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Chapter 288 – Clash

Venerable Redsoul had no idea what cultivation method Nie Li was using, but he could sense that his refining method was very profound.

Indeed, a genius will stand out from the ma.s.ses. Venerable Redsoul didn’t find it necessary to give Nie Li any pointers; instead, he only observed his student for a moment before moving on.

Everyone continued training their bodies. Roughly a few hours later, aside from Nie Li, everyone had received tips from Venerable Redsoul and had some upgrade.

Before this, Nie Li had been working on cultivating Heavenly Energy. Now that he was focusing on his physical body, he could sense that his physique was improving at an extremely fast pace.

As Long Yuyin trained her physical body, she periodically glanced at Nie Li. Nie Li’s training method was different from the ones she’d known in the past, thus arousing her interest. Her heart blazed with fighting intent. No matter what, she had to erase her previous shame.

She wanted to tell Nie Li that although he had surpa.s.sed her on the Saint Soul Board, he still wasn’t her opponent in terms of strength. She wanted to return all the shame that he’d given her.

The wounds on her body were vaguely aching, but they didn’t matter much to her. It was the disgrace within her heart that was the most unbearable.

She had to return those three whips to Nie Li!

Venerable Redsoul nodded and said, “You are all geniuses who possess Heaven Spiritual Roots; therefore, your comprehension speeds would also surpa.s.s others’. This year’s geniuses have already greatly surpa.s.sed my expectations. However, you guys must still guard against pride and impatience. Keep in mind that within the Draconic Ruins Realm, there will always be someone more powerful than yourself. You may be top-tier inside the Divine Feathers Sect; however, there’re still many other geniuses in the other sects of the Draconic Ruins Realm who continue to train as you rest. Your goal is to surpa.s.s them!”

Venerable Redsoul looked at the crowd of students and said, “Right now, you must familiarise yourself with your own strength. We will soon begin the combat drill. Each of you will find yourselves a partner to spar. It’s best to pick a friend who has strength comparable to your own!”

Lu Piao was stunned for a moment. “Combat drills?”

Gu Bei, who stood beside him, smiled and said, “Brother Lu, why don’t we train together?”

Lu Piao immediately nodded. “Sounds good!” He never wants to train with Nie Li; that guy’s strength was simply a world apart from his.

Just then, a beauty wearing white training clothes approached Nie Li. She had a voluptuous figure, but a cute appearance. Although she was a little inferior compared to Long Yuyin, she was still a great beauty.

She shyly asked, “Nie Li, I was just looking for someone to train with. Why don’t we train together?”

There were a total of thirty-six students in the cla.s.s, eleven of whom were young women. Aside from Long Yuyin who was a loner, the other girls interacted quite a bit. These girls had been closely observing their male cla.s.smates, so, Nie Li was undoubtedly on their radars.

Nie Li was ranked number three on the Saint Soul Grounds and had crushed Long Yuyin beneath him. Such talent was definitely the most dazzling, becoming a delicious cake in the eyes of many girls. However, the other girls didn’t dare approach Nie Li, with the exception of He Yinyin. She was from a rather good family; furthermore, she had good looks. In the entire cla.s.s, she was only second to Long Yuyin.

A beauty had requested for to train with him, that must certainly be an alluring invitation. Lu Piao’s eyes lit up as he blinked at Nie Li. Why couldn’t Lu Piao encounter such good fortune?

Suddenly, Long Yuyin walked over, coldly looked at He Yinyin, and said, “He Yinyin, move aside. He’s my opponent!”

Nie Li couldn’t help frowning his brows for a brief moment when Long Yuyin suddenly appeared. This girl really didn’t know when to stop! Was the lesson he taught her earlier not enough, so was she coming back for more? Long Yuying might possess the Blood Dragon Lineage, but Nie Li wouldn’t fear her in a one-on-one fight.

He Yinyin frowned. Of all the people in this cla.s.s, she hated Long Yuyin the most. He Yinyin wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and turn Nie Li into a dog that followed after her skirt; however, Long Yuyin just had to jump in and ruin everything. Although He Yinyin’s family wasn’t an ordinary one, it was still incomparable to the Dragonseal Family. Therefore, she didn’t dare provoke Long Yuyin.

