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Chapter 354 – The Center of Attention

The Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon is considered an emperor-level existence among Dragon Bloodline demon beasts.

Not to mention that this one had a G.o.d Level growth rate!

The Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon’s scales were black, with dark red energy surging violently throughout its body.

That Dragon Bloodline G.o.d Level demon spirit alone was already enough to get Nie Li listed as one of the most important members of the Divine Feathers Sect’s younger generations.

This Bloodwing Saint Jiao Dragon was three times larger than the Frost Dragon Beast. Its majestic energy bore down on the Frost Dragon Beast so heavily that it was unable to breathe.

Even though Nie Li was only a 4-fate, his Dragon Bloodline G.o.d Level demon spirit allowed him to disregard two to three levels!

Venerable Flameless tightly clenched his fist at the scene. Nie Li had integrated with a third demon spirit; furthermore, it was one with a Dragon Bloodline G.o.d Level growth rate! It seems that he’d been underestimating Nie Li; he never expected Nie Li to have so many cards up his sleeve!

Now he understood why Hierarch Skycloud regarded Nie Li so heavily. This boy had so much potential! When he grew up, he’d probably become the most powerful existence within the entirety of the Divine Feathers Sect.

One thousand years ago, before the Divine Feathers Sect began its decline, an extraordinary genius ancestor rose up like a comet and brought the Divine Feathers Sect to the most dazzling pinnacle among the hundreds of major sects. Even after the great destruction, the Divine Feathers Sect still managed to exist.

In the past few hundred years, the Divine Feathers Sect had begun to decline . A few of the sect’s major figures sought the chance to reverse the decline; they desired it’s so badly that they were even willing to nurture a few geniuses. Nie Li had only entered the Divine Feathers Sect a short time ago, but he’d already risen with such frightening speed. It was easier for others who had connections.

Hierarch Skycloud would definitely nurture Nie Li, regardless of anything else. Who knew? He might even pa.s.s the [Skycloud] cultivation technique onto him!

The [Skycloud] cultivation technique was different from other techniques because it was always pa.s.sed down to a single person! If Nie Li ended up learning the [Skycloud] technique, Venerable Flameless would feel extremely wronged. After all he was the one who’d followed Hierarch Skycloud for so many years!

A trace of ruthlessness flashed through Venerable Flameless’s eyes. No matter what, he had to ruthlessly suppress Nie Li before he rose up!

Simultaneously, Long Tianming was also having similar thoughts. He’d already done so many things to climb closer to his goal, step by step. But Nie Li had suddenly emerged and caused sudden changes that it made him feel uneasy.

He definitely wouldn’t allow anyone to destroy his plans!

Luckily, Venerable Flameless had sent people to test Nie Li’s strength. Otherwise, Long Tianming would’ve been in the dark, unaware of Nie Li’s potential and not still placed him with any regard. When the time came, when Nie Li truly threatened him, then it’d already be too late. He had to remove Nie Li immediately!

It was a good thing that Venerable Flameless appeared first, instead of Long Tianming himself. Otherwise, he would’ve had to personally suppress Nie Li. In the past, Long Tianming believed that Situ Beiyan was his greatest threat; now, he realised that his greatest threat was Nie Li!

Situ Beiyan also looked into the distance at Nie Li with a deep expression as he lightly muttered to himself. He never expected the situation to turn out like this.

Long Tianming sipped a mouthful of tea, looked at Situ Beiyan, and said, “Situ Beiyan, I believe that perhaps we can put aside our conflict, for now. You should’ve also realised his potential. If he grows up, he’ll definitely threaten your position as the Sect Master’s successor!”

At Long Tianming’s words, Situ Beiyan shook his head and said, “Long Tianming, I understand what you’re trying to say, but you’ve judged me wrongly. The reason I’m fighting against you isn’t because I want the Sect Master’s position. I want to see, between you and me, which of us is more suitable for that position. If there’s a newcomer, I definitely won’t suppress him. Who knows, he might become like that ancestor and lead the Divine Feathers Sect towards glory! So why should I suppress him?”

Long Tianming sneered, “Situ Beiyan, you must be joking. Are you that impartial? If Hierarch Skycloud says it, I’d definitely believe it. But coming from you, do you really think that I’d believe it?”

Situ Beiyan shrugged. “Forget it then! Anyways, I won’t lay a hand on this matter!”

Long Tianming was inwardly angered. Situ Beiyan was obviously planning to watch from the sideline. He probably wanted to benefit from others’ disputes! However, Long Tianming was also rather helpless in this situation. Even if Situ Beiyan didn’t do anything, was Long Tianming just going to allow Nie Li grow up into his greatest threat?

Presently, Nie Li, who was merged with his Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon, was moving closer to the Frost Dragon Beast, step by step.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

The ice walls instantly shattered when he came in contact with them.

Ye Chong felt a suffocating pressure as he beheld the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon that was approaching him. However, there was a kind of relief within his heart. It wasn’t that he was disobeying Venerable Flameless’s orders; it was that he couldn’t accomplish them at all!

Ye Chong also understood that Venerable Flameless was trying to deal with Nie Li. Luckily, he hadn’t become Venerable Flameless’s scapegoat. Otherwise, as punishment for killing a talented genius of the Divine Feathers Sect, he’d probably have to spend his next life in a cage as well.

However, he still had to pretend to make a final struggle!

The Frost Dragon Beast roared as it brandished its front limbs. Countless ice dragons soared towards Nie Li, who was transformed into the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The ice dragons attacked the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon, each shattering upon impact.

The Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon’s physical strength was simply too powerful; it was so strong that the Frost Dragon Beast’s offensive ability was totally unable to break through its defenses!

The Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon let out a low roar, clawed with his front limbs, smashing it at the Frost Dragon Beast in the chest. The Frost Dragon Beast suffered heavy injuries and was sent flying, until he collided into the barrier at the edge of the field.

The Frost Dragon Beast wailed as he landed on the ground and couldn’t get back up. The body rapidly shrank and returned to his human form.

One strike from Nie Li caused Ye Chong to suffer such heavy injuries.

A G.o.d Level growth rate Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon was seriously powerful.

The spectating students of the East District all revealed deep fear in their eyes. You really couldn’t provoke this newcomer. He’d just entered the East District, but he’d already defeated Murong Yu and Ye Chong. If he continued to grow, wouldn’t it be worse?

Nie Li rapidly returned to his human form. Although he’d merged with the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon to suppress Ye Chong, he’d also suffered heavy injuries, and his Heavenly Energy was also critically depleted. He held his chest and breathed in mouthfuls of air.

Huang Yu stood up, lightly smiled, and said, “Nie Li has won this battle. Since he defeated Ye Chong without using any artifacts, both Elder Nanmen Tianhai and I have recognized his strength. It seems that he’s suffered some injuries from this battle, so he may return and rest for now!”

Nanmen Tianhai had stood up as well. “Yes! Nie Li’s test ends here!”

None of the East District’s students spoke a word upon hearing the announcement. Nie Li’s strength had already been clearly displayed before them. What else could they say?

“Wait!” A voice suddenly sounded as Venerable Flameless stood up. “Two elders, isn’t this ending a little sloppy?”

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