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Chapter 30 – Contest of Soul Force

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Chen Linjian and the surrounding people couldn’t help laughing bitterly.

If Chu Yuan were to face Nie Li head on as an opponent, he wouldn’t have been this in this pathetic state. In the end, Chu Yuan was being too conceited. He put his hands behind his back and gave Nie Li three moves, which ended up in him lying on the floor with only one move. He pretended to be cool and ended up as an idiot, this was a painful lesson.

Seeing Nie Li’s harmless expression, Ye Ziyun couldn’t giggle, Nie Li is so bad!

After a long time, Chu Yuan, finally managed to get up. His face was pale and the muscles on his face would twitch occasionally, showing that he’s still br.i.m.m.i.n.g with pain. The laughters of the surrounding people was ear piercing for Chu Yuan. His eyes flashed with murderous intent.

“You asked for it, I’ll kill you!” exclaimed Chu Yuan as he suddenly leaped. He kicked a leg whip towards Nie Li. Although martial arts can only be learnt after becoming a Silver rank Demon Spiritist, as a member of n.o.bility, Chu Yuan still learnt some of the more superficial martial arts. This kick that Chu Yuan displayed originated from the Chu Family’s >.

The sound of whistling wind can be heard from Chu Yuan’s kick.

Naturally, Nie Li can’t use his physical body to confront Chu Yuan. Nie Li slightly leaned to the side, causing Chu Yuan’s leg whip to graze pa.s.sed his cheek. Afterwards, he executed a high kick towards Chu Yuan’s chin.

Although Nie Li’s strength couldn’t be compared to Chu Yuan,his moves from executing martial techniques and his grasp in fighting were much more precise than Chu Yuan. His attacks were all accurately targeting Chu Yuan’s blind spot.

Seeing this scene, Chen Linjian’s eyebrow twitched. Nie Li, this brat is really a monster! He’s only 13 years old and already has a vast knowledge towards inscription pattern while, at the same time, his grasp towards martial arts is also very proficient. Although Nie Li’s moves may seem simple, they are extremely sharp. If he were to be standing in Chu Yuan’s position, afraid that even he wouldn’t be able to react in time. He can’t imagine how strong Nie Li would become after reaching silver rank and integrate with a demon spirit.

Chu Yuan suddenly felt that his eyes lost the target. He was shockingly surprised in his heart. The next moment, he felt a sharp pain on his chin and his whole body flew back five-six meters, and heavily fell onto the ground.

Everyone was dead silent. It became so quiet, one could clearly hear if a needle drop to the ground.

“What’s going on?” someone asked, breaking the silence.

Earlier on, when Nie Li beat Chu Yuan down onto the floor, everyone felt that Chu Yuan underestimated his opponent too much which led to Nie Li’s sneak attack to succeed. However, in contrary to everyone’s expectations, when he was facing Chu Yuan’s attack, Nie Li used only one move to beat him to the ground again.

If it is the first time, that can be explained with luck. However, it was two successive time, how can this be simply explained as luck?

Everyone looked at the somewhat, immature young teen with inexplicable shock. The keen aura emitting from Nie Li was overbearing. It doesn’t feel like it’s coming from a 13 year old teen at all.

Huyan Lanruo looked at the back view of Nie Li, splendor filling her eyes.

“It seems that this sister may have underestimated you,” Huyan Lanruo said, slightly opening and closing her charming red lips, it looked indescribably s.e.xy.

There are too many secrets on Nie Li’s body waiting to be discovered.

Ye Ziyun was also shocked by the scene, but then she immediately felt relieved. The [Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix Technique] that Nie Li imparted to her was more powerful than any of the cultivation techniques she has ever seen. Therefore, Nie Li must also have practiced a powerful technique. Hence, he’s able to leap levels. For him, this challenge isn’t something difficult.

Seeing Chu Yuan blown away, Shen Yue tightly clenched his fist, nails almost pierce into his flesh. Nie Li appeared to be a much more difficult person to deal with than he had imagined!

After being beaten onto the floor two successive times, Chu Yuan felt deeply humiliated. He is a 3-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritist, just his physical body alone is already 1-star Bronze rank and Nie Li is not even a 1-star Bronze rank!

He can clearly feel that Nie Li’s strength isn’t powerful, it’s a lot more weaker compared to him!

However, he was defeated. his defeat is so ridiculous and shameful!

Chu Yuan stared at Nie Li. His eyes turned red. His Soul realm began to operate fiercely, causing his soul force to surge and come out of his body.

Without the integration of demon spirit, the soul force has no substantial means of attacking, hence it can only be used to bombard into an opponent’s soul realm.

Chu Yuan’s soul force is already 376, not far from reaching 4-star Bronze rank. If he forced all of his soul force into bombarding an opponent’s soul realm, it was possible for him to overflow an opponent’s soul realm and make it explode. If the soul realm overflowed and exploded, that would mean that, for the rest of their life, they would be unable to become a demon spiritist! Without a soul realm, it’s absolutely impossible to train the soul force!

Because Glory City is constantly under the threats of demon beasts, all of the Demon Spiritists are quite united. They wouldn’t generally kill each other, even if it’s a duel. They also wouldn’t be so ruthless!

However, Chu Yuan at this moment, couldn’t care less!

“Die!” Chu Yuan declared, a viciousness flashing in his eyes, exposing a grim smile. His soul force was like a tidal wave. It began bombarding towards Nie Li’s soul realm.