He Yinyin pursed her lips, smiled, and spoke with a soft tone that would turn anyone else’s bones into jelly. “Senior Brother Nie Li, I’ll take my leave then. If there’s some time after cla.s.s, we’ll chat then.”

Nie Li casually replied, “Maybe later.”

Naturally, he wouldn’t fall for her appearance. He understood that people like He Yinyin were embodiments of viciousness and greed. Long Yuyin may be rude, but at least she was straightforward, and thus easily countered.

Long Yuyin couldn’t help snorting inwardly as she looked at He Yinyin.

He Yinyin felt rather dejected that Nie Li was being so cold to her. She gave one last indignant glare to Long Yuyin before turning around and leaving.

Several girls began chattering in soft voices.

“What’s wrong with Long Yuyin? To think she actually sought out Nie Li for a combat drill! Maybe she has her eyes on him?”

“What are you talking about? Are you not aware of that incident a few days ago? Nie Li mercilessly crushed Long Yuyin beneath him and even gave her three lashes. How could she possibly endure it with her proud character? She obviously went to Senior Brother Nie Li for revenge!”

“Nie Li gave Long Yuyin three lashes? I’ve been busy cultivating for the past few days, so I don’t know a thing about it! Quick, tell me what happened!”

“Nie Li is really amazing to have actually make Long Yuyin suffer a loss!” Several girls discussed in soft voices. “Now she’s trying to find her dignity again?”

“That Long Yuyin woman possesses the Blood Dragon lineage. Since she has such a powerful physical body, Senior Brother Nie Li will probably suffer this time around!”

Long Yuyin’s face was ashen as she stared at Nie Li. She could feel the wounds on her chest and b.u.t.t still aching. This bone aching pain definitely won’t be forgotten. She’ll definitely return them to Nie Li in person! Nie Li had called her trash that only knew how to use her family’s power, so she wanted to prove that even without her family’s influence, she was still much stronger than him!

Venerable Redsoul couldn’t help smiling bitterly as he watched Nie Li and Long Yuyin.

Nie Li was a genius who possessed unimaginable talent compared to ordinary people. Based on his observation, Nie Li’s talent was greater than Long Yuyin’s. As for Long Yuyin, that girl had a prominent birth and astonishing talent; However, her personality was a little too strong and she didn’t allow anyone to surpa.s.s her. Now that she’d encountered Nie Li, the two would definitely clash. Unless Nie Li utterly suppressed Long Yuyin or she managed to defeat Nie Li, that girl definitely won’t let the matter rest.

“In the next Combat Drill, you are only allowed to use your own physical strength. Heavenly Energy is forbidden!” Venerable Redsoul then continued, “The strength of your body is the root of everything. In the process of combat, you must also pay close attention to the movements inside your meridians.”

Gu Bei walked up to Nie Li, patted him on the shoulder, and bitterly smiled. “Nie Li, good luck! Long Yuyin is someone who possesses the Blood Dragon lineage, so she has a powerful physical body. I’m afraid you won’t be her match!”

Nie Li shrugged, “I know what to do!” How could he be afraid of Long Yuyin? Although his physical body was inferior to Long Yuyin’s, Nie Li still wasn’t looking at her with much regard!

Long Yuyin coldly looked at Nie Li. She’d always been proud of her physical body. Although she couldn’t win against Nie Li on the Saint Soul Board, she definitely won’t lose to Nie Li in terms of physical strength.

Battle intent surged between the two of them.

Venerable Redsoul pondered for a brief moment. He was worried that once Nie Li and Long Yuyin began fighting, their clash would spiral out of control and affect the entire cultivating room. He spoke up, “You will be given a three meter area marked by a barrier that I will lay down around you. As you train, you’re only allowed to move about in that area!”

Venerable Redsoul then began to lay down the barriers, which the disciples entered.

A determined expression flashed across Long Yuyin’s face as she glared at Nie Li. “The shame that you gave me, I’ll return it back by several folds! Today, I’ll utterly defeat you!”

Nie Li calmly replied, “You’re welcome to try anytime!” How could he possibly be afraid of Long Yuyin?

The other students had already begun their fights as Long Yuyin simply stood there. She wore an extremely serious expression and her body was slightly arched, like female leopard acc.u.mulating its power and waiting for action. The desirable body hidden under her clothes brimmed with energy. Both of her long, slender legs were filled with tension