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Chapter 349 – Saint Blood Draconic Falcon

Nie Li leapt onto a fighting stage. Murong Yu also flew up.

Everyone’s attention was now focused on that battle stage.

Without a doubt, Nie Li and Murong Yu’s battle was attracting the most attention.

One was a genius from the previous year; one was from the current. Furthermore, there seemed to be an old score to settle between them.

However, from the perspective of the crowd, this challenge was simply Nie Li overestimating his own abilities. After all, their cultivations weren’t separated by just a little; Murong Yu was years ahead of Nie Li.

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai exchanged glances.

“Nie Li actually took the initiative to challenge Murong Yu. He’s simply too daring,” said Huang Yu.

“It’s unavoidable for youngsters to be proud and arrogant,” Nanmen Tianhai sighed as he shook his head.

They weren’t optimistic about Nie Li’s chances. After all, the difference between those two was the same as how Murong Yu was unable to defeat Li Xingyun.

Murong Yu looked at Nie Li and said in a sinister tone, “Now you’ve actually gone and challenged me. In others’ eyes, you’re a genius. But in my eyes, you’re nothing. Last time, I was too careless and let you escape. But this time, I’ll crush your head into the ground and mercilessly trample you. I’ll teach you how to respect your Senior Brother!”

A powerful aura burst from Murong Yu’s body in an explosion of air.

Murong Yu was already 6-fate, whereas Nie Li is only 4-fate. However, it was still impossible for Murong Yu to suppress Nie Li in terms of aura alone.

Even though Nie Li was only a 4-fate, his strength had far surpa.s.sed that level.

Nie Li didn’t explode his aura like Murong Yu had. Instead, he calmly looked at his opponent. No matter how Murong Yu tried to enrage him, or attack his confidence, Nie Li didn’t see Murong Yu with very much regard.

That was because he and Murong Yu weren’t on the same level!

Nie Li looked at Murong Yu as he calmly said, “Cut the c.r.a.p. Can we start?”

Murong Yu tried to anger Nie Li, but he never expected Nie Li to ignore his words. His jab had landed on empty air.

“Hmph, egotistic!” With a twitch of his right hand, Murong Yu shot an energy towards Nie Li.


The energy turned into a streak of light.

The moment it was about to hit Nie Li, his body faded away.

A miss!

Murong Yu’s pupils narrowed as he coldly snorted, “That move again!?” He looked around, searching for traces of Nie Li.

Nie Li abruptly appeared as a chilling ray of light and slashed at Murong Yu’s neck.

“Hmph, too slow!” Murong Yu concentrated on his fists and sent a surge of unparalleled energy towards Nie Li’s chest.

That fist was filled with explosive energy and caused friction sparks with the air.


Nie Li saw Murong Yu’s attack, but didn’t pause in the slightest. Instead, he continued his slash towards Murong Yu’s neck.

Nie Li was trying to use himself as a sacrifice and take Murong Yu down with him? How could Murong Yu possibly let things go as Nie Li wished? He dodged sideways and smashed his fist towards Nie Li’s chest with that unparalleled energy.

If Nie Li were to suffer this blow, he’d definitely die!

The spectators held their breaths. There was no way Nie Li could dodge that attack. Indeed, Nie Li’s strength was still far below Murong Yu’s.

A boom sounded as Murong Yu’s fist landed on Nie Li’s chest. However, Murong Yu felt a rebound of energy and instantly sensed that something was off.

Something’s not right!

The frightening rebound almost broke Murong Yu’s hand.

But before Murong Yu could react, Nie Li returned to his human form, grabbed Murong Yu’s arm, and with the help of that rebound, tossed Murong Yu upwards. Murong Yu smashed onto the ground like a sandbag.


Before the pain in Murong Yu’s arm had dulled, he was smashed into the ground, leaving him dizzy.

Just what was going on?

Nie Li had only used 3-fate strength, but he still mobilised such power? Furthermore, Murong Yu’s fist hadn’t hurt Nie Li; instead it actually made Murong Yu suffer such a powerful rebound!

Murong Yu still couldn’t figure out what was going. Again, Nie Li flung him up into the sky and smashed him ruthlessly onto the ground like a sandbag.


Murong Yu felt likes his internal organs were about to explode.

Murong Yu still couldn’t react before Nie Li flung him into the sky and unleashed a series of dazzling moves. Murong Yu was sent smashing onto the ground, yet again.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Attacks continuously landed on Murong Yu.

Nie Li didn’t use all his strength as he dealt with Murong Yu. From his opinion, there was no need to!

The spectators felt that the sight was unreal. What was going on? Why was Murong Yu the one getting beaten up?

By right, Murong Yu’s strength should be far above Nie Li’s! But why didn’t Murong Yu have the slightest chance to counterattack under Nie Li’s barrage? Why didn’t Murong Yu’s attacks do anything to Nie Li?

Huang Yu looked at Nanmen Tianhai as he asked, “Is that Nie Li considered to be cheating?”

“I don’t think so. After all, we didn’t put any restrictions on what methods they’re allowed use!” Nanmen Tianhai bitterly smiled.

“That’s merciless bullying!”
Murong Yu suffered another series of bashes. When he tried to counterattack, he suffered even greater rebounds. He couldn’t hurt Nie Li in the slightest! He let out a low, angry roar as his skin turned a peculiar scarlet colour.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Surges of majestic energy burst forth from Murong Yu.

A huge scarlet red wing appeared from his back as he turned into a huge, formidable-looking falcon.

“Good Heavens! It’s actually a Saint Blood Draconic Falcon!”

“Indeed, it’s the Saint Blood Draconic Falcon! A Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary Level growth rate demon spirit!”

The Saint Blood Draconic Falcon is one of the pinnacle varieties of the Draconic Falcon species. It’s said to be the royalty among the Draconic Falcons. Furthermore, a Saint Blood Draconic Falcon with an Extraordinary Level growth rate is an absolute rarity. No one knew where Murong Yu got it from.

“Earlier on, Murong Yu wasn’t willing to merge with his demon spirit. So he was concealing his strength!”

“That Saint Blood Draconic Falcon doesn’t have a G.o.d Level growth rate, but it’s still enough to dominate an entire region! It’s the most powerful existence beneath a Dragon Bloodline G.o.d Level demon spirit!”

“Nie Li actually forced Murong Yu to the point that he had to merge with his demon spirit!”

Murong Yu’s eyes were scarlet red as he floated high up into the sky. His ma.s.sive scarlet wings flapped slowly. With each flap a burst of frightening energy was unleashed.

“I didn’t want to merge with my demon spirit, but you’ve forced me to! Now, I’ll give you a thorough death!” Surges of powerful aura burst from Murong Yu. Fiery clouds formed around him, burning as though they were trying to destroy everything.

The blazing energy surged like a tidal wave towards Nie Li.

The spectators sensed the flow of energy rolling off of the martial stage. Their faces changed. They never thought that Murong Yu had reached such a level. It looked like his ranking was definitely going to shift ahead even more.

Pressured by that powerful energy, Nie Li took several steps back and raised his head towards Murong Yu. This guy finally couldn’t hold back anymore and had exerted all his strength!

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