“Chu Yuan! Stop!” Huyan Lanruo trembled as she shouted. Chu Yuan intend to be ruthless towards Nie Li. Once Nie Li’s soul realm exploded, Nie Li would become a waste!

Ye Ziyun’s face also paled. Although she said that Nie Li should be beaten up, she still worried for Nie Li in that critical moment. Although this was only the concern she had for a friends.

With the strength of Chu Yuan’s soul realm, he can easily crush Nie Li!

Chen Linjian calmly looked at Nie Li. What would Nie Li’s next move be? After all, it was Nie Li that challenged Chu Yuan, therefore, he should have a backup plan, right?

The surrounding people also gasped while they closely watched Nie Li.

Feeling the surging of soul force towards him, Nie Li’s eye flashed with a chill. Before, when he won with weak against the strong, he used the one point focus method to defeat Shen Yue’s soul force but only because it was only twice above his. However, when facing Chu Yuan, whose soul force is more than four times above him, the same method could no longer be used.

As a 3-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritist, the control over his soul force isn’t what Shen Yue can compare to.

“Since you want to explode my soul realm, then come on!” Nie Li coldly snorted, opportunities and danger always coexisted together.

Feeling Nie Li’s soul force retreat without any resistance, Chu Yuan sneered in his heart, ‘I’ll see what method you still have, die!’

Chu Yuan’s soul force slammed into Nie Li’s soul realm without any obstruction.

Hiss! Nie Li inhaled. That turbulent soul force was raging within his soul realm, wanting to overflow and explode his soul realm.

Although Nie Li had countless experiences from his previous life, he had just begun training his soul force. Therefore, his soul realm is still very small and was unable to contain so much soul force that was forced inside. Cracks began to appear on the surface of Nie Li’s soul realm.

The pain caused Nie Li’s face to pale. The pain of a soul realm fragmenting isn’t something an ordinary person could endure.

Nie Li kept quietly chanting the [Heavenly G.o.d Technique] non-stop and operated his soul force to repair the cracks to prevent his soul realm from exploding.

Seeing Nie Li’s paled face and the sweat beads rolling down Nie Li’s face, Chu Yuan rejoiced in his heart. Soul force is the weak spot of Nie Li, because Nie Li’s soul force is too small! He frantically controlled his soul force and kept on bombarding Nie Li’s soul realm in waves.

‘Burst it!’ he thought, a crazed excitement showing on his face. As long as Nie Li’s soul realm explodes, Nie Li will become a waste!

Wave after wave of soul force rushed into Nie Li’s soul realm. Under the impact of this soul force, Nie Li’s soul realm began to swell up little by little. Every time it swelled up, Nie Li would experienced unimaginable pain. Every time, it felt like his soul realm was about to explode, but with the [Heavenly G.o.d Technique], Nie Li’s soul realm managed to barely endure it.

Cracks would constantly appear and they were constantly being repaired.

Under this terrible ordeal, Nie Li’s soul force was like a steam. It would gather together and would gradually increase.

“What’s going on?” Chu Yuan frowned, realizing something was wrong. Every time his soul force was about to overflow Nie Li’s soul realm,  Nie Li was, somehow, able to manage to forcefully push it back down. He realized he had no choice but to control even more of his soul force and bombard it into Nie Li’s soul realm.

‘A little bit more,’ he thought, ‘Just a little bit more…’

However, Chu Yuan gradually realised that even when his soul force was about to approach exhaustion, Nie Li’s soul realm still hasn’t exploded.

‘How is this happening?’ he thought, ‘How come after enduring all of my soul force, Nie Li’s soul realm hasn’t exploded?’

Nie Li still suffers from the intense pain of his soul force overflowing, however, his eyes gradually became clear and bright. Because as his soul force expanded and strengthened, the intense pain eased a little.

Soul force is a mysterious power, it’s invisible. But with enough practice, one can feel the existence of soul force within them.

Legend has it that soul force is a gift from the G.o.ds!

With a powerful soul force, one would be able to break the limits of the human body and step onto the road towards ultimate power.

In everyone’s body, there’s a soul realm in the depths of one’s mind. With the practice of soul force, the soul realm would gradually become larger and larger.

When the amount of soul force exceeds the capacity of the soul realm, the soul realm would easily burst.

But this is also an opportunity. Not only was Chu Yuan unable to burst Nie Li’s soul realm, it helped Nie Li’s soul realm to expand. After receiving a large amount of soul force, Nie Li’s soul realm grew 30% larger.

“Since you’ve decided to come, don’t leave!” Nie Li p.r.o.nounced as lights flashed in his eyes as he began to close off his soul realm.

“Not good!” Chu Yuan exclaimed, feeling his soul realm tearing. His face paled as he began to frantically pull his soul force back.

What kind of monster is this guy! Generally, only Silver rank, Gold rank, or even above that would have the skills to close off their soul realm. At that time, they would be able to contain a demon spirit. But Nie Li is not even a 1-star Bronze rank. How can he already know how to close off his soul realm?!

Once Nie Li’s soul realm closes off, Chu Yuan’s soul force would be trapped within Nie Li’s soul realm and would be unable to get out. At that time, Nie Li would be able to slowly absorb Chu Yuan’s soul force and make it his own.

Hardly earned soul force from practicing becoming other people’s property, it’s no wonder that Chu Yuan got scared out of his wits.

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