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Chapter 389 – Holy Son Li Huo

Hordes of people charged the side chamber.

Long Tianming and Long Liu were among them.

Everyone charged towards the treasure chests.

Then suddenly, someone activated that trap within the room. With a *bang*, the inscription pattern arrays exploded and vaporized a dozen experts.

*Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*

Numerous chains, woven from inscription patterns, snaked towards the experts.

In the next instant, the trap caught another dozen people.

“Young Master, be careful!” Long Liu anxiously warned as he stood in front of Long Tianming to shield him. He’d already been caught by the inscription pattern chains and was struggling to fly away.

Long Tianming scowled at the sight, then quickly backed off. He didn’t know what those inscription pattern chains were; therefore, he didn’t dare to carelessly touch them. He stayed in place as he watched them pull Long Liu away.

Long Liu was just an underling, after all. Furthermore, he would revive.

Something flickered in Long Tianming’s eyes. It looked like opening the treasure chests wasn’t going to be easy.

As all of that was going on inside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace, an army that consisted of thousands of demon clan experts was gathering on the outside. Their leader was a youth who wore a set of Scarlet Flame Divine Armour and was enveloped in a shroud of blazing flames that were so heated that no one dared to stand within three meters of him.

This youth had red skin and an arrogant temperament between his brows. His Heavenly Energy roiled around him in a terrifying sea of blood, and his frightening killing intent could easily suffocate a person.

A demon clad in silver armour respectfully report to him, “Holy Son Li Huo, as of now, we still don’t know who opened the Thousand Illusionary Array. There are over a hundred people inside the main hall, but we’ve still yet to determine the location of the life gate!”

The Holy Son Li Huo replied, “Whoever it is, he or she definitely isn’t an ordinary person, to be able to open the Thousand Illusionary Array. Send a messenger to the army that’s on its way: surround the entire Void Illusionary Divine Palace and complete the seal within half an hour. No one is to leave! For those who try, kill them without mercy!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Everyone else, follow me into the Void Illusionary Divine Palace!” Li Huo ordered as he took the lead.

Back in the various side chambers, the experts from various sects were fighting over the treasures. A Skyblaze Sect Heavenly Axis Realm expert had s.n.a.t.c.hed several pieces and was being pursued.

The Holy Son Li Huo coldly snorted and a troop of flame dragons swooped towards that Heavenly Axis Realm expert.

He was instantly engulfed in dragon fire.

Li Huo coldly snorted again and made a fist in the air. “Only those who are capable deserve to have treasures.”

A frightening and suffocating pressure bore down on that Heavenly Axis Realm expert. He tried to struggle free from the flame dragon’s bind; however, the blazing energy felt like tens of thousands of needles that pierced his body.

*Fwooosh!* *Boom!*

The Heavenly Axis Realm expert exploded.

His interspatial ring flew towards the Holy Son Li Huo.

The dozen experts who were chasing that Heavenly Axis Realm saw this scene and stopped in their tracks. Their brows twitched like mad.

“Dammit! Why is the Holy Son here?”

The sight of the Holy Son Li Huo had curbed their greed for the treasures. Trying to steal from Li Huo was the same as asking for death!

The Holy Son Li Huo swept an eye over them and coldly snorted, “Slaughter the ones from the six Divine clans without mercy. For the ones from the Demon G.o.d’s Sect, search their interspatial rings. Kill the ones who’re hiding treasures!”

“Yes, sir!”

The experts standing behind Li Huo spoke as one.

*Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*

Hordes of demon clan experts charged towards the various side chambers.

The moment the Holy Son threw himself into the fray, the combat escalated to its climax.

Li Huo stared off into the main hall and said, “Have the Masters arrived?”

One of his subordinates respectfully replied, “Report to the Holy Son Li Huo! They’ll be here soon!”

“Once they arrive, order them to immediately search the palace’s layout for the life gate!” Li Huo commanded. His eyes blazed with divine fire and fell ahead of him.

“Yes!” his subordinates acknowledged.

Roughly fifty meters away, another army was gathering. This one was from the Skyblaze Sect, and numbered a few thousand people.

“Senior Brother Yan Yang, I’ve just received news that the Holy Son Li Huo has led an army into the Void Illusionary Divine Palace ahead of us!”

Yan Yang’s brows slightly furrowed. “Execute the G.o.dstream technique and hurry after them into the Void Illusionary Divine Palace!”

Aside from the Demon G.o.d’s and Skyblaze Sects, there were experts from several other forces, who also hurried into the Void Illusionary Divine Palace.

On the secret path to the main hall

Nie Li and Xiao Yu walked along with light steps, while Wu Yazi was blood-soaked and brandishing his sword.

This secret path was filled with Blackwater Venom Spiders, all at the Heavenly Star Realm with few at Heavenly Axis Realm. There’d been so many of them that Wu Yazi was about to collapse from exhaustion.

But even then, there were still more patches of Blackwater Venom Spiders that blocked their way. And the end of the path was still nowhere in sight.

“Nie Li, are you sure we didn’t take a wrong turn somewhere? Are we on the wrong path?” Wu Yazi asked gloomily as he continued to wave his sword and slaughter the spiders that pounced on them.

“I’m absolutely sure that we’re on the right path. Don’t worry, we’ll reach the end soon!” Nie Li leisurely replied. These Blackwater Venom Spiders were only Heavenly Star Realms, so there wasn’t a need for them to join Wu Yazi in the fighting. Nie Li brought out the Green Poison Pearl and mobilised it. Traces of green gas gathered on the Blackwater Venom Spiders and slowly converged towards the Green Poison Pearl.

The gem emitted a dazzling l.u.s.ter.

Nie Li’s eyes lit up at the glow from the Green Poison Pearl.

“Why do I feel like I’ve become your source of manual labor?” Wu Yazi called out, gloomily.

“We’ve already promised you a third of the treasure in the main hall! I’m doing my part by showing you the way, so why can’t you do something useful?” Nie Li calmly replied.

Wu Yazi considered Nie Li’s words, but could only admit to its truth. Without Nie Li guiding him, he wouldn’t even be able to enter the main hall! Even though he was just manual labor, the only thing he could do was accept it and move on.

Wu Yazi eyed the Green Poison Pearl that was floating in Nie Li’s palm and asked, “What kind of treasure is that, in your hand?” This item also seemed to be a valuable treasure.

“You don’t need to know about that!” Nie Li lightly said.

Wu Yazi couldn’t help feeling crestfallen at those words. Nie Li wouldn’t tell him anything. But the more he thought about it, the more it made sense; they’d just met each other and had formed an alliance of mutual benefit. So, of course, Nie Li would be unwilling to divulge all his secrets.

Nie Li continued using the Green Poison Pearl to absorb the venom from the Blackwater Venom Spiders.

With antic.i.p.ation in his heart, Nie Li brought out some of Wu Yazi’s demon blood and began to lay down a set of inscription patterns on the surface of the Green Poison Pearl. He brought out a gold spiritual stone essence and poured its Heavenly Energy into the Green Poison Pearl.

As a treasure, the Green Poison Pearl was far inferior to the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword; but even so, Nie Li could still use a special method to unleash some of its mysterious abilities.

After absorbing a large amount of venom from the Blackwater Venom Spiders, the Green Poison Pearl violent surged with energy.

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