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Chapter 357 – The Big Five

This raised everyone’s expectations a little. They never thought that Venerable Flameless would accuse Nie Li of being a spy from the Demon G.o.d’s Sect.

Was the Venerable Flameless speaking the truth, or was he just making it up?

All of the East District’s students were watching the situation unfold, but the majority of them didn’t believe it. Unless Venerable Flameless provided sufficient proof, it was more likely to just be slander. Anyone could tell that the relationship between Venerable Flameless and Nie Li wasn’t very good.

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai both couldn’t help frowning. They already understood what kind of person Venerable Flameless was. It was more likely that he’d flown into a rage out of humiliation, because his plot against Nie Li had failed!

Li Xingyun pointed at Venerable Flameless and yelled, “Actually, Venerable Flameless is the real spy! He discovered how talented Nie Li was and felt threatened, so he tried to kill to him to remove a threat for the Demon G.o.d’s Sect!”

“That’s right, I can testify to that!” Lu Piao stood out.

“I can also testify to that!” Gu Bei stood out as well.

“Me too!” Long Yuyin and Xiao Yu also stood out.

Voices popped up everywhere, enraging Venerable Flameless. He pointed at Li Xingyun and the group as he barked, “You’re just slandering me. What proof do you have?”

Hearing Venerable Flameless’s words, Li Xingyun laughed three times and said, “Then what proof does Venerable Flameless have to accuse Nie Li of being a spy? I, Li Xingyun, can guarantee with all my pride that Nie Li is not a spy!”

“So can I!” Gu Bei solemnly said.

“Myself as well!” Long Yuyin said without any hesitation.

“You…” Venerable Flameless was enraged within his heart. He never thought that there’d be so many people standing by Nie Li’s side. Furthermore, Li Xingyun, Gu Bei, and Long Yuyin all had rather special ident.i.ties. If Nie Li was a spy, then didn’t that mean that Li Xingyun, Gu Bei, and Long Yuyin from the three major families were harbouring a spy?

Venerable Flameless said in a solemn voice, “The three of you, don’t be deceived by him! Don’t you think it’s fishy that someone from the Tiny World, without any background, could make direct descendents of the three major families speak for him?”

Nie Li pointed at Venerable Flameless as he coldly smiled. “Then how can Venerable Flameless be certain that I’m a spy? In these hundreds of years, have any spies from the Demon G.o.d’s Sect ever managed to sneak into the Divine Feathers Sect? Even Hierarch Skycloud believes in me and took me in as his disciple. Yet, Venerable Flameless firmly believes that a disciple of Hierarch Skycloud, your own Junior Brother, is a spy of the Demon G.o.d’s Sect. I wonder what your intentions are behind this? Could you be fighting over favouritism?”

Upon hearing Nie Li’s words, those who weren’t sure of the truth more or less believed him. The possibility that Venerable Flameless was trying to fight Nie Li for favouritism was indeed higher.

“Competing over favouritism? Hahaha!” Venerable Flameless laughed. “A coward like you, who doesn’t dare to step onto the stage, is qualified to compete with me?”

“I won’t fall for your words! I’ll say it again. If you dare to challenge a Martial Ancestor Realm expert, then I’ll also dare to challenge him!” Nie Li calmly said as he pointed at Guo Huai, who was standing not far away. Nie Li didn’t know what his chances were against Guo Huai, but he knew that it wasn’t zero. Nie Li had merged with his Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon earlier, but he’d only used a portion of its strength; he still hadn’t unleashed its full potential.

However, there was no need for Nie Li to risk his life!

Venerable Flameless was a Dao of Dragon Realm expert. To think that he’d actually use such despicable method to deal with Nie Li. Nie Li had to be cautious in the future, and make sure not to give Venerable Flameless any more chances!

By now, the five major figures had already noticed the situation occurring on the marital field, as well as everything that’d happened up to that point.

The five powerful figures conversed amongst themselves.

“Skycloud, this Nie Li is already your disciple?”

“Indeed.” Hierarch Skycloud’s voice raised in spirals.

“Hierarch Skycloud certainly moves quickly. In these hundred years, such a talent is an absolute rarity.” The voice was empty and distant, with a twinge of regret.

“Could it be that Lord Sect Master’s heart are been moved? Just focus and teach your grandson Situ Beiyan!” a flirtatious voice sounded.

“Situ Beiyan’s talent isn’t bad, but he could barely break through to the Martial Ancestor Realm and dominate a single region. It’s too hard for him to become Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect!” the voice sighed.

“I never thought that Lord Sect Master would think so highly of Nie Li. Why don’t we have Nie Li learn under the Sect Master!” Hierarch Skycloud lightly smiled.

“A gentleman would never steal someone else’s favourite. If there’s a member of the younger generation who possesses extraordinary talent and can stand independently, then they must be well nurtured. We must observe this Nie Li!” the voice calmly replied. “In one hundred years, the Divine Feathers Sect will be left to these younger generations to manage; therefore, we must be prudent in our selection!”

“Venerable Flameless and Nie Li seem to have some conflicts. Hierarch Skycloud isn’t going to meditate it?” that flirtatious voice chuckled.

“It’s nothing but a meaningless dispute amongst younger generations. Let them be!” Hierarch Skycloud said lightly.

Aside from those three voices, there were two more auras observing Nie Li. A fifteen or sixteen year-old youth had actually integrated with a G.o.d Level Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon and crushed a 6-fate genius with his 4-fate strength. This is indeed hard to come by.

Just as Nie Li was about to leave the field, a voice like thin silk transmitted itself to him.

“Nie Li!”

Nie Li’s heart shook when he heard the voice, and he straightened his posture. “Hierarch Skycloud!’

“Do your best and fight with Guo Huai. You don’t have to hold back. Don’t worry, I’ll protect your fate soul from dispersing. Several lords wish to see your strength and talent!” said the Hierarch Skycloud.

“Yes!” Nie Li replied as his heart quivered. The “several lords” that Hierarch Skycloud spoke of should be the other members of the big five. Since Hierarch Skycloud had already told him to go for it, a blaze of fighting spirit flashed through Nie Li’s eyes. Since the big five wanted to see, then he’d have to put up a good performance for them!

After all, if he wanted to become the Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect, then he’d have to obtain the big five’s acknowledgement.

Nie Li didn’t know who the big five were, but if he could obtain the support of another member of them, then it’d definitely be of great help to him in the future.

No one else, from the ordinary students, to the teachers, to Venerable Flameless and the two elders themselves, were aware of the conversation happening between the big five.

Venerable Flameless looked at Nie Li’s silhouette as he felt dejected. But suddenly, Nie Li turned back.

Nie Li faced Venerable Flameless as he said, “I’ll agree to the second match. I won’t use any artifacts, either!”

Upon hearing Nie Li’s words, everyone was stunned and looked at him dumbfoundedly. Nie Li’s brain must be fried. He disagreed to it just a moment ago, so why did he suddenly agree to it?

A 4-fate fighting a 9-fate. Furthermore, the other party was obviously trying to kill him.
Was Nie Li tired of living? He was obviously walking to his own death!

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