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Chapter 329 – Total Annihilation

The outside world, north of the Divine Feathers Sect. Ling Jade Deity’s Lake.

The Ling Jade Deity’s Lake was a small floating mountain with springs flowing down its sides. At the bottom of the mountain was a pool of water that occasionally produced spiritual stones.

The Deity’s Lake would absorb a large amount of Heavenly Energy from the surrounding area and use it to produce spiritual stones. Because there were many Deity’s Lakes around, they thinned out the Heavenly Energy in the Draconic Ruins Realm. However, people could obtain Heavenly Energy from the spiritual stones produced from these lakes.

A Deity’s Lake is similar to a flower or a plant in that they have life spans. A Deity’s Lake that is within three thousand years old is at its prime, and thus its most flourishing period. It will produce large numbers of spiritual stones annually. Once those three thousand years have pa.s.sed, a Deity’s Lake will gradually begin to dry up.

The Ling Jade Deity’s Lake had already existed for five thousand years. At most, it could only produce a few thousand spiritual stones annually. Normally, decently sized forces wouldn’t pay any attention to the Ling Jade Deity’s Lake. Therefore, this Deity’s Lake had become occupied by Hua Ling and his men.

Hua Ling was patrolling the Ling Jade Deity’s Lake when he received some good news which greatly improved his mood. The first was that the Ling Jade Deity’s Lake was actually showing signs of recovery. The second was that Xiao Yu had been killed by one of his men. Both pieces of news made Hua Ling rather happy.

Since long ago, Hua Ling couldn’t stand Xiao Yu long ago. Xiao Yu always looked down at him with a cold and prideful expression. On top of that, for a man, Xiao Yu’s looks were actually even better than a girl’s. Everytime he went out, he’d attract screams of excitement from the girls, which greatly annoyed Hua Ling.

“Xiao Yu asked for it. In the future, when he comes to the outside world again, I’ll make sure that he’s killed whenever I see him! Who let that father of his fight against my father for that position?” Hua Ling coldly snorted, then turned around to look at the Ling Jade Deity’s Lake. This was his foundation in the outside world. Every year, they received few thousand spiritual stones from it. Although that wasn’t a huge sum, it was still a fairly decent quant.i.ty.

Hua Ling had a total of sixty men under him. Every one of them could receive quite a bit every year. Not only that, they could cultivate while they guarded the lake, since no forces came to fight with them over it.

Of course they weren’t the only force from the Little Heaven Realm. In the far depths of the outside world, the other Little Heaven Realm experts also occupied their own Deity’s Lakes.

While they cultivated, three auras entered their perceptions.

A chilly look flashed through Hua Ling’s eyes, followed by a loud peal of laughter. “Xiao Yu that trash still dares to show his face around here? He really is tired of being alive. Did he really think that bringing two others would accomplish anything?”

Hua Ling had a clear perception regarding the powers behind Xiao Yu. There really weren’t a lot of experts from the Tiny world; the number of them in the Divine Feathers Sect was even fewer!

Even if they killed Xiao Yu, there was no one who Xiao Yu could seek help from.

However, Xiao Yu actually dared to come! He must have his head sandwiched by a door!

Nie Li, Xiao Yu and Lu Piao stood in the sky and looked at the people stationed by the Ling Jade Deity’s Lake.

Nie Li’s gaze fell onto the distant Hua Ling.

“Hua Ling, come out!” Lu Piao yelled towards the Ling Jade Deity’s Lake.

*Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!* Over sixty people flew into the sky.

Hua Ling’s eyes fell onto the three of them and the corner of his mouth leaked into a cold smile. “Xiao Yu, it seems like you want to die even more. While coming to get yourself killed, you actually brought along two short-lived lives!”

“Hua Ling, you had so many people to deal with Xiao Yu. You’re too shameless!” Lu Piao’s left hand was on his hip, while his right hand pointed at Hua Ling. “How should we settle this? Are you going to compensate us or will you kowtow and admit your wrongs?”

“Compensate? Kowtow and admit my wrongs?” Hua Ling laughed as if he’d heard a hilarious joke. “Has your brain been soaked in water? You guys think that this outside world is the same as the Skysoul Inst.i.tute? You three fools!”

Everyone behind Hua Ling burst into laughter. The three of them really were ridiculous. Just the three of them would dare to joke around them?

Nie Li appeared calm as his eyes swept sharply past Hua Ling and his men. “You hurt my people. For that, you’ll pay the price. Leave everything you have behind; that will be Xiao Yu’s compensation. If you do that, I can spare all of you.”

At Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu’s face couldn’t help to slightly heating up as he lowered his head. Who knew what he was currently thinking?

“Ridiculous! You demand compensation? In the outside world, the strong feed on the weak. You really are tired of living, since you’re daring to be so arrogant without the strength to back it up.” Hua Ling waved his hand as he barked, “Brothers, send this trash back to the Soul Hall.”

Sixty people quickly surrounded Nie Li and his friends.

“It was you who said that the strong feed on the weak. That being the case, then there’s nothing else I can do!” Nie Li shrugged he coldly stared at Hua Ling.

When Nie Li finished speaking, a surge of powerful aura had locked onto Hua Ling and his underlings, immobilizing them.

It was an absolute suppression through power!

Li Xingyun had sent a bunch of Heavenly Star Realm experts and one Heavenly Axis Realm expert to heed Nie Li’s orders. As for Hua Ling’s underlings, they were just bunch of Heavenly Fate Realm experts. They were totally not on the same level.

