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Chapter 306 – Long Tianming

From Li Xingyun’s expression, Nie Li could tell that Ye Xuan’s ident.i.ty definitely wasn’t simple.

Nie Li knew a little about the Ye Clan of the Skyblaze Sect. Since Ye Xuan was a direct descendant of the Ye Clan, he definitely had an extraordinary status. But even so, what about it? He was only a direct descendant, not a successor.

It looked like Ye Xuan was someone who knew where the lines were, unlike Murong Yu. As long as he didn’t try to provoke Nie Li, Nie Li would maintain a certain distance from him.

Right now, Nie Li was using the Divine Feathers Sect for cover. Underneath it, he had plenty of room to breath, especially since no one there could threaten him. In the future after his strength had fully grown, then Ye Xuan wouldn’t be able to stand on the same level as him.

After Ye Xuan announced his ident.i.ty, only Li Xingyun had the slightest reaction; the others were like they were before, still minding their own business. Ye Xuan felt rather uneasy when he noticed that Xiao Ning’er didn’t even glance at him; instead, she continued talking to Nie Li with a blessed smile on her face.

Ye Xuan couldn’t help feeling sorry for her. The six major sects of the Draconic Ruins Realm were all controlled by powerful families; only with the backing of one such family would Ning’er be able to bring out her full potential. What kind of future could she possibly have if she followed Nie Li? Girls always tend to let love get to their heads. However, Ye Xuan couldn’t get closer to her, nor could he change her heart. He was absolutely helpless in this matter.

“How long are you guys going to stay in the Divine Feathers Sect?” Nie Li asked Xiao Ning’er, who sat beside him. The faint scent of the woman who sat beside him made Nie Li feel relaxed and happy.

“Two days.” Xiao Ning’er was leaning extremely close to Nie Li. She couldn’t help blushing slightly as she enjoyed this close feeling.

“Then come to my place at night…” Nie Li said after pondering for a brief moment. Two days worth of time should be enough.

“En…” Xiao Ning’er’s face was flushed all the way down to her neck and her voice went so soft that it was nearly inaudible. Her face was boiling red, as though she’d been drinking.

“I’m just going to give you a Dragon Bloodline G.o.d Level growth rate demon spirit for you to integrate with.” Nie Li lightly smiled. That should definitely be enough time for him to make another Dragon Bloodline G.o.d Level growth rate demon spirit.

So, that’s what Nie Li meant. Not… When Xiao Ning’er realised that she’d misunderstood, she became so embarra.s.sed that she wanted to dig a hole and throw herself inside. Nie Li was too mean, leaving the sentence halfway like that.

The surrounding observers were dazed by Xiao Ning’er’s shy-girl look. They had to admit that she was so beautiful that they couldn’t help themselves as they stared directly at her.

Long Yuyin didn’t know why, but she felt a little frustrated when she saw how close Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er were acting. However, she wasn’t a wordy person, so she didn’t say anything.

Although she was often being reprimanded by Nie Li, and had recently received a few beatings, she’d gradually become fond of that feeling. No, she wasn’t fond of getting beaten, but she liked having someone guide her like a teacher. It kept her from feeling lost or lonely.

So, of course, she was interested and puzzled when she realised that there was such a beautiful girl at Nie Li side, and that she already had such a close relationship with him. Just who was she to Nie Li?

Perhaps, Nie Li had only guided her a little because he wanted to dissolve the hatred between Long Yuyin and Ying Yueru? In the end, Long Yuyin was nothing to him!

For the first time, Long Yuyin felt such complicated emotions. She was thankful that Xiao Ning’er was from the Heavenly Note Sect and that she would return after two days!

“Ning’er, are you listening?” Nie Li looked at Xiao Ning’er in concern and realised that her head were almost buried into her chest. He felt a little surprised in his heart. Why was there no reply from Ning’er when he said so many things?

“En.” Xiao Ning’er softly replied. In her heart, Nie Li had always been her most important person. It didn’t matter what he asked of her, she absolutely wouldn’t reject him. However, did Nie Li know her heart? Xiao Ning’er couldn’t help feeling a little sad.

A commotion suddenly broke out among the geniuses gathered in the side chamber. A youth wearing a silvery white robe walked in. He was quite handsome and strode with confident steps. Even among the geniuses, he stood out.

“Who would’ve thought that even Long Tianming would come!”

The commotion had broke out because Long Tianming had a special ident.i.ty. Normally, he would be engrossed in cultivating, and would rarely make an appearance. One must know that he was first successor to the Dragonseal Family, one of the toughest compet.i.tors for the Sect Master’s position!

Long Tianming slowly strode as light revolved around him. His aura pulsed and drew in everyone else’s.

His cultivation had already reached the frightening 9-stage Heavenly Star Realm by the age of twenty-six. He was one of the most dazzling geniuses in the entirety of the Divine Feathers Sect.

His gaze swept past everyone and fell on Ye Xuan. He lightly smiled, walked towards him, and said, “Brother Ye Xuan came as well?”

Ye Xuan was a little overwhelmed by the fact that Long Tianming had taken the initiative to greet him. He stood up and cupped his hands. “Brother Long, how have you been?”

Although Ye Xuan was a direct descendant of the Ye Clan, he still hadn’t attained a successor ident.i.ty. There were still many people within the Ye Clan who were competing with him for the successor’s position. However, that wasn’t the case for Long Tianming, who was already the first successor of the Dragonseal Family. Not only that, there was also a high possibility that he would become the Sect Master of the entire Divine Feathers Sect in the future!

