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Chapter 400 – Broken Array?

Nie Li narrowed his eyes. It looked like the Holy Son Li Huo really had noticed something.

Yan Yang also seemed to have noticed something, too.

Truly, these Holy Sons of major sects weren’t ordinary people.

The Holy Son Li Huo wrinkled his brows as he studied the inscription patterns on the statues. However, Li Huo clearly couldn’t work as fast as Nie Li. He stayed before the first statue for a long time without moving a step.

Of course the Holy Son Li Huo’s knowledge on inscription patterns couldn’t match Nie Li’s.

Nie Li had spent a large amount of time studying inside the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. The various inscription patterns in that book weren’t things that others could match up to.

There was no way the Holy Son Li Huo could break this inscription pattern array in under half a month!

Venerable G.o.dthunder waited impatiently on the sidelines, then leapt forward and resumed fighting over the Ganges Crystals. He didn’t know why the Holy Sons Yan Yang and Li Huo had stopped, but he didn’t care anymore. Doesn’t matter if they are useful, he’d go ahead and take them for himself!

One of Yan Yang’s subordinates asked him, “Holy Son, what should we do next? Should we continue waiting?”

Yan Yang looked at Li Huo, who was standing some distance away. After a brief pause, Yan Yang replied, “We’ll search other places. For now, there’s no need to fight for Ganges Crystals!”

On the other hand, Venerable G.o.dthunder continued fighting for the Ganges Crystals, and ma.s.sacred without restraint. If Yan Yang and his men joined the fight, there was no way they could avoid a fight with Venerable G.o.dthunder. If that happened, then they’d suffer great casualties.

But there was no reason to wait here, either.

It’d be better to first search the Void Illusionary Divine Palace for other treasures.

Suddenly, a dark voice echoed throughout the Void Illusionary Divine Palace, “Since you’ve come to my Void Illusionary Divine Palace, then you must follow the rules. Don’t blame me for being impolite towards those who break my rules. To those who’ve barged into the back hall — get out! Only death awaits!”

The Void Illusionary Divine Palace started violently shaking, as if doomsday had arrived.

Nie Li didn’t know what the Void Illusionary Divine Palace was trying to do, but he sensed that it was afraid that someone would break the inscription pattern array. It wanted to stop them at all costs!

Nie Li didn’t know exactly what the Void Illusionary Divine Palace was going to, but he sensed an unseen pressure bearing down on him. The Void Illusionary Divine Palace must have activated some powerful array — this bloodl.u.s.t was just too powerful. If this continued, then everyone standing in the back hall would be killed!

The Holy Son Li Huo, the Holy Son Yan Yang, and Venerable G.o.dthunder all stopped their movements. It looked like the Void Illusionary Divine Palace didn’t want them in the back hall; it’s very likely that there was something valuable concealed here. But with their personalities, there was no way they’d leave now.

Everyone of the Skyblaze Sect looked at Yan Yang. “Holy Son, what should we do?”

Yan Yang commanded, “Obey my orders. Prepare to retreat at a moment’s notice. But for that, we will wait!” His eyes fell onto the Holy Son Li Huo.

The Holy Son Li Huo’s expression was unreadable. He sensed that these statues held some sort of secret, but he couldn’t solve it in only a short amount of time. But if he stayed here too long, then that frighteningly murderous aura would kill him.

However, he wasn’t willing to leave, just like that.

If there really was a great treasure concealed within the Void Illusionary Divine Palace, then he’d make sure that none of it would fall into anyone else’s hands.

Nie Li swept his eyes past Li Huo, Yan Yang, and Venerable G.o.dthunder. Their forces perfectly balanced each other. Something flickered in Nie Li’s eyes. Maybe he’d take the risk!

Nie Li transmitted his voice over to Wu Yazi. “Could the Holy Son Li Huo see through the Demon Blood Sacrificial on me?”

Wu Yazi glanced back at Nie Li, unsure of what he was planning. “No, not under normal circ.u.mstances. If the Demon Blood Sacrifice was that easy to see through, then it wouldn’t be called the Demon Blood Sacrifice. Not unless the Holy Son has some sort of special divine artifact!”

“In that case, let’s risk it!” Nie Li stepped up.

Li Huo, Yan Yang, and Venerable G.o.dthunder were torn on whether or not they should leave. At that moment, Nie Li spoke up. “I can break the inscription pattern array!”

All eyes gathered on Nie Li.

“A Heavenly Fate Realm claims he can break the inscription patterns array?”

The majority of expressions were doubtful.

After all, even the Holy Son Li Huo hadn’t been able to figure it out, even though he’d spent so long pondering over it.

Meanwhile, Yan Yang and Venerable G.o.dthunder studied him.

As Yan Yang looked upon this demonic youth, he was suddenly reminded of a certain event during the exchange between sects. That one absolutely brilliant youth. Sometimes, a person’s knowledge and experience had nothing to do with their age or cultivation.

The Holy Son Li Huo looked at Nie Li in silence.

Holy Son Li Huo’s gaze fell onto Nie Li as he went silent for a moment.

Then he said, “Do it!” as he stepped aside.

Nie Li looked over the three of them and replied, “I’m certain that the intent of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace doesn’t want us to open this inscription pattern array. It’s probably prepared a few methods to deal with us. I have one request; please put down your grudges for the time being!”

“No problem!” Venerable G.o.dthunder shrugged. Either way, he was only there for the treasures and didn’t care about the people present.

Yan Yang glanced at Li Huo. Although he was on guard, he also understood that there was nothing he could do to the Holy Son Li Huo.

“I don’t have a problem with it, either!” Yan Yang said calmly.

“I won’t fight them. That’s all!” the Holy Son Li Huo indifferently replied.

Nie Li knew that total cooperation was impossible for those three, but he’d already planned ahead. He didn’t know whether they’d start fighting, but at least, they had no reason to fight him. Nie Li wasn’t a threat to them; on the contrary, he might even open the protective mechanisms of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace!

Nie Li quickly studied the array.

Before Li Huo’s party had arrived, Nie Li had already studied the inscription patterns of the first three statues. As they fought, Nie Li had finished studying another five. He’d already figured out where the critical point was!

Now, all he had to do was open the array!

However, it wasn’t a good idea to open the array right in front of those three, that was like asking a tiger for its hide!

Nie Li transmitted his voice to Xiao Yu. “If you get a chance, try to escape. I might die, but I can just revive back in the Soul Hall. I just don’t want to get you caught up in this, too!

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