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Chapter 446 – Paid in Blood and Sweat

Several servants stood on the sidelines, wanting to speak, but were stopped by Ling Kong. He then lightly smiled and said, “The Lingyun Sect is, indeed, a Subsidiary Sect of the Divine Feathers Sect.”

Nie Li smiled and nodded. So Ling Kong could still keep his composure. Nie Li lightly smiled as he faintly guessed Ling Kong’s intentions for visiting.

The Divine Feathers Sect had been closed off for so long that the outside world was had guessed that the Divine Feathers Sect are probably close to dying. So of course, it wasn’t surprising for the Lingyun Sect to have the same mindset.

After all, Sects like the Lingyun Sect weren’t powerful enough to survive in the Draconic Ruins Realm without a patron.

The Divine Feathers Sect had been closed off for long enough that their strength was entirely different from before. It was time for them show show a bit of their cutting edge. As the Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect, Nie Li had to keep a certain air about himself.

Ling Kong cupped his hands towards Nie Li. “Ling Kong’s trip to the Divine Feathers Sect is for a request.”

“Oh? I wonder what kind of request the Young Sect Master Ling has of me?” Nie Li lightly smiled.

“It’s like this. When Ling Kong first came to the Divine Feathers Sect, I caught a glimpse of a certain lady. When I returned, I kept thinking of her, unable to get her out of my mind. My trip to the Divine Feathers Sect came with the intent to propose a marriage.” Ling Kong said with his hands cupped.

“Oh? I wonder which lady made the Young Sect Master Ling fall in love with her?” Nie Li lightly smiled.

Lu Piao mumbled a soft sneer. “It’s as they say, ‘beware of suspicious folks bearing gifts; they’re sure to be ill-intentioned’. How could my beautiful Divine Feather Sect ladies be given to you? We’d rather keep the goods within the family. You can come steal money from the Divine Feathers Sect, but women, no way!”

Nie Li couldn’t help smiling at Lu Piao’s words.

Ling Kong didn’t hear Lu Piao’s comments as he lightly cupped his hands and continued, “Sect Master Nie, the one who I wish to propose to is Long Yuyin of the Dragonseal Family.”

Lu Piao coldly snorted again at Ling Kong’s words. “A toad trying to get a taste of the swan. As someone yearning after Long Yuyin, why don’t you first take a look in the mirror and see if you’re fit?” Even though Long Yuyin was still unmarried, her relationship with Nie Li was clear. It’s long been rumored that Long Yuyin was one of Nie Li’s women. This fellow must be seeking death if he’s trying to s.n.a.t.c.h my brother’s woman.

Ling Kong’s face sank as he heard Lu Piao’s words. He cupped his hands, once again, towards Nie Li, “Sect Master Nie, I wonder who this person is, to actually be so impudent in a place like this?!”

Nie Li calmly smiled towards Ling Kong. “He’s my brother, Lu Piao.”

“Sect Master Nie, as your brother, isn’t he being too rude?!” Ling Kong said in a solemn voice. He was clearly enraged.

A servant angrily cried, “Young Sect Master, if we’d known that the Divine Feathers Sect was being ruled by such people, we wouldn’t have come. Why shouldn’t the Lingyun Sect break away from the Divine Feathers Sect?”

Even back then, they’d been treated with courtesy. Since when was such behaviour acceptable?

Ling Kong extended a hand to stopped those servants. “Enough! Back down!”

“Yes!” The servant bowed and backed away, indignance clearly written on his face.

Lu Piao coldly smiled. Of course he realised that Ling Kong was only putting up a show. Hypocritical to the extreme.

Ling Kong looked at Nie Li and continued, “The Lingyun Sect has always been a Subsidiary Sect to the Divine Feathers Sect. We adhere strictly to the rules. When we embarked upon this trip, we had no idea that the Divine Feathers Sect had already chosen a new Sect Master. It seems that Sect Master Nie isn’t very friendly with our Lingyun Sect!”

