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Chapter 375 – From the Tiny World

The voice sounded rather impressed as it said, “I can sense the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting from you. I’m surprised that you’ve managed to obtain that ancient divine artifact. Not only that, you’ve also managed to completely merge with it.”

Nie Li received a fright at those words; he never expected Xiao Yu’s father to be able to sense the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting concealed within his soul realm.

The voice continued, “Once my daughter’s bloodline is released, she’ll attain all the cultivation that my wife and I possessed before we died. However, the aura of the [Heaven’s Divination] technique will leak from her body and the Sage Emperor will be able to sense her. I have a request of you: please send her into your Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting before her bloodline awakens, so that she can escape the calamity!”

“If you’re asking me to allow her into the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, that’s no problem!” Nie Li pounded a fist on his chest in a gesture of confidence. “But I’d like to ask, when will her blood awaken?”

“That will happen when her cultivation reaches the Martial Ancestor Realm, or…she becomes the woman of a man,” that voice finally said after a brief hesitation.

Nie Li was clearly stunned by that answer, and a strange expression smeared itself across his face. Well, it shouldn’t be too difficult or too long before Xiao Yu reached the Martial Ancestor Realm.

The voice sighed and said, “The Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting is an astonishing treasure that contains a separate dimension. Back then, there were countless wars and battles over this treasure. Once, two pinnacle experts had risked their lives to conceal it from the Sage Emperor. However, they ultimately died at his hands.”

This is the time and s.p.a.ce of the Sage Emperor. If anything appeared, regardless of person or treasure, that could threaten the Sage Emperor’s power, then it’d be eliminated.

The Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting is one of the treasures that the Sage Emperor wants to eliminate!

The only reason the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting managed to survive is because it’d been preserved by people with n.o.ble goals.

The voice spoke with sorrow. “Back then, countless experts fell in battles against the Sage Emperor. Even until now, the best we can do is to keep him in check. We have gathered numerous experts in the Ancestral G.o.d Land to suppress the Sage Emperor’s Demonic Bone; because of that, the Sage Emperor cannot exert his entire strength and could only use his clone to control this area of time and s.p.a.ce. That clone only possesses a tenth of his true power; therefore, providing us a chance. Otherwise, dozens of nearby realms would’ve already been turned into wastelands.”

Nie Li was alarmed by this new information. So the Ancestral G.o.d Land was suppressing the Sage Emperor’s Demonic Bone. During Nie Li’s battle with the Sage Emperor in his previous life, he’d noticed that the Sage Emperor was unexpectedly weak. So it turns out that the Sage Emperor hadn’t recovered his full strength!

Based on what Nie Li knew, the Sage Emperor had suddenly become bolder with his actions once the Ancestral G.o.d Land’s Holy Maiden suddenly disappeared and the land was ravaged by golden flames. Perhaps the Sage Emperor hadn’t had enough time to recover his strength after the destruction of the Ancestral G.o.d Land.

So, how should Nie Li resolve it in this life?

Nie Li went silent.

The voice took the opportunity to speak again. “The Sage Emperor may be strong, but you don’t have to be too pessimistic about it. There are many experts concealed in the corners of various realms who continue to cultivate for the sake of confronting the Sage Emperor. The Tiny World that exists within the Draconic Ruins Realm was created by a supreme expert before he died. Even the Sage Emperor cannot break its seal and enter. Therefore, many experts have concealed powerful treasures within that realm. If you can obtain these treasures, it’d be a great help to your endeavours!”

The voice continued, “The seal on the Tiny World is extremely powerful; only those who have originated from the Tiny World can enter and exit as they please. Fortunately, my daughter is from the Tiny World; she will definitely be able to help you!”

Nie Li heard Xiao Yu’s father and finally understood the reason for the seal on the Tiny World. So that’s why the Tiny World is the way it is!

What Xiao Yu’s father didn’t know was that Nie Li was also from the Tiny World!

Nie Li wondered about what kind of treasures were hidden there.

The Temporal Demon Spirit Book, the Thunder G.o.d’s Meteorite Sword, and the Nightmare Demon Pot were probably part of that horde. Nie Li had found the Green Poison Pearl as well, but that was far inferior to the other divine artifacts that he’d found.

He never imagined that the Tiny World would be so important. No wonder the Demon G.o.d’s Sect was trying to overrun it with demon beasts and cultivate forces within it!

The fog within Nie Li’s heart gradually lifted as he put the pieces together. So that’s how it was!
The next time the entrance to the Tiny World opened, he’d definitely have to go in! That was the only way he could obtain the hidden treasures within before the Demon G.o.d Sect’s experts did!

Nie Li had been reborn and thought of himself as quite knowledgeable, but there were still many riddles that he couldn’t solve. For example, the mysterious Emperor Kong Ming. Who was he? Where was he right now?

“I’ll leave my daughter to you!”

“Senior, please rest a.s.sured. As long as I’m here, no one will touch a hair on your daughter. Well, if I die, then I won’t be able to guarantee that!” Nie Li shrugged.

The voice sounded like he was smiling as he replied, “If you can hide yourselves away, then hide. If you cannot, then leave yourselves to fate! Now that things have been sorted out, you may take your leave…”

The voice gradually drifted away.

Nie Li consciousness slowly returned to his own body. When he curled his fingers, a peculiar sensation came to his hand. Ample and soft, too much to grasp with one hand.

What is this?


A burning pain spread across Nie Li’s face and a five-fingered mark appeared. When Nie Li opened his eyes, he saw Xiao Yu wearing a new set of clothes and glaring at him.

“Lecher!” Xiao Yu couldn’t help spitting out those words as her cheeks burned.

Nie Li’s consciousness had been inside Xiao Yu for almost two hours now. The seals on her meridians had naturally become undone.

But that earlier, what was that sensation?

Nie Li looked at Xiao Yu’s chest. It was obviously flat. Could it have just been his imagination? Was his head that foggy?

Nie Li shrugged and said, “I didn’t know that you’re a woman. It’s your fault that you dressed up like a man this entire time!”

“You…” Xiao Yu was extremely depressed as she recalled everything that’d happened two hours ago. Nie Li had touched her entire body, but it was true that it wasn’t his fault. She’d dressed as a man, so of course he’d a.s.sumed that she was one. When she remembered how Nie Li had laid her down and ma.s.saged her naked body, her entire face started burning.

“Forget it! Let’s pretend that nothing happened!” Xiao Yu threw her hands down in anger and irritation. She’d been taken advantage of, but what could she actually do about it?

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