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Chapter 404 – Take! Take! Take!

Wu Yazi looked around. Xiao Yu was missing. Even his corpse was missing.

Wu Yazi wandered around and found himself back to where he started. He couldn’t even find an exit.

In the depths of the stone array

Xiao Yu received a fright when someone suddenly pulled her away. She tried to cry out, but a hand covered her mouth and a pair of arms embraced her tightly.

“Don’t make a sound!” Nie Li transmitted his voice. Wu Yazi was trapped in the array. If he heard Xiao Yu yell, he’d find them.

Xiao Yu’s heart relaxed when she heard Nie Li’s voice. However, her face turned red at their ambiguous posture. Nie Li had already taken advantage of her several times. Even though they were last resort situations, Nie Li didn’t have a conscience in the way he couldn’t keep his distance.

Nie Li only let go once Xiao Yu stopped struggling.

Nie Li began leaping from one stone to the next. “I didn’t have a choice. If I hadn’t covered your mouth, you would’ve yelled out. Come with me and make sure you stay within two meters. Take note of which stones I step on!”

Xiao Yu followed Nie Li. She watched his back and something flickered in her eyes. She sighed to herself.

About half an hour later, Nie Li pa.s.sed through the stone array, reaching the other side.

All sorts of treasures floated around above them. Among them were gold spiritual stone essences and artifacts of various grades. Some distance away hung an exotic pearl that sparkled and glowed with a bright l.u.s.ter.

The strange pearl constantly shifted colours and glowed with multicolored lights.

Nie Li’s heart shivered at the sight of that pearl. It was obviously the Spiritual Illusionary Pearl, only spoken of in legends.

The Spiritual Illusionary Pearl is an extremely powerful treasure used in combat. Upon activation, it traps anyone stronger than its wielder inside an illusion. Even though it isn’t deadly, it’s still a special and valuable treasure.

Aside from confusing its enemies, the pearl also possesses other abilities. It was a treasure from ancient times.

The corner of Nie Li’s mouth twitched upwards. This Spiritual Illusionary Pearl was definitely stronger than the Green Poison Pearl.

Nie Li glanced at Xiao Yu. “I’ll retrieve the treasure. You take care of those gold spiritual stone essences and the artifacts!”

“En!” Xiao Yu nodded and immediately moved to collect all the gold spiritual stones essences and artifacts. There were enough items around to keep her busy for a while.

Nie Li quickly approached the Spiritual Illusionary Pearl, which was glowing with a dazzling light.

He felt as though he’d suddenly arrived in a burning h.e.l.l. Flames surrounded him and raged, as if they wanted to roast him into jerky.

“Hmph! Trying to trap me with this standard of illusion?” Nie Li quickly activated the Heavenly Energy in his soul realm and sent it into his Lingtai1, running through two meridians. Two rays of light shined from his eyes and the flames quickly dissipated. Nie Li extended his hand towards the Spiritual Illusionary Pearl.

The Spiritual Illusionary Pearl was much weaker without a wielder.

Just as Nie Li was about to close his fingers around the pearl, it turned into a ray of light and streaked away.

“Trying to run? It’s not that easy!” Nie Li snorted as he summoned his Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting from his soul realm and soared from his hands.

The Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting was entirely under Nie Li’s control!

A pocket dimension opened up around the Spiritual Illusionary Pearl. The pearl tried to break free, but was caught in an invisible shield. Sounds of collisions echoed, but the pearl remained trapped.

The corner of Nie Li’s mouth twitched into a faint smile. He’d already made his preparations. Even if the Spiritual Illusionary Pearl refused to obey him, he had other methods to subdue it.

The Spiritual Illusionary Pearl was a great treasure, but compared to a primordial treasure like the Myraid Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, the difference was simply too huge!

“Take it!” Nie Li extended his right hand and the Myriad Mile Rivers and Mountains Painting rapidly returned to his palm, bringing the Spiritual Illusionary Pearl with it.

Everything inside the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting was Nie Li’s territory. As long as it was inside the painting, escape was only a dream. Once Nie Li escaped the Void Illusionary Divine Palace, he could take his time to subdue the Spiritual Illusionary Pearl!

Nie Li flew on and quickly collected one treasure after another, things like the gold spiritual stone essences. Everything was sucked into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. There were several hundred Grade 4 artifacts alone. Gold spiritual stone essences are over a hundred. All kinds of treasures here are simply a feast to the eyes.

It was an absolutely frightening wealth!

But none of them could compare with the Spiritual Illusionary Pearl, of course!

What depressed Nie Li was the fact that the intent of Void Illusionary Divine Palace seemed to have vanished, even though he was helping himself to these treasures.

Earlier, the Void Illusionary Divine Palace had flown into a rage, just because Nie Li had taken a single piece of gold spiritual stone essence. Now, Nie Li was taking more than that, but the intent wasn’t showing any reaction…

Nie Li looked to the sky and his attention was attracted to several hundred pillars towering in the distance. Each one was tens of meters in height and filled with all kinds of inscription patterns. Those mottled traces testified that they had stood for millions of years!

Nie Li frowned when he saw those pillars. They formed a great and ma.s.sive array!

Even though he couldn’t tell exactly how powerful it was, he was certain that it wasn’t an ordinary array!

Even a Dao of Dragon or Martial Ancestor Realm expert would suffer a catastrophe if they entered!

The array floated in the sky, roughly several hundred meters in radius.

“I haven’t clearly studied this array, but I’ll go ahead and take it!” Nie Li extended his right hand and the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting shot forward. It turned into a screen of light and shrouded the ma.s.sive array.

With a *Woosh!*, Nie Li swept the entire array into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Nie Li thought to himself, ‘Wait until I’ve finished with that array. Who knows? It might contain some miraculous usage to it! ‘

Now that he’d finished taking the array, he continued scanning the skyline.

A multicoloured light that could penetrate a thousand fathoms attracted Nie Li’s eye. A ma.s.sive and majestic palace appeared in Nie Li’s line of sight.

Nie Li flew towards the majestic palace. It was a perfect miniature replica of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. Everything was exactly the same, only much smaller. The model only occupied a few thousand meters squared. The palace itself was only a few meters tall.

Nie Li thought to himself, ’This must be the Void Illusionary Divine Palace’s core!’ Although he had no idea what it really know what it was, but he’ll take it first and study it later!

The Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting once again flew out of his hands!


Google “Lingtai acupuncture points” for an idea of it.

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