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Chapter 303 – Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon

The Nightmare Demon Pot was an extremely mysterious treasure with a long history.

Nie Li sensed that the powerful aura swirling within the Nightmare Demon Pot was even more powerful than he’d been at the pinnacle of his previous life. Furthermore, this pot seemed to contain a profound intent. Just by sensing it, Nie Li felt his soul realm frantically surging.

Just who had left this Nightmare Demon Pot behind? Whoever it was, he or she must be an almighty expert to create such an object.

His Heavenly Energy continued to drain from him. Although the vine in his soul realm was supplementing his Heavenly Energy, Nie Li’s soul realm was still being sucked dry.

Soon, he’d lose control over the two fusing demon spirits. However, he was unwilling to just give up like that.

He had to succeed!

Just one step left!

Was he going to fail just like that?

Nie Li’s wild thoughts activated the Nightmare Demon Pot. Suddenly, a beam of spiritual light flashed through his mind.

Perhaps he could gain some insights from the Nightmare Demon Pot?

Nie Li penetrated his thoughts into the Nightmare Demon Pot. Suddenly, a miraculous transformation occurred around him. He sensed that inside the Nightmare Demon Pot was a huge s.p.a.ce that contained boundless Heavenly Energy, like a vast ocean.

Even if you added up all the Heavenly Energy inside the Saint Soul Grounds, it still couldn’t compare to this endless sea.

Nie Li inspected it with his consciousness. This ocean was boundless, entirely without borders. It made him understand just how tiny he was.

The energy from the exploded demon spirits had all been sucked into this s.p.a.ce. However, as far as the Nightmare Demon Pot was concerned, they were mere droplets; they couldn’t cause the slightest ripple.

However, the energy within the Nightmare Demon Pot was as calm as if it frozen, as they are in a dormant state.

Nie Li calmly sat in the s.p.a.ce that his thoughts were at, silently cultivating the first chapter of the [Heavenly G.o.d] cultivation technique. Rays of divine light revolved around him, continuously evolving as they flowed.

“Changes are constant in the Dao between heaven and earth. Great changes have occurred between the previous and current lives. This must be the ‘variability of Dao’ that’s mentioned in the [Heavenly G.o.d] cultivation technique!”

Nie Li had gained a marvelous enlightenment. Compared to his previous life, there was now a drastic difference in his cultivation.

With that insight, Nie Li’s soul realm began tearing as surges of pain washed over him. His face turned ashen pale and sweat dripped down. It was an intense pain unimaginable by ordinary people.

If an ordinary person found themselves in this situation, they wouldn’t be able to endure it. Their minds would have stopped thinking. However, Nie Li forcefully maintained a clear state of mind as he used his Heavenly Energy to refine his Fate Soul.

This was such a good opportunity. How could he possibly let it pa.s.s by?

In his previous life, he’d encountered much more vicious things during his cultivation than this!

Nie Li continued to work on refining his Fate Soul. Although it was an extremely painful operation, Nie Li still maintained his calm.

He spiraled his Heavenly Energy into tens of millions of threads and that constantly reinforced his Fate Soul. With a ‘psh’ sound, a scarlet red Fate Soul formed.

He never imagined that this discovery would allow him to successfully step through that doorway and form his first Fate Soul!

He had finally entered the 1-fate Heavenly Fate Realm!

But why was his Fate Soul scarlet red?

Nie Li blankly regarded it for a moment. Ordinary Fate Souls were colourless. In his previous life, his Fate Soul had been colourless too. However, in this life, this Fate Soul was actually scarlet?

However, Nie Li didn’t have time to ponder it.

Most people would try to take it easy after forming their first Fate Soul, since the experience of forming a Fate Soul was excruciatingly painful, as if their brains were about to tear apart. How could they still have the ability to think afterwards? Therefore, their cultivation would remain at the bottom of 1-fate. Most people had no idea that right now was the most critical time!

Nie Li frantically controlled his Fate Soul to absorb more Heavenly Energy. That scarlet Fate Soul continued to be strengthened; a moment later, it grew to three times its original size!

Nie Li sensed that the Fate Soul had reached a suitable degree and let out a sigh of relief. Continuing further would only break the Fate Soul. He felt like his entire body was about to cave in. However, that scarlet Fate Soul that burned in his soul realm put a small smile in the corner of his mouth. Colour aside, his first Fate Soul had already reached the pinnacle of the 1-fate realm, even though it’d just been formed. Compared to other people, he’d saved himself several months of cultivation!

As for this scarlet Fate Soul, Nie Li had no idea what could’ve caused its sudden formation. However, he could sense that it was much more powerful than ordinary, colourless Fate Souls!

He pulled his consciousness out from the Nightmare Demon Pot. He never thought that he’d profit so much from a setback. To think he’d actually discovered a secret within the Nightmare Demon Pot while inspecting it.

Upon reaching the Heavenly Fate Realm, Nie Li’s control over Heavenly Energy had grown several times stronger. Now, he could forcefully suppress the two demon spirits that had been gradually spiraling out of control.