“It’s been three years since our last farewell, indeed a long time. Brother Ye Xuan’s cultivation has also grown quite a bit,” Long Tianming said as he faintly smiled.

Ye Xuan bitterly smiled. “Brother Long is just being flattering. Your cultivation is what we should aspire to. Ye Xuan is embarra.s.sed!” Now that they’ve met for the first time in three years, Ye Xuan could feel that Long Tianming’s strength had already reached a frightening level that he could only observe from below. Cultivation aside, Long Tianming’s demon spirit was also a mystery. According to the rumors from the outside world, Long Tianming was one of the few among the Divine Feathers Sect’s younger generation who’d integrated with a Dragon Bloodline G.o.d Level growth rate demon spirit.

After all, with Long Tianming’s talent and ident.i.ty, the higher ups of the Divine Feathers Sect would definitely prepare such a demon spirit for him.

Long Tianming smiled as his gaze fell on Long Yuyin. “So, Younger Sister-Cousin is also here!”

Long Yuyin snorted and turned her head away when she saw him. She wasn’t going to give him face.

However, Long Tianming only smiled and wasn’t bothered by her flippant att.i.tude. He swept his gaze over everyone else, including Li Xingyun, Xiao Ning’er, and the rest. As for Nie Li and Lu Piao, he didn’t know them, so he only gave a cursory sweep with his eyes. The level of aura coming from them was too low, so he couldn’t be bothered to ask. He turned his attention back towards Ye Xuan. “It seems that Brother Ye is busy accompanying your friends. If you have any time within the next two days, please do drop by my place for tea! I’ll get going first and meet up with some old friends!”

“Yes, of course! Go ahead and busy yourself with your matters!” said Ye Xuan politely.

Long Tianming turned and left.

Nie Li watched Long Tianming’s silhouette with a deep gaze. In his previous life, he’d stayed in the Divine Feathers Sect for an extended period of time, so of course he knew who Long Tianming was. Aside from Long Yuyin and the Dragonseal Family driving his Master to her death, there were still many other things that’d happened.

After experiencing all of that, Nie Li was still shocked to discover that the mastermind behind it all was actually Long Tianming. It was he who’d a.s.sumed the position of Sect Master for a period of time and obtained the Divine Feathers Sect’s only nomination to head towards the Ancestral G.o.d Land. After he left, the Divine Feathers Sect broke apart.

In the previous life, Nie Li was only an outsider in the Divine Feathers Sect. Therefore, he was rather foggy towards the sect’s internal struggles. However, he’d clearly watched Long Tianming benefit the most from it all. He had to admit that Long Tianming was indeed a cleverly scheming man.

Long Tianming left to converse with other members of the Heavenly Note and Skyblaze Sects, clinking wine gla.s.ses and chatting. Long Tianming was full of smiles. It seemed like he was rather skillful with these kinds of events.

Among the crowd, Long Tianming was clearly the one who drew the most attention, as people swarmed around him. Several beauties of the Heavenly Note Sect stood beside him with smiles blossoming on their faces as they constantly threw flirtatious glances at him. However, Long Tianming acted as if he didn’t notice, and only smiled politely in return. He didn’t seem to be charmed by them.

Nie Li eyed Long Tianming, who looked rather calm. If they ran into each other, Long Tianming would probably prove to be a troublesome opponent. Nie Li hoped that Long Tianming wouldn’t be his enemy.

Nie Li thought about it, then looked away. Long Tianming probably wouldn’t place Nie Li very highly for the time being.

Ye Xuan was still smiling as he sat back down in his seat. He was rather proud of the fact that Long Tianming had been so courteous towards him. Of the people within the Divine Feathers Sect, even Li Xingyun probably wouldn’t find a place in Long Tianming’s regards.

Li Xingyun depressingly downed another mouthful of wine, then wiped his mouth in disdain.

Based off of his att.i.tude, it was clear that Li Xingyun really hated Long Tianming. However, Li Xingyun’s strength was far inferior than Long Tianming’s. Thanks to Li Xingyun’s wide circle of connections, he’d a.s.sembled quite a force within the Divine Feathers Sect. However, it was still inferior to Long Tianming’s forces.

Nie Li lightly smiled. “I heard that there’s going to be an auction among the three sects, and that there’s going to be some treasures. I wonder if there’s anything interesting!”

“Every time, the three sects will bring rare items to auction. Otherwise, the geniuses of each sect would lose interest, and no one would show up!” Li Xingyun explained. Although he’d been a little unhappy because of Long Tianming’s dismissive att.i.tude, his mood quickly returned to normal.

Murong Yu, quickly interrupted. “Is Junior Brother Nie Li interested in buying some treasures? Every auction has some rare items. However, the cheapest would still cost several thousands of spiritual stones. Expensive ones might cost tens of thousands of spiritual stones!”

Nie Li considered it briefly, then replied, “Oh? If that’s the case, then I’ll go ahead and take a look around first.”

The corner or Murong Yu’s mouth slightly slanted, leaking into a ridiculing smile. Nie Li, this poor b.a.s.t.a.r.d, was thinking of buying? That was simply ridiculous.

Li Xingyun, however, gave Nie Li a look filled with laughter. Nie Li’s replies to Murong Yu were so deadpan. Li Xingyun didn’t know how much money Nie Li had, but according to his observations, he should have at least several hundreds of thousands, right?

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