Nie Li faintly smiled and replied to Ling Kong, “Young Sect Master Ling is being too serious. Being generous towards others has always been a tradition of our Divine Feathers Sect. You’re the Young Sect Master of the Lingyun Sect, but after entering the grounds of my Divine Feathers Sect, you didn’t seem to show much etiquette. Upon seeing the Sect Master of the Main Sect, you didn’t bow in salute. Is it our Divine Feathers Sect that’s being unfriendly or is it the Lingyun Sect that’s being rude?”

“That…” Ling Kong’s facial expression became somewhat embarra.s.sed.

It was true. Upon seeing the Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect, they were required to bow in salute. Back when Hierarch Martialsky led the Divine Feathers Sect, Ling Kong had no problems with bowing. But now, the Sect Master was Nie Li, who was even younger than himself. How could he bow to someone like that?1

“Haha!” Nie Li waved his hand with a smile and said, “Young Sect Master Ling, no matter what happens, the Lingyun Sect will always be a Subsidiary Sect to our Divine Feathers Sect. I’ve only recently risen to this position, so it’s not strange that Young Sect Master Ling still sees me as an outsider. I don’t want to stay on this topic any longer. Recently, we’ve been preparing to start a war with the Demon G.o.d’s Sect and we will require the a.s.sistance of the Lingyun Sect. I wonder what Young Sect Master Ling’s opinion is on the matter?”

“Starting a war with the Demon G.o.d’s Sect? Are you guys are insane?” Ling Kong looked at Nie Li in shock. Previously, when Hierarch Martialsky was in control, the Divine Feathers Sect was too weak in comparison to the Demon G.o.d’s Sect. Right now, Ling Kong had no idea where Hierarch Martialsky had gone off to. And Nie Li actually wanted to lead the Divine Feathers Sect against the Demon G.o.d’s Sect?

“Hahaha.” Nie Li laughed three times and continued, “Of course, I’m not insane.”

Nie Li looked at Ling Kong and continued, “I wonder if Young Sect Master Ling is interested in taking a stroll around the Divine Feathers Sect with me?”

Ling Kong’s gaze went dark and dull as he glanced at Nie Li and cupped his hands. “Then, I’ll accept your offer!”

“Young Sect Master Ling, if you please!” Nie Li smiled.

They exited the Main Hall in a group, with Ling Kong following behind Nie Li’s entourage, with puzzlement in his eyes.

The several servants that followed behind Ling Kong were exchanging glances with each other.

“What’s Sect Master Nie trying to do?”

“Who knows?!” Several servants discussed in soft voices.

Under Nie Li’s lead, their group pa.s.sed through a patch of dense forest.

The forest was shrouded in clouds and mist. Disciples sat everywhere, cultivating. There must have been few hundreds of them, sitting on tree branches or boulders. The sheer density of spiritual energy was extremely shocking. It must have been several dozens or even hundreds of times greater than outside!

When the disciples saw Nie Li’s party, they all stood and bowed in deep respect.

“Sect Master!”

“Sect Master!”

All kinds of greetings rang from around them!

“En!” Nie Li lightly nodded and continued forward.

The servants behind Ling Kong discussed in soft tones.

“These people seem to be Dao of Dragon Realm experts!”

“The Divine Feathers Sect can’t be putting on a show by arranging those people here, right? With so few Dao of Dragon Realm experts, what is there to flaunt? Our Lingyun Sect has them too!”

“Look over there!” One servant pointed towards an area in the forest.

“That should be an array. It seems to have been laid out with spiritual stone essence! They actually used spiritual stone essences to lay out an array! The Divine Feathers Sect must have paid in blood and sweat!”

Nie Li lightly smiled at the servants’ conversations. Lu Piao and co. only sneered without saying a word. From Lu Piao’s point of view, the Divine Feathers Sect was strong enough to not need the Lingyun Sect at all. There was no need for Nie Li to bring them here!

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