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Chapter 346 – Slashing the Price!

“My name is Cai Die. May I ask what the four Young Masters are looking to buy?” A sweet and cute girl sat down before Nie Li and the other three. Her voice softened the bones of those who heard it.

“The Celestial Treasure Pavilion really knows how to do business. They sent such a beauty over! It’ll probably be impossible for us to not spend money!” Gu Bei laughed.

“Young Master is flattering me. How could Cai Die’s appearance possibly warrant such high praise?” the girl said a little bashfully.

Gu Bei once again, showed his colours as a hedonist. He looked a little l.u.s.tful, which made Cai Die’s face boil.

“Enough. Let’s talk about serious matters.” Nie Li sighed as he patted Gu Bei’s shoulder.

Nie Li looked at Cai Die and asked, “Miss Cai Die, I wish to purchase several artifacts of Grade 6 and above. What sort of goods do you have that would fit that description?”

“Artifacts of Grade 6 and above?” Cai Die was slightly stunned. A single Grade 6 artifact was worth tens of thousand of spiritual stones! They only had a few dozen of them in the entire Celestial Treasure Pavilion. As for those that are ranked above Grade 6, they had even fewer. And the first thing that Nie Li had said, when he opened his mouth, was that he wanted to purchase several?

A set of Grade 6 artifact armour was so tough that even a Heavenly Axis Realm expert would have a hard time breaking through it. As for artifacts of higher grades, you could only find them in the legendary G.o.ds Craft Pavilion. It’d be impossible to find them so close to the Divine Feathers Sect.

Li Yufeng sat to the side, acting a little absent-minded.

The girl who sat before him called to him. “Young Master, do you still want this artifact?”

“This artifact is a little expensive. Bring out a different one!” Li Yufeng shook his head and appeared a little embarra.s.sed. The Grade 6 artifact before him cost over fifty thousand spiritual stones. So pricy! If he purchased it, he wouldn’t have very many spiritual stones left over.

“Oh.” That girl appeared a little disappointed as she continued, “If Young Master still wants to see the other artifacts, then Wu Die will bring them out for you!”

Li Yufeng looked up at the walls, which were filled with artifacts. The lowest-graded among them was a Grade 5. His gaze fell on one of the Grade 5 artifacts as he said, “Miss Wu Die, bring me that piece!”

Nie Li’s side of the table wasn’t bothered by Li Yufeng whatsoever. They simply continued chatting amongst themselves.

“Things like artifacts are easily stolen if you get killed. However, if you have a Grade 6 artifact, then even a Heavenly Axis Realm expert won’t have an easy time killing you. As for the Dao of Dragon Realm experts, they generally won’t appear this close to the Divine Feathers Sect. They’d definitely head out deeper in the outside world!” said Gu Bei.

Li Xingyun looked at Nie Li as he smiled, “Let’s hear Nie Li’s opinion.”

Nie Li said, “Since we’re planning to buy something, then of course we’ll buy a set for everyone. Not just for myself!”

Everyone was stunned as they looked at Nie Li. A set of Grade 6 artifacts was worth tens of thousands of spiritual stones. And Nie Li planned to buy several? He was going to buy a set for each of them?

Nie Li swept an eye over the nearby wall, observing the artifacts on display. Then, he pointed to one in the distance and said, “Miss Cai Die, please bring that artifact to me!”

That was a Grade 6 artifact — Meteorite Sword.

“Young Master truly has good taste. This is a Grade 6 artifact — Meteorite Sword. It’s definitely the best among our Grade 6 artifacts. Its sharpness can even cut through ordinary Grade 6 armour!” Cai Die smiled. She gracefully removed the Meteorite Sword from the wall and carried it to the table.

“It’s a good sword.” Gu Bei appraised the chilling sharpness of the sword and his eyes lit up. Since he practised sword intent, he was naturally fond of swords.

“How many spiritual stones for this sword?” Nie Li asked Cai Die.

