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Chapter 348 – Challenge

East District

The East District’s quota was full. The lineup had already been decided.

Nie Li, Gu Bei, Lu Piao, Long Yuyin, and another youth called Xue Yu. A total of five people.

Originally, Jin Yan was confident that he’d make the selection for the East District too. However, the youth named Xue Yu had suddenly appeared from nowhere and surpa.s.sed him in cultivation. Jin Yan had been unexpectedly replaced. He was in a rage; however, the matter was already settled. There was nothing he could do.

“Nie Li, I heard that someone called Xue Yu is also entering the East District with us. So, why is it that we have no idea who he is?” Lu Piao asked in confusion. He hadn’t even known that there was such a person in their cla.s.s.

Even Nie Li only knew that Xue Yu was a quiet individual who never spoke with anyone else. He wasn’t terribly powerful either. However, he’d emerged from nowhere, surpa.s.sed Jin Yan, and earned the qualifications to enter the East District with the rest of them.

“He isn’t an ordinary person,” Nie Li said after a brief silence. “Get Li Xingyun to investigate him. In the meantime, try not to incur any grudge with him.”

“Okay.” Lu Piao nodded.

In addition to the five of them, there were others who’d managed to enter the East District from the previous cla.s.s and the cla.s.s before that. Xiao Yu was also among them.

East District’s Martial Field

This was an extremely wide field protected by layered barriers.

Five to six hundred students were gathered on the Martial Field. They were all students of the East District.

A group of teachers were seated towards the front of the field, observing the sixty or so newcomers while discussing in soft voices. Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai were among them.

“We have a total of sixty newcomers who’ve entered the East District. A few of them are actually quite decent.”

“I heard that there are five geniuses from the newest cla.s.s year! Gu Bei and Long Yuyin are among them. That Nie Li is included as well!”

Huang Yu sat in the middle, swept an eye over all the students, and smiled. “There are quite a few 5-grade Heaven Spiritual Roots in the newcomers’ cla.s.s. Furthermore, both Gu Bei of the Gu Clan and Long Yuyin of the Dragonseal Family have integrated with Dragon Bloodline G.o.d Level demon spirits. That’s indeed outstanding!”

If they had Dragon Bloodline G.o.d Level demon spirits, then they’d have a huge chance to enter the Central District.

Nanmen Tianhai tapped the table and the corner of his mouth slightly curled. “According to the East District’s rules, incoming students are required to challenge their seniors to remind themselves that there’s always someone stronger. Let the compet.i.tion begin.”

When Nie Li and his group reached the Martial Field, they were informed that every new cla.s.s of students was required to challenge their senior cla.s.s. Such was the rule of the East District.

You could call it a show of strength. This event was intended to force the newcomers to put away their pride and focus on learning and cultivating once they entered the East District.

Nie Li swept an eye over the other students of the East District. There were quite a few familiar faces. Li Xingyun was there. So was Murong Yu.

Murong Yu’s cold and prideful gaze fell onto Nie Li and his group and coldly snorted. He nevered expect to meet Nie Li and his group again so quickly. Enemies on a narrow road indeed.

Gu Bei gave Nie Li a brief introduction on the East District. “There are approximately six hundred students in the East District. The East District ranks its disciples. We’re part of the newest cla.s.s. The first genius from the cla.s.s before ours is Murong Yu, ranked one hundred thirty-two. The genius from the cla.s.s before his is Li Xingyun, ranked seventy-eight. Gu Heng is from the cla.s.s before that, and he’s already entered the Central District. Only a few dozen people are qualified to enter the Central District. The rest stay in the East District, until they reach the Heavenly Star Realm and become inner disciples of the Divine Feathers Sect. After that, they’re dispatched on missions to various locations. Of course, a lot of people also receive various other offers.”

Long Yuyin, who was next to him added on. She wore a neat and tight-fitting set of clothes as fighting spirit surged from her. “Those who are invited to join the Central District are all formidable geniuses. There’s a requirement if you want to become the Patriarch of a family or even the Sect Master, you must enter the Central District! The students of the Central District are personally taught by the five strongest Martial Ancestor Realm experts of the Divine Feathers Sect!”

Nie Li nodded. He’d already known this from his previous life.

The only way to enter the Central District was the keep challenging the top ten, until they got chosen!

However, those ranked in the top ten were experts who were older. Even Li Xingyun was only seventy-eighth. Of course, Li Xingyun’s rank was back when he had that Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary Level demon spirit. Now that he had a G.o.d Level one, his ranking would probably move even higher. However, Li Xingyun didn’t plan to reveal his demon spirit just yet.

The current students of the East District looked upon the newcomers with smiles filled with bad intentions. Back when they themselves entered the East District, they’d been taught a lesson so miserable that they couldn’t even bear to recollect it. Now, it was their turn to teach the new students.

Nanmen Tianhai’s voice echoed through the Martial Field. “The seniors of the East District have gathered. You newcomers may pick who to challenge. Everyone has five chances to challenge! There are no restrictions to the duels, except for killing!”

Each person could challenge up to five times. The new students exchanged glances. Of course they’d challenge the weak ones. Although they didn’t know their seniors’ ranks, they could roughly sense their auras to determine their strength.

After a few moments, the first challenge was made.

Nie Li, Gu Bei, and Lu Piao exchanged glances.

“Nie Li, who should we leave Murong Yu to?” Gu Bei and Lu Piao both looked eager.

“Let me do it. I still haven’t paid him back for the Ghastly Ruins!” Nie Li glared at Murong Yu in the distance and narrowed his eyes.

Murong Yu noticed that Nie Li was looking at him, and he couldn’t help sneering. He didn’t actually believe that Ni Li would dare to challenge him. Murong Yu’s cultivation was already 6-fate. He didn’t know what Nie Li’s cultivation was, but he figured that there’d still be a wide gap between them.

Nie Li pointed at Murong Yu as he said calmly, “I want to challenge him!”

The students nearby all looked at Nie Li in shock. This kid wanted to challenge Murong Yu? That was unbelievable! Murong Yu was the genius of the previous year and could easily move into the East District’s top two hundred! There was no way a normal student could challenge him. They’d definitely lose.

As newcomers, it’d be enough for them to challenge the tails of the East District rankings. But Nie Li wanted to start by challenging Murong Yu. Wasn’t he overestimating himself a little too much?

Murong Yu was in disbelief at Nie Li’s words. To think that Nie Li would actually dare challenge him. This kid was asking for a beating! Murong Yu laughed and said, “Since Junior Brother Nie Li is having such thoughts, then I’ll give you some guidance!”

On the contrary, his eyes flashed with ferocious rays of light. He still regretted letting Nie Li run last time. He’d been thinking of teaching Nie Li another lesson, but he’d never had a chance to do so. But since Nie Li was serving himself up to Murong Yu’s doorstep, then of course he wouldn’t hold back!

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