Suppressed by Nie Li’s Heavenly Energy, the two Dragon Bloodline demon spirits finally completed their fusion and became one. In that instant, a blazing light burst from the bottom of the Nightmare Demon Pot.

After a brief moment later, that light slowly dulled down.

A single demon spirit quietly floated at the bottom of the Nightmare Demon Pot.

Nie Li couldn’t help smiling at the sight of it. Not only did he manage to reach the 1-fate Heavenly Fate realm, he also managed to produce a G.o.d Level growth rate demon spirit, and it was a mutated one.

This demon spirit was absolutely priceless!

Nie Li didn’t dare sell such a demon spirit; nor would he ever want to sell it. Now that he’d reached the Heavenly Fate Realm, first things first. Of course he’d integrate with a G.o.d Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirit!

Nie Li had already thought things over carefully. He’d decided to ask Gu Bei for large quant.i.ties of Ordinary growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirits, then sell those that had fused to Good and Excellent growth rates. It’d also be fine if he sold a few of the Extraordinary growth rate ones. That way, he could earn lots of money without attracting anyone’s attention.

As for G.o.d Level growth rate demon spirits, he’d save them for his friends! After all, if he brought out such items for sale, it’d definitely cause a huge ruckus!

Nie Li removed the G.o.d Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline from the bottom of the Nightmare Demon Pot.

This was a Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon. This particular species still had a rather pure Dragon Bloodline. A Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon that reached adulthood was comparable to a Martial Ancestor Realm expert. Some of the variant species were even more powerful. The Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon that Nie Li had obtained through fusing definitely wasn’t ordinary. Ordinary Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragons had scarlet scales; the one that Nie Li had produced had golden scales. Furthermore, it had spikes all over its body, making it appear even more ferocious than an ordinary Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon. Two exceptionally powerful points of energy surged within it’s body.

The Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon was a demon spirit capable of flight. Aside from having a powerful physical body, it could also spit dragon breath.

This was a creature that stood at the pinnacle!

After so long, Nie Li could finally integrate with a third demon spirit!

Nie Li was very particular with demon spirits. Since he’d already integrated with the Shadow Devil and the Fanged Panda, he wouldn’t hold ordinary demon spirits with much regard. However, he was very satisfied with this particular Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon.

This was a Dragon Bloodline demon spirit with a G.o.d Level growth rate!

Nie Li slowly integrated the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon into his soul realm. A third branch slowly grew out of the vine and connected with the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon.

Ordinary Dragon Bloodline demon spirits were still of the Earth Fate Realm. They required slow nurturing with Heavenly Energy to reach Heavenly Fate Realm. However, Nie Li’s Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon already had the strength of the Heavenly Fate Realm upon integration.

As for its actual strength, Nie Li would only be able to find out in an actual battle!

Now, with its physical body and dragon breath, Nie Li could challenge more powerful enemies of higher ranks! Furthermore, the Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon still had many powerful techniques that Nie Li could take his time to comprehend slowly.

If anyone knew that Nie Li had integrated with a G.o.d Level growth rate Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon — and a mutated one at that — they’d probably go crazy from jealousy!

Nie Li drew a long breath of air as his mouth turned up in the trace of a gratified smile. He’d finally made a huge step forward. Next, he just had to familiarise himself with the strength of this Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon. However, Nie Li still didn’t intend on experimenting with its combat ability, for the moment. He had to search for a more suitable location. Once he merged with his Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon, the entire house would probably explode from his size!

The Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon was an enormous creature that is six to seven meters tall!

Over the next few months, aside from listening to cla.s.s and cultivating, Nie Li also spent all his time fusing demon spirits at home. He used Gu Bei’s connections to acquire large numbers of Ordinary Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirits, then sold the Good and Excellent growth rate ones he produced. Nie Li even sold several Extraordinary growth rates.

Nie Li’s fortune increased madly, from a little over thirty thousand spiritual stones to hundreds of thousands of spiritual stones. Furthermore, he’d produced three G.o.d Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirits, which he gave to Lu Piao, Xiao Yu, and Gu Bei. Lu Piao and Gu Bei directly accepted theirs, whereas Xiao Yu refused several times. However, under Nie Li’s strong request, he ended up accepting it.

After merging with their G.o.d Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirits, everyone sudden became very low-profiled. They rarely showed their faces outside as they secluded themselves in training. Since they had enough spiritual stones, their cultivations also rose very quickly.

Even on the scale of the Divine Feathers Sect, Nie Li’s fortune was already extremely shocking.

Aside from some Grand Elder kind of person, where would an ordinary person get so many spiritual stones? If some regular Elders acc.u.mulated just a few thousand spiritual stones, that’d already be considered pretty good. After all, even if the Divine Feathers Sect controlled many Deity’s Lakes, they still had to provide for the cultivations of so many experts within the sect. When shared among everyone, it was no longer a huge sum.

As all this went on, Gu Bei continued to help Nie Li sell Dragon Bloodline demon spirits in frightening quant.i.ties. Many disciples spent their spiritual stones on Nie Li’s Dragon Bloodline demon spirits. Gradually, the money collectively held by the sect’s disciples shifted into Nie Li’s hands, becoming his personal fortune. That was why Nie Li possessed so much money.

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