Cai Die pursed her lips and smiled. “This Meteorite Sword costs seventy-six thousand spiritual stones!”

Seventy-six thousand spiritual stones? Their hearts shook. This sword was barbarically expensive.

At Cai Die’s words, Nie Li smiled. “Mis Cai Die, would you sell it for thirty-six thousand spiritual stones? If you’re willing, we’ll take it!”

Cai Die was momentarily stunned by Nie Li’s words. This Meteorite Sword’s retail price was seventy-six thousand spiritual stones; however, it’s base price was roughly thirty-five thousand spiritual stones. It was the Celestial Treasure Pavilion’s bottom-line for this sword.

A normally extravagant child who could afford the Meteorite sword would start slashing at the price with a pale face. However, they wouldn’t slash it so ruthlessly like Nie Li had. He was too formidable and slashed it down to half price in one go! That was their lowest possible selling price. Cai Die was still unable to snap out of it.

“Young Master, I’m afraid that our Celestial Treasure Pavilion cannot accept this price.” Cai Die pretended to be in a difficult position.

“This is my only offer. If you ask for any more spiritual stones, then I don’t want it anymore.” Nie Li laughed as he looked at Cai Die.

Cai Die bitterly smiled. “Cough Cough Alright then. This Meteorite Sword has been sold to the Young Master for thirty-six thousand spiritual stones!” She didn’t know how to evaluate Nie Li anymore. If Nie Li had offered her thirty-four thousand spiritual stones, she definitely would’ve bargained with him, or refused to sell it at all. However, he’d offered thirty-six thousand, which was within the Celestial Treasure Pavilion’s price range. Therefore, she couldn’t push away such a customer.

Almost everyone, from Gu Bei to Li Xingyun, was dumbfounded. They didn’t know that you were allowed to bargain in the Celestial Treasure Pavilion. And Nie Li had cut the price in half. But what they were even more astonished over was the fact that Cai Die had actually agreed to that price.

Meanwhile, Lu Piao wasn’t surprised in the least. Wasn’t it normal to cut the price by half?

“Alright then. I’ll take this Meteorite Sword for thirty-six thousand spiritual stones!” Nie Li smiled and tossed the sword to Gu Bei. “It’s yours!”

“Thanks!” Gu Bei was extremely excited. There was finally a suitable sword for him.

Li Yufeng was also stunned at what’d just happened. So you were allowed bargain in the Celestial Treasure Pavilion?

“Young Master Li, this is a Grade 5 artifact — Frost Sting. The price is twelve thousand spiritual stones. What do you think?” Wu Die asked at Li Yufeng’s side.

“I’ll offer six thousand for this Frost Sting!” Li Yufeng opened his mouth without thinking. He was copying Nie Li’s bargaining style. The Celestial Treasure Pavilion was making way too much profit from these artifacts; therefore, slashing the price in half shouldn’t be a problem for them!

Wu Die showed a dazed smile at Li Yufeng’s words and bitterly smiled, “Young Master Li, I’m afraid we cannot accept that price.”

“I’m only offering six thousand spiritual stones. Any more and I don’t want it!” Li Yufeng firmly said.
Wu Die restrained her expression as she started to put the Frost Sting away, and politely said, “Apologies, Young Master Li. The Frost Sting’s lowest possible price is twelve thousand spiritual stones.”

At Wu Die’s words, Li Yufeng’s face turned black. Someone like Nie Li could slash the price in half and that girl had readily agreed to it. So why had Wu Die put the item away when he slashed the price?

Li Yufeng was extremely enraged in his heart, but he wasn’t in a position where he could flare up.

Wu Die couldn’t help secretly muttering to herself. This item only costs twelve thousand spiritual stones. As the first-in-line successor to the Ashen Flames Family, Li Yufeng actually had the nerve to ask for six thousand. As for Frost Sting, they definitely wouldn’t sell it for anything less than ten thousand spiritual stones.

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