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Chapter 439 – Contest (2/2)

Situ Beiyan glanced out at the crowd. He didn’t know why Nie Li wasn’t there.

Could Long Tianming have pulled some underhanded method and rendered Nie Li unable to attend?

Either way, Nie Li’s warning about Long Tianming had raised Situ Beiyan’s vigilance. He definitely wasn’t going to let Long Tianming take the Sect Master’s position of the Divine Feathers Sect.

Situ Beiyan coldly growled. With a wave of his hand, a group of experts whistled through the air and began their probing attacks towards Long Tianming’s men.

“Who do you think will win? Situ Beiyan or Long Tianming?” The crowd of disciples were discussing amongst themselves.

“Of course it’s going to be brother Situ!”

Situ Beiyan was the son of the Sect Master. His forces had always been pressing down on Long Tianming’s; that’s why everyone thought better of Situ Beiyan.
“But Long Tianming isn’t a weak compet.i.tor!”

Lu Piao, Li Xingyun, Gu Bei and the rest were all watching from the sides, feeling depressed in their hearts. They’d spent so long making preparations; but now, all they could do was watch as Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan fought it out. There was nothing they could do. But if they had to make a choice between Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan, they would naturally support Situ Beiyan.

Long Yuyin stood among the crowd, glaring at Long Tianming with pure disgust and loathing. She’d only stepped out to get a quick look at the situation before returning to Nie Li’s side.

Everyone’s eyes were gathered on the center of the conflict.

This battle would likely decide the fate of the entire Divine Feathers Sect.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan’s forces had become one disorganised ma.s.s. The two sides were equally matched.

*Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*

Six Dao of Dragon Realm experts suddenly shot out and started a frantic ma.s.sacre.

“Six Dao of Dragon Realm experts!” Situ Beiyan’s heart slightly shook. Situ Beiyan had realised that, in addition to these six Dao of Dragon Realm experts, Long Tianming still had some other experts hidden away. A rough estimation told him that there should be three more Dao of Dragon Realm experts.
Just when had Long Tianming recruited so many experts?

Situ Beiyan angrily roared and the five Dao of Dragon Realm experts under him charged into the battle.

The fight between the Dao of Dragon Realm experts was simply a total mess.

The Big Five conversed between themselves.
A woman’s voice resounded, Hierarch Linglong. She’s Long Yuyin’s grandmother and an influential figure in the Divine Feathers Sect.

“It seems like Situ Beiyan is going to lose. Is my Dragonseal Family going to have the Acting Sect Master’s position?” Hierarch Linglong’s voice was extremely charming and resembled Long Yuyin’s mother’s voice, Long Shuyun’s. Her voice could soften the bones of anyone who heard it.

Hierarch Martialsky lightly smiled. “The position of the Acting Sect Master is for those who are capable. What harm is there to letting the Dragonseal Family have it?”

“Sect Master, you’re putting it the wrong way. My Dragonseal Family has clearly taken it with strength; how could you say you ‘let’ it happen? The only strange thing is that that Nie Li kid worked so hard to prepare. So much so that he even gave us so many sacred medicines. Why didn’t he show up to fight for it? What a disappointment!”

The other Hierarch, Hierarch Dragonblaze, spoke up. “Linglong, if Nie Li were here, wouldn’t he s.n.a.t.c.h the Acting Sect Master’s position from Long Tianming?”

“Dragonblaze, am I really such a petty person? Nie Li has given elixirs strong enough to raise our ranks. That alone makes him far more valuable than any Acting Sect Master. If he was here, what’d be the harm in letting him have it?”

“Linglong, you better not forget those words!”
“That’s for sure!”

The five Hierarchs of the Divine Feathers Sect, Hierarchs Martialsky, Skycloud, Dragonblaze, Linglong, and Crimsonblood, were the pinnacle existences of the Divine Feathers Sect. Their presence was the reason why the demonic sects like the Demon G.o.d’s Sect, didn’t dare to invade. Each enhancement to their cultivation had great impacts for the fate of the sect.

When Hierarch Skycloud first gave them the elixirs, a few of them still had doubts. But after consuming the elixirs, each and every one of them was shocked by the powerful medicinal effects. The slowest among them had advanced one rank. Hierarch Martialsky advanced two ranks. Hierarch Skycloud had advanced three.

In the Martial Ancestor Realm, each level would be as hard to reach as ascending the heavens. At the same time, every advancement to their rank would increase their cultivation by many times!

You could say that Nie Li’s contributions towards the Divine Feathers Sect had far surpa.s.sed anyone else’s. Even if Nie Li’s origins were unknown, he definitely qualified to become the Acting Sect Master.

By now, Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan’s fight had already reached its climax. Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan, themselves, had already joined the battle. The two of them were already Dao of Dragon Realm experts.

Situ Beiyan furiously roared as he merged with his demon spirit, a Celestial Blood Dragon bathed in flames. Its razor-sharp claws reflected a heart-stabbing chill of light. This Celestial Blood Dragon was tens of meters in height and emitted a frightening aura.

A few Divine Feathers Sect’s disciples cried out in surprise, “It’s a Celestial Blood Dragon! It’s one of the most outstanding among G.o.d-level growth rate Demon Spirits!”

Long Tianming saw that Situ Beiyan had integrated with a Celestial Blood Dragon, and the corner of his mouth raised into a disdainful smile. He also snarled as he transformed. In an instant, a ma.s.sive black dragon appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

This black dragon was much larger than Situ Beiyan’s Celestial Blood Dragon.
At the same time, a mysterious golden l.u.s.ter covered its body.

“How is that possible?”
“Long Tianming merged with his demon spirit? It’s actually a Dark Saint Dragon!”

G.o.d-level growth rate Demon Spirits with Dragon Bloodlines were already extremely rare. However, there still existed some Dragon Bloodline Demon Spirits that were far more powerful than that, such as Nie Li’s Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon and Long Tianming’s Dark Saint Dragon. They were pinnacle existences.

“Situ Beiyan, admit defeat. You’re not my match!” Long Tianming issued a long roar as he waved his black steel-like claws towards Situ Beiyan’s Celestial Blood Dragon.


The Dark Saint Dragon’s claw landed on the Celestial Blood Dragon and sent it flying.
Situ Beiyan was filled with an unwilling sense of defeat. He remembered Nie Li’s words. If he lost, then there’d be no one to stop Long Tianming.

He issued a furious roar, circulated the Celestial Blood Dragon’s energy through his soul realm, and charged at Long Tianming.

Before, Long Tianming’s strength had always been below Situ Beiyan’s. But, for some reason, his current strength was far above expectations. Furthermore, Long Tianming possessed such a powerful Dragon Bloodline Demon Spirit — the Dark Saint Dragon. If anyone told Situ Beiyan that Long Tianming didn’t have a sponsor behind him, he wouldn’t believe them.

Nie Li’s words might actually be true!

He definitely had to stop Long Tianming!

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