived for hundreds of years.

Without several decades of studies, it’s totally impossible to become a Primary Alchemy Master.

Nie Li is just thirteen years old, but his knowledge and understanding towards Alchemy has already surpa.s.sed the Primary, and Intermediate Alchemy Masters. He might not be any inferior to the Senior Alchemy Master Gu Yan!

Gu Yan’s glance towards Nie Li suddenly became excited. In recent years, the Alchemist a.s.sociation was not like it was in the past. In just a few more years, the Alchemist a.s.sociation would start to gradually decline. The several attacks from the demon beasts caused the Alchemist a.s.sociation to suffer many losses. Many books were lost, many effects of the elixirs had been greatly reduced, causing many alchemists to leave. Many of them preferred to focus on the martial path instead. Very few were still willing to join the path of alchemy.

Gu Yan understood that this is wrong. The aid of elixirs to cultivation is very huge. If there is no one left to refine elixirs in the future, then the martial path would also gradually decline.

It’s been a long time since the Alchemist a.s.sociation had any new generations, but they never thought that the day would come when they would have such a monster like Nie Li joining them. Watching Nie Li’s back, Gu Yan suddenly felt that from today onwards, the Alchemist a.s.sociation will rise to a new height by the hands of Nie Li!

Yang Xin’s eyes were filled with disbelief. Those s.e.xy red lips slightly opened and closed, her perky chest rising up and down. She couldn’t believe that the questions that left so many Alchemy Masters helpless was actually solved by Nie Li.

Nie Li suddenly turned his head, looking at Gu Yan and Yang Xin.

“President Gu Yan, Director Yang Xin, nice to meet you!” Nie Li took the initiative to greet.

Gu Yan was a little surprised, lightly smiled and said, “Little guy, you know us?”

Gu Yan looked at Nie Li. He is still rather bright. The more he looks at Nie Li, the more he likes him. Nie Li is simply the son of G.o.d!

“Of course I know you. As long as one studies in alchemy, one would know the big names of President Gu Yan and Director Yang Xin. I still remember that I sent a letter about Purple Haze Gra.s.s over to Director Yang Xin earlier on,” Nie Li said, lightly smiled.

Both Gu Yan and Yang Xin both made great contributions to Glory City in the previous life. Gu Yan died in battle together with the City Lord, and as for Yang Xin, she died in order to cover the residents of Glory City. Nie Li personally saw that her chest was pierced by a Blizzard Mantis. That scene caused countless people to tear.

“The letter about Purple Haze Gra.s.s was sent by you?!” said Yang Xin, her bright eyes were filled with disbelief. The letter about Purple Haze Gra.s.s left a deep impression within her. All sixty uses of Purple Haze Gra.s.s has been verified today, and none of them had any errors.

Yang Xin pondered, ‘What kind of person could write that kind of article? Probably even Gu Yan wouldn’t be able to study a herb to that extend. Could Glory City have a hidden Alchemy Grandmaster?’

It’s a pity that she couldn’t find any clue about the letter. Yang Xin once sent people to investigate but was unable to get any results.

“That article was written by you?” Gu Yan’s hands slightly trembled. He has seen that article before, because it had a great impact to the Alchemist a.s.sociation.

“Not me. It was my master who wrote it. My master got me to come to the Alchemist a.s.sociation to get a Senior Alchemy Master t.i.tle,” Nie Li said, slightly laughing. In order to prevent himself to be too much of a monster, he casually finds an excuse. Sometimes, it’s better to be hidden.

Gu Yan was surprised for a moment, but did not find it strange. Having such achievements at Nie Li’s age, he definitely must have a teacher behind him. Nie Li is already so monstrous at this age. That master behind him would at least be an Alchemy Grandmaster, right?

“Who might your master be? We have to pay a visit to him,” Gu Yan said, humbly.

“My master doesn’t like to be disturbed,” Nie Li said, shaking his head.

Yang Xin blinked, staring at Nie Li, wanting to find something out from Nie Li’s expression, but failed. Although he is just thirteen years old, his calm posture made others unable to read anything from him.

Gu Yan nodded his head and said, “Since your respected master doesn’t wish to show himself, then it’s fine. A great teacher brings us a brilliant student. With your talent, it’s more than enough to match the t.i.tle of Senior Alchemy Master. I hope that there will come a time where we could pay a visit to your respected master.”

It’s normal for some experts to be a hermit. Doesn’t matter what kind of person that expert is. As long as he remains in Glory City, then for Glory City, it’s a great fortune! He has to report this matter to Lord Ye Mo and the City Lord immediately. Such a huge figure, if they had good relationships with him, it would be extremely great! As for awarding Nie Li the t.i.tle of Senior Alchemy Master, just from how Nie Li answered all those questions that even Gu Yan himself was helpless to answer was already more than enough for Nie Li to be awarded with that t.i.tle. Awarding Nie Li the t.i.tle of Senior Alchemy Master is equivalent to giving a favor to the expert behind him.

“Director Yang, bring him the books of Senior Alchemy Master, medal and robe!” Gu Yan decisively said.


Yang Xin turned around and went to arrange these matters. Her heart was filled with amazement. A thirteen year old Senior Alchemy Master, this is the first in the whole history of the Alchemist a.s.sociation!

“Aside from obtaining the t.i.tle of Senior Alchemy Master, I would like to work with President Gu Yan, too!” Nie Li lightly smiled and said, he came prepared.

“Work together? Little guy, speak your desires,” Gu Yan’s heart fluttered. Cooperating with Nie Li is probably the idea of the man behind him.

“I have five elixir formulas here. They are: Soul Nurturing Pills, Soul Concentrating Pills, and Soul Tempering Pills as well as the Scarlet Body Enhancing Pills and the Nine Transformation Pills,” Nie Li calmly listed. He doesn’t believe that Gu Yan wouldn’t go crazy for these after hearing the names.

“What?! Soul Nurturing Pill, Soul Concentrating Pill and Soul Tempering Pill? Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill and Nine Transformation Pill?!” Gu Yan gasped. The usually calm him could no longer stay calm.

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