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Chapter 340 – Ancestral Sword Intent

Control the Gu Clan together?

Gu Bei coldly laughed in his heart. With Gu Heng’s character, ghosts would have to be real for him to be willing to share control of the Gu Clan with someone else. People like Gu Heng, who couldn’t tolerate the slightest grain sand in his eyes, had always seen Gu Bei and his sister as a thorn by his side. Otherwise, Gu Heng wouldn’t have gathered so many people to destroy the Demon League.

Gu Bei looked at Gu Heng and laughed. “I think disbanding the Demon League should be possible. I’ll go back to think about it and give Elder Cousin Gu Heng an answer three days. How about it?”

Naturally, Gu Bei wasn’t stupid. ‘If you want to pretend to be humble, then I’ll play with you.’

A penetrating chill came from Gu Heng’s eyes. A reply in three days? He’d already gathered so many people to surround the Demon League. Was he really going to return and wait for three days? What kind of joke was that?

“Younger Cousin Gu Bei could’ve chosen any name for your force, but you came up with “Demon League”. With such a name, it’s easy for others to think about the Demon G.o.d’s Sect!” Gu Heng lightly smiled as he waved his hand. All the experts under him started towards Gu Bei and Lu Piao.

Gu Heng wanted to destroy the Demon League. Since they weren’t willing to disband by themselves, then he’d gang up on them until they disbanded. If anyone from the Demon League stepped into the outside world, they’d only meet death!

“Elder Cousin Gu Heng is joking. It’s just a casual name. How could it be connected to the Demon G.o.d’s Sect?” Gu Bei casually replied as he exchanged glances with Lu Piao, who was preparing their members to lead a charge out in a different direction.

“I wish to prevent Younger Cousin Gu Bei from straying to the dark side. Therefore, as the Elder Brother, I’ll educate you well!” Gu Heng said. With a cold smile and a wave of his hand, he signalled everyone under him to charge at the Demon League.

There were over ten thousand people under Gu Heng’s control, whereas there were only a few thousand on the Demon League’s side. Furthermore, Gu Heng’s underlings were obviously much stronger than the Demon League’s.

“Kill them!”

An intense battle broke out in an instant and became a one sided ma.s.sacre for the members of the Demon League.

The difference in strength was simply too great!

“Master Bei, Master Lu, we’ll escort the two of you to safety!” Heng Yan coldly snarled as he charged out, leading a group of Heavenly Star Realm experts to guard Gu Bei and Lu Piao.

Gu Heng’s palm energy pushed back and killed several of the Demon League’s Heavenly Fate Realm experts.

“Trying to leave? It’s not that easy!” Gu Heng coldly snorted as he turned into a streak of light that chased after Gu Bei.

Gu Heng was a Heavenly Star Realm expert and had already reached the pinnacle. He was much stronger than anyone in the Demon League. And when he used his palm to attack, the surrounding Heavenly Energy would gathered together and turn into a huge palm force directed at Gu Bei.

Silver lightning poured down like rain from that huge palm.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The silver lightning landed on two Heavenly Star Realm experts, easily destroying them.

From a short distance away, Lu Piao urgently barked, “Gu Bei, careful!”

Gu Heng coldly smiled. Gu Bei was trying to leave in front of him? Wishful thinking. Gu Bei wasn’t even on the same level as himself!

The palm headed towards Gu Bei and countless bolts of silver lightning enveloped him.

With the sky full of silver lightning, and that huge palm coming towards him, Gu Bei felt as though his entire body was about to be shredded.

He was going to be killed by Gu Heng? He felt extremely unresigned to this!

Just as he was about to be killed by Gu Heng, Nie Li’s “sword” word suddenly flashed across Gu Bei’s mind.

Gu Bei was an undoubted genius in terms of his insight towards sword intent. Nie Li’s “sword” word had given him endless enlightenment.

At that moment, Gu Bei felt as though he’d entered into a profound state.

Like a great river, a boundless torrent of Heavenly Energy flowed into Gu Bei’s body. Endless visions of stars appeared to him in the s.p.a.ce between heaven and earth. In the center of that starry landscape, there suddenly appeared an ancient sword. The blade was one meter long, three inches wide.

