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Chapter 391 – Spiritual Void Wall

They walked for another several hundred meters before they finally reached a set of stairs and headed up.

The trio slowly ascended the flight of steps and entered a majestic hall.

This hall was several hundred meters in radius, and extremely s.p.a.cious without a single stone pillar in sight. At the other end of the hall was a mysterious mural depicting a fierce demon beast and a shirtless human in intense combat. Behind them was a vast starry sky where a pair of eyes calmly observed everything.

Nie Li stared at the painting. It wasn’t the demon beast or the human that caught his attention; it was the eyes in the starry sky. An existence akin to the king of G.o.ds.

Even though it was only a mural, Nie Li felt a ma.s.sive pressure bearing down on him, so heavy that it nearly stopped his breathing.

Even though it was just a pair of eyes, Nie Li knew that they belonged to the Sage Emperor.

Some people claimed that the Sage Emperor wasn’t all that powerful. However, countless numbers of supreme experts had challenged him in the past tens of thousands of years; yet the Sage Emperor still stands, while those supreme experts vanished.

This so-called endless realm of s.p.a.ce and time was completely under the Sage Emperor’s control.

No one could threaten his absolute authority.

In Nie Li’s previous life, the Sage Emperor had incited a ma.s.sacre right after the destruction of the Ancestral G.o.d Land. The Draconic Ruins Realm were slaughtered until there were only a few hundred thousand people left alive. Countless experts gathered from the four corners in an attempt to defeat the Sage Emperor, but they all perished. However, back then, Nie Li had single-handedly torn through the limits of humanity and obtained the G.o.dlike power that allowed him to fight on par with the Sage Emperor. Even so, he still died by the Sage Emperor’s hands.

If it hadn’t been for the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, Nie Li would’ve turned to ashes long ago.

“What’s with those eyes? I’m only looking at them, but I can still feel a frightening pressure, like thousands of fine needles p.r.i.c.king my skin.” Xiao Yu asked Nie Li in a soft voice.

“Are you asking about those eyes? Those belong to the great G.o.d Ancestor!” Wu Yazi smiled. “He’s the almighty ruler of the ancestral Demonic Saint Land and the most sincerely worshipped amongst our demon clans. There’s no human who could ever compare to our G.o.d Ancestor!”

Nie Li’s brows slightly twitched. The demon clans worshipped the Sage Emperor; however, the Sage Emperor probably didn’t care about the demons in the least. They were nothing but tools to him. But even if Nie Li told them that, none of the demons would ever believe him.

He had no idea why such a painting would be inside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace.

Nie Li thought about everything that the Sage Emperor had done, back in his previous life, and unconsciously clenched his fist so hard that veins popped out from his arm. Indeed, confronting the Sage Emperor wasn’t an easy feat.

Therefore, Nie Li would slowly lay down his plans over the next two hundred years. He wouldn’t be rushing into things as he’d done in his previous life.

A single crystal jade wall, five or six meters tall, stood in the center of the main hall. The jade wall was sparkling and translucent as illusions flowed off its surface in rays of multicoloured lights. It was a truly magnificent and dazzling sight.

Over a hundred experts, both human and demon, sat cross-legged on the ground, staring at the crystal jade wall that loomed above them. Each had an expression of strenuous pondering.

Wu Yazi was surprised by the sight. “Why are there so many people in here?”

There were some Heavenly Star, Heavenly Axis, and even Dao of Dragon Realm experts mixed in the crowd. But for some reason, all of them were quietly seated under the crystal jade walls, thinking hard over something.

How did these people get here?

To Nie Li’s best guess, these experts had entered the palace during previous events. However, after entering, they became trapped as they tried to comprehend the crystal jade wall before them.

This crystal jade wall was a Spiritual Void Wall. Only by deciphering the puzzle on the wall could they gain access to the true interior of the Void Illusionary Array!

Nie Li and co. continued forward towards the crystal jade wall, until they were within fifty meters of it. They sensed no changes to their cultivation, but the three of them suddenly realised that the Heavenly Energy within their bodies had become stagnant, as though they had frozen over.

If they got too close to the crystal jade wall, they’d lose all of their combat abilities!

So that’s why all those humans and demons could sit there peacefully, without any sort of conflict.

The other experts only briefly afforded a glance to the newcomer trio, before returning their attentions to the puzzle on the crystal jade wall.

Wu Yazi was astounded by the scene. What could possibly keep all these experts in such a place for so long?

He too, sat down and raised his head towards the crystal jade wall above him. Inscribed on its surface was a set of mysterious inscription patterns, as well as some chants. The latter attracted his attention.

Could it be a record of some amazing cultivation technique?

Wu Yazi instantly showed an expression of deep contemplation as he beheld the crystal jade wall before him.

Nie Li was rather surprised by Wu Yazi’s actions, and copied him. He also sat cross-legged on the floor and prepared to comprehend the Spiritual Void Wall before him.

Xiao Yu also lowered herself down, next to Nie Li.

A demon clan youth sitting nearby glanced up and asked, “Which sect are you guys from? I haven’t seen a new demon for a while now. I wonder how many years it’s been?”

He’d apparently mistaken Nie Li and Xiao Yu to be demon clan members, as well.

“We’re from the Demon G.o.d’s Sect.” Nie Li replied, since they were still disguised as demons.

“I’m from the Demon G.o.d’s Sect, too!” Excitement reflected on that demon clan youth’s face.

“How long have you been comprehending this crystal jade wall for?” Nie Li asked that demon clan youth.

“I don’t know myself, but I’d say at least six years. It’s a pity that I’m not very bright. I still can’t comprehend the profound intent on this crystal jade wall!” he replied as he shook his head. The corner of his mouth curled into a smile. “However, my cultivation speed is extremely fast in this place. I was originally a 1-stage Heavenly Axis Realm, but I’m already a 3-stage!”

His cultivation had risen two stages in six years; under normal circ.u.mstances, that’d be extremely fast. No wonder he’d stayed here for six years, reluctant to leave.

It wasn’t just this demon clan youth; the others were also unwilling to leave.

Wu Yazi pulled his eyes away from the crystal jade wall. “I wonder what this Senior Brother’s name is?”

The demon clan youth smiled as he replied, “Zhen Yuan.”

“Senior Brother Zhen Yuan, could I ask what’s recorded on this crystal jade wall?” Wu Yazi probed. He sensed that the chants were extraordinary, so he wanted to gather some information to avoid missteps.

“It’s the record of an extraordinary cultivation technique that probably belonged to the owner of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. If you can comprehend a tenth, or two-tenths, then you’d be the strongest expert in your entire region!” Zhen Yuan sighed. “I grew from 1-stage to 3-stage Heavenly Axis Realm just by comprehending one verse of the chant. If only I could comprehend more of it… *sigh*”

Wu Yazi’s heart skipped a beat at Zhen Yuan’s words in excitement. If that was true, then this was truly an extraordinary find!

Wu Yazi didn’t know what kind of existence the owner of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace was, but he knew that they must’ve been some supreme expert who surpa.s.sed their imaginations. He or she definitely couldn’t have been a simple person, if they could afford leave behind such an extraordinary cultivation technique!

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