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Chapter 415 – Fishy

Gu Bei was well aware that his biggest threat wasn’t Gu Heng — it was actually Gu Yu!

Gu Heng had only been a chess piece being pushed around by Gu Yu. But that chess piece had been broken!

Gu Heng was dazed.

Gu Bei glanced at Gu Heng with a cold expression, then cupped his hands towards Gu Tianlong, Gu Ya, and the other higher-ups.

Soon, the news spread throughout the Gu Clan.

Inside Long Tianming’s Secret Chamber

After hearing the news, Long Tianming flew into a violent rage.

“Gu Heng that trash, trash, trash!” Long Tianming roared. He’d been preparing some spiritual stones to back up Gu Heng, so that Gu Heng could keep Gu Bei’s Demon League in check. But now that Gu Heng had been locked up, all of Long Tianming’s plans had been ruined.

Gu Heng’s forces would probably be swallowed up by the Demon League before long.

From the Gu Clan’s perspective, all of Gu Heng’s forces belonged to the clan. So of course, they wouldn’t allow them to fall into the hands of an outsider!

The situation within the Gu Clan was already outside his realm of control. And on top of that, Long Yuyin’s forces were also springing up inside the Dragonseal Family. The Ashen Flames Family’s Heavenly Path League also had a close relationship with the Demon League; they were also rising quickly.

Even Long Tianming sensed the impending danger!

The rise of these three forces focused on a single point: Nie Li!

As long as Nie Li was alive, Long Tianming wouldn’t be able to rest or eat in peace.

Nie Li had always hidden himself behind the scenes, which made the threat all the more apparent to Long Tianming.

Now that the chess piece known as Gu Heng had been broken, Long Tianming was forced to handle the situation personally!

He narrowed his eyes as a ferocious glint flashed through them. Truly, Nie Li had flagged his attention, and Long Tianming had to admit that the guy was pretty capable. But so what? He’d make sure that Nie Li understood that the situation within the Divine Feathers Sect wasn’t something that could be so easily changed by one person!

Shortly after Nie Li hid himself underground, the Void Illusionary Divine Palace on the outside vanished, just like an illusion.

Those who’d gathered outside the palace had to disperse. There was nothing they could do.

With a thought, Nie Li exited the painting. He burst out from the ground and stored the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting back into his soul realm.

Xiao Yu was still cultivating inside the painting, so Nie Li let her stay there.

Nie Li stretched a little. He was already at the pinnacle of the Heavenly Star Realm, only one step away from the Heavenly Axis Realm. It was a good feeling.

He flew in the direction of Divine Feathers Sect.

In the Divine Feathers Sect

“Nie Li! It’s about time you’re back!” Lu Piao excitedly b.u.mped Nie Li’s chest. Even though Nie Li’s fate soul had been inside the Soul Hall this entire time, Lu Piao still couldn’t help worrying.

Nie Li smiled. “I was slightly delayed out there.”

He stopped at that. That adventure was too long for words.

Gu Bei laughed in a good mood. “While you were gone, Gu Heng got himself locked up for thirty years. I’ve already taken over all his forces.”

Nie Li raised an eyebrow. Even though he’d been expecting that to happen eventually, he never thought Gu Bei could’ve done it so quickly.

Gu Bei laughed, “In reality, it’s because Gu Heng already had dirt on his hands. And even with that, he tried to bite back! On top of that, those elders who’d had connections with him were too easily swayed.”

Nie Li nodded. “En. It would’ve happened to him sooner or later. I expected as much.”

Gu Bei suddenly recalled something. “I heard that Long Tianming went to the outside world to train, then came back with quite a pretty sum of treasures, like gold spiritual stone essences. Enough to total five or six million spiritual stones. Right now, his forces are rapidly expanding, probably because he feels threatened by us!”

Nie Li knit his brows at those words.

This was strange, indeed!

The place where Long Tianming had trained was probably the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. Nie Li had led Long Tianming towards that chamber, so Long Tianming shouldn’t have been able to harvest anything! But even if he had, Hierarch Blacknether and the Holy Son Li Huo should’ve sealed the palace. So even if Long Tianming managed to return, he shouldn’t have been able to bring anything back. Not to mention five or six million spiritual stones! It didn’t make any sense!

Somewhere in there, there was definitely something fishy going on!

In his previous life, Nie Li had always sensed that there was something off about Long Tianming. When the Divine Feathers Sect collapsed, Long Tianming was the one who’d benefited the most. From that, Nie Li could tell just how deep Long Tianming had schemed.

On top of that, there was no way that Long Tianming could accomplish it all by himself!

Could Long Tianming have connections with someone inside the Demon G.o.d’s Sect?

If that was true, then everything made sense. It would explain how Long Tianming managed to leave the palace safely and obtain so many treasures!

Gu Bei furrowed his brows for a brief moment. “If Long Tianming really did obtain so many spiritual stones, it’ll be hard for us to compete with him in terms of wealth. He’s currently gathering a large number of experts!”

Lu Piao pointed his mouth to the side. “With all three of our forces united, I refuse to believe that we can’t compete with him! After all, the only thing Long Tianming really has is a fat purse.”

Gu Bei shook his head and said, “You’re wrong about that. Long Tianming has been operating for so many years that he’s built up a solid force. It might even be stronger than the three of ours put together.”

Nie Li calmly said. “You guys don’t need to worry about money. I’ll give you ten million spiritual stones later. Right now, we should compete with Long Tianming on manpower. If that’s not enough, I still have more!”

“Ten…ten million spiritual stones?” Lu Piao looked at Nie Li in a daze. In these period of time, he understood how vast exactly ten million was. That was a ma.s.sive sum! Just where had Nie Li found so many spiritual stones?

Even Gu Bei was dumbstruck. He knew that Nie Li was rich, but he never thought that Nie Li would be that rich. And Nie Li was treating it like pocket change!

With ten million spiritual stones, would Long Tianming still be a threat? If Long Tianming wanted an arms race in manpower, the compet.i.tion would simply boil down to whoever offered a higher price!

Nie Li looked at Gu Bei and Lu Piao. “I’ll leave the Demon League to you guys!”

Nie Li had to take the opportunity to cultivate. On top of that, he still had to investigate Long Tianming. If he wanted to get rid of him, then facing him head-on might not work. But if he could grab hold of Long Tianming’s weakness, then things would be a lot easier.

Gu Bei confidently replied, “Rest a.s.sured. With so many spiritual stones, we’re sure to get things done. If we can’t, then we’ll see ourselves out by smashing our heads against the wall.”

After so long, he was already quite knowledgeable about many things. He was also slowly developing his leadership skills and temperament.

Nie Li smiled and nodded at Gu Bei’s words. For a moment there, he saw visions of Gu Bei from his previous life. A man and a sword. Absolutely brilliant.

In this life, under his aid, Gu Bei would definitely reach entirely new heights!

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