So this was the endless profound intent concealed in that “sword”!

Gu Bei focused on his right hand. That ancient sword seemed to have its own intelligence as it flew like a spiritual snake and shot towards Gu Heng’s energy palm.


A huge explosion sounded as the ancient sword penetrated the palm and continued towards Gu Heng’s head.

Gu Heng sensed the razor sharp sword intent shooting towards him, and felt that it could penetrate through everything. Just as the ancient sword was about to hit his head, Gu Heng quickly dodged it.


That ancient sword sc.r.a.ped past Gu Heng’s cheek, leaving behind a trace of blood on his face. Fresh blood splattered on the ground.

After the ancient sword streaked past Gu Heng’s face, it disappeared.

Gu Bei spat out a mouthful of blood. Forming that sword intent had exhausted all of the Heavenly Energy within his body. It was a pity that his comprehension towards that sword intent still wasn’t sufficient; otherwise, Gu Heng would already be dead!

Although his Heavenly Energy was exhausted, he couldn’t repress the excited look on his face.

This was the first time he’d come in contact with the Ancestral Sword intent!

Even if he died, only his cultivation would fall by a stage. His comprehension of Ancestral Sword intent would remain and open up endless possibilities towards the future.

“Hahaha, Gu Heng, you never imagined this, did you? You tried to suppress me, and instead, you’ve actually allow me to gain insight towards the Ancestral Sword intent! As long as I have that, even if my cultivation forever remains in the Heavenly Fate Realm, my strength will one day surpa.s.s yours! Do you really think that you can keep me suppressed?” Gu Bei proudly glared at Gu Heng. So what if he died today?

Gu Heng finally snapped out of the shock from that frightening sword intent. However, his heart was lingering in fear. If he’d reacted a second later, he would’ve been sliced open by Gu Bei’s sword intent. He never expected Gu Bei, who was only at the Heavenly Fate Realm, an ant-like existence to him, to have nearly killed him!

Deep denial appeared in his eyes.

How was Gu Bei able to comprehend the Ancestral Sword intent? Why was Gu Bei the one who could comprehend it?

That was a realm that was only heard of in legends!

Gu Bei would continue to cultivate the Ancestral Sword intent. Once it reached a certain level, even if his cultivation remained in Heavenly Fate Realm, he’d still be able to defeat people who are ranked higher than himself.

This Ancestral Sword intent wasn’t something that just anyone could cultivate. Only geniuses with deep insight towards the sword Dao could accomplish it!

Once the higher-ups of the Gu Clan knew that Gu Bei managed to cultivate the Ancestral Sword intent, there would no longer be a place for Gu Heng in the Gu Clan!

“What Ancestral Sword intent? What you did was nothing but a child’s joke that you tried to pa.s.s off as the Ancestral Sword intent. Hahaha! Hilarious!” Gu Heng absolutely wouldn’t admit that Gu Bei had actually cultivated the Ancestral Sword intent. “You’re still far too weak to contend against me!”

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The experts of the Demon League were mercilessly killed, one after another.

Only about two hundred people were left from the thousands who were originally present. Those remaining couldn’t hold up anymore, either.

“I’ll see how much Heavenly Energy can you still use!” Gu Heng condensed another palm of energy and made a grab for Gu Bei. “Die!”

Gu Heng was cautious with his attack. He had his guard up, since he’d nearly gotten killed by Gu Bei’s ancestral sword intent. A surge of powerful palm energy blasted towards Gu Bei.

When Gu Bei saw that the palm energy was about to land onto him, he knew he couldn’t block it. He could only bitterly smile.

Suddenly, an energy wave came and destroyed Gu Heng’s palm energy, sending him flying out with a jolt.

Gu Heng scowled and looked out, to where he saw a white clothed youth standing in the sky.

“It’s you?” Gu Heng’s eyes slightly narrowed.

That youth was Li Xingyun!

Li Xingyun was standing in the sky as his white clothes fluttered in the wind. He, who possessed handsome features, casually stood before Gu Heng. One could feel a powerful and towering pressure from him. Multiple figures flew over from the distant horizon, like meteors in the sky. They swelled to about two or three thousand people.

The entire Heavenly Path League had arrived!

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