Hua Ling turned his head around with great difficulty and realised that he’d already been surrounded by a group of no less than two hundred people. Hua Ling could recognise the one leading them. These were Li Xingyun’s men!

“Hua Ling, it seems that your memory is a little rusty. Boss Xingyun said to distance yourself from Nie Li. Since you guys refused to take heed, then don’t blame us!” Li Hu said with a solemn voice as a surge of pressuring aura bore down on Hua Ling’s men.

Under that frightening pressure, Hua Ling nearly spat out a mouthful of blood as he felt depressed. It turned out that Nie Li had actually brought help with him. But even if Nie Li and Li Xingyun had a little business relationship with each other, how could Nie Li have gotten Li Xingyun to send so many people to help him? Hua Ling couldn’t figure it out; after all, Nie Li doesn’t have any family background!

Li Xingyun’s Heavenly Path League was an extremely powerful force among the armies of the younger generations. It wasn’t something that Hua Ling could confront!

“Boss Xingyun and I have bad blood, so why is he helping them fight me?” Hua Ling looked at Li Hu as he asked in dejected tones.

“That’s none of your concern! Right now, we obey Young Master Nie Li’s orders. All your fates are in his hands!” Li Hu said with disdain. If it wasn’t for Li Xingyun’s orders, people like Hua Ling wouldn’t be worth his time!

“Kill them all!” Nie Li’s voice sounded solemnly. Indeed, it was just as Hua Ling had said. In the law of the outside world, the strong prey on the weak. Countless numbers of people competed and killed each other to obtain more cultivating resources so that they could grow stronger.

These people killed Xiao Yu. As the saying goes, “if you give them an inch, they’ll ask for a mile”. Unless Nie Li and co. return a tooth for a tooth to Hua Ling and his men, then they’d grow bold and outrageous!

Li Xingyun’s underlings closed in on Hua Ling’s men.

In order to avoid danger, Li Xingyun had arranged two hundred people to accompany Nie Li. Quite a few of them were Heavenly Star Realm, while one was a Heavenly Axis Realm: Li Hu.

Hua Ling understood that trying to be humble now was useless. His face went cold as he looked at Li Hu. “I don’t understand why Li Xingyun would help those three fellas fight against me! What I want to say is that the Little Heaven Realm isn’t that easy to pick on. If you guys kill us, then you’ll have a war against the experts of our Little Heaven Realm! Doesn’t Li Xingyun fear the vengeance of the experts of Little Heaven Realm? Li Xingyun is just the third in line successor of the Ashen Flames Family! Making many enemies would only harm, no benefit him while he’s competing for the Patriarch’s position!”

Hua Ling tried to persuade Li Hu, but his words were useless.

For anyone other than Nie Li, Li Xingyun definitely wouldn’t have spent such a huge force to annihilate Hua Ling and risk making enemies. However, this was Nie Li he was talking about. Nie Li had given him a Dragon Bloodline G.o.d Level demon spirit. What could such a small favor be considered?

Li Hu casually smiled, “Are you threatening us? Our Heavenly Path League has never feared anyone before! If you want to start a war, so be it!”

Hua Ling’s last hope was shattered by Li Hu’s words. “If that’s the case, then today I, Hua Ling have fallen. However, I’ll definitely seek vengeance!”

Suspended in midair, Li Hu released palms of energy. *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* Hua Ling and his men exploded and blood rained from the sky.

This was a one sided ma.s.sacre!

Lu Piao was speechless inwardly. After interacting with Li Hu for so long, he knew that Li Hu was absolutely loyal to Li Xingyun and followed behind him like a servant. However, he never expected that Li Hu’s strength was so powerful. Even though there were so many Heavenly Fate Realm experts, they were all killed in just one minute.

Li Hu’s strength had fully suppressed Hua Ling and his men.

Killing this bunch of Hua Ling’s could also be considered taking revenge for Xiao Yu!

“Young Master Nie Li, these are the interspatial ring retrieved from Hua Ling’s group!” Li Hu made a pulling gesture through the air, sucked the interspatial rings from Hua Ling and his men, and pa.s.sed them over to Nie Li.

If you die in the outside world, you drop everything you have on you, including interspatial rings and artifacts. Everything gets left behind and taken by someone else. Therefore, people usually didn’t bring items that were too precious. That’s why the interspatial rings collected from Hua Ling and his men didn’t have many good items inside.

Nie Li looked at Li Hu and smiled, “Many thanks to the brothers of the Heavenly Path League for your help. Since your brothers have come to help us, how can I let them return empty-handed? Why don’t you split these among yourselves?” With a move of his right hand, Nie Li threw an interspatial ring, which contained a large quant.i.ty of spiritual stones, over to Li Hu.

Li Hu hurriedly followed up. “This task was entrusted to us by our Young Master. How can we have the cheek to accept your item?”

“No worries. It’s only right of me to do this. You guys ran an errand for me, so I should at least pay the toll booths along the way. Otherwise, wouldn’t it make me look petty? I’ll speak to Li Xingyun. If you don’t accept it, then you’re not giving me any face!” Nie Li straightforwardly laughed.

Li Hu pondered for a moment, then decided not to reject the interspatial ring. He stored it away.

“You guys wait here awhile, I’ll be back in a bit!” Nie Li flew over to the distant Ling Jade Deity’s Lake.

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