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Chapter 388 – Life Gate

Wu Yazi was well aware that Nie Li was playing him, but he still feigned ignorance without a word.

Nie Li continued to provoke Wu Yazi.

They opened one chest after another. By the time each person had opened five, Nie Li and Xiao Yu had collectively obtained several Grade 7 Artifacts, gold spiritual stone essences, Divine Scarlet Bloodstones, and various other rare and valuable materials. Wu Yazi, on the other hand, had encountered five puppets.

Wu Yazi wanted to cry, but there were no tears.

Nie Li hadn’t left him a single treasure!

That was too cruel!

If he’d known of this earlier, he would’ve asked to split the treasures evenly amongst them. That way, he still would’ve been able to get a third of it, right?

Nie Li maneuvered around the traps to Xiao Yu’s side. “Pa.s.s your treasures over here. I’ll keep them safe for you and give them back later!”

“Alright,” Xiao Yu responded as she pa.s.sed everything over without the slightest hesitation. Without Nie Li, she couldn’t have obtained any of it, anyways.

Nie Li received the items from Xiao Yu and placed them into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

That way, they no longer needed to worry about losing their treasures, even if they were killed by Wu Yazi.

Nie Li looked at Wu Yazi and said, “Since your luck was awful, I’ll let you open the last ten chests!”

Wu Yazi glared at Nie Li with resentment. Did Nie Li still have a conscience after all, or were the last ten chests just filled with trash? But even so, Wu Yazi’s curiosity urged him to open them.

Wu Yazi followed Nie Li’s instructions, opened the next chest, and encountered yet another golden puppet.


Wu Yazi killed it.

The second, third, fourth, fifth…

All of them had puppets inside.

Wu Yazi diagnosed himself with clinical depression.

He continued on to the sixth chest and was surprised to find that it actually wasn’t a puppet. He peer inside the seemingly empty chest and saw a single piece of gold spiritual stone essence.

A single piece of gold spiritual stone essence…

Tears streamed down Wu Yazi’s face. Why did Nie Li and Xiao Yu’s chests always have dozens of pieces, yet his only had one?

By the time Wu Yazi finished opening all ten chests, he’d obtained one gold spiritual stone essence and two Divine Scarlet Bloodrocks. It was true that these things were quite valuable; however, they were much too inferior compared to Nie Li and Xiao Yu’s findings.

Nie Li pondered for a brief moment, then said, “It’s been a pretty good harvest. Wu Yazi, Xiao Yu, I’ll instruct the two of you to move and close all the chests back up!”

“Why close them?”

“There are still a lot of people wandering inside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. These chests could help us lessen the compet.i.tors!” he replied. There were quite a few human and demon compet.i.tors inside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. It would be worth it if they could catch a few demons.

Wu Yazi and Xiao Yu understood Nie Li’s explanation. They followed his instructions and closed the chests.

The three walked together towards the exit of the side chamber and headed off to explore other areas.

The trio searched through various other side chambers and discovered a decent stash of treasures, which included a total of fifty or sixty thousand spiritual stones. It was an astonishing amount of wealth.

And they hadn’t even searched through a tenth of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace, yet.

All the other treasures were split evenly between the three of them.

Xiao Yu handed all her treasures over to Nie Li, who stored them inside the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Wu Yazi patted Nie Li on the shoulder. “What a good brother you have! He listens to you and gives all his treasures to you! You must be really lucky. Make sure to treat him well!”

Nie Li nodded. “That’s for sure!”

Xiao Yu’s face flushed at their conversation. Nie Li already knew that she was a girl, so why’d he have to respond to Wu Yazi like that?

Nie Li, on the other hand, didn’t catch the possible alternative reading in Wu Yazi’s words. He turned towards the heart of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace and announced, “I’ve found the way into the center! Follow me!”

Wu Yazi’s eyes lit up at that. So they could finally enter the main hall of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace?

The three of them flew onward and landed before a stone door.

Nie Li explained, “The Void Illusionary Divine Palace itself is a ma.s.sive array. The main hall should have a hundred stone doors, and this one happens to coincide with the life gate1 This door must be the entrance!”

Wu Yazi’s eyes widened. “There are so many stone doors here. How could you tell that this one is the life gate? And you said that the entire Void Illusionary Divine Palace is an array? Why don’t I see it?” Even though Wu Yazi hated learning, he still knew a thing or two about arrays. Thanks to his bloodline as part of the Racc.o.o.n Clan, he’d already inherited plenty of knowledge concerning arrays, and he’d already unlocked a good portion of it. However, regardless of how hard he stared at his surroundings, he just couldn’t picture how the Void Illusionary Divine Palace was similar to an array.

“Just trust me!” Nie Li said, as he placed his hand on the stone door, which slowly swung open.

There weren’t any inscription patterns on the door, or anything of that sort.

The door opened to a pitch-black tunnel that led straight into the darkness. A chilly breeze wafted through that made their hair stand on end.

“Let’s go!” said Nie Li as he calmly proceeded through the tunnel.

Xiao Yu immediately followed behind him. Wu Yazi hesitated for a brief moment, then followed up as well.

Over an hour later, the barrier outside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace began to shake from a number of explosions. At long last, the barrier couldn’t hold up any longer.

Without the protection of the Thousand Illusionary Array, this barrier couldn’t keep so many experts out!

Tens of thousands of experts attacked the barrier with various methods, and cracks finally spiderwebbed their way across its surface. Finally, with a *boom*, the barrier was blown to fragments.

“It’s open! Finally!”


Countless experts dove into the Void Illusionary Divine Palace.

The experts charged in herds towards the various side chambers. Since there was still a barrier around the main hall, they decided to just sack the side chambers, for the time being. Soon, fights broke out over the discovered treasures.

In reality, Nie Li had already taken the best items; however, the sc.r.a.ps left behind were still extremely valuable in the eyes of these experts. Thus, they incited fights over the treasures.

Long Tianming and Long Liu also joined the battles. However, there were simply too many opponents; they only managed to s.n.a.t.c.h the leftovers of the leftovers, such as a handful of spiritual stone essences. To them, there was really no point.

Long Tianming looked around and his eyes lit up as he noticed one particular door. “What rich Heavenly Energy coming from that side chamber!”

He flew up to it with Long Liu in tow.

Hundreds of experts from the various divine sects were already gathered at that entrance.

Over twenty Gold Jade Treasure Chests were placed in the center of the hall, each emitting an alluring aura that captivated their hearts.


Chinese feng shui superst.i.tions split the cardinal and intermediate directions by elements. The “life gate” is the southwest direction; of the one hundred doors to the main hall, Nie Li’s door is facing exactly southwest. By comparison, the northeast direction (directly opposite to the life gate) corresponds to the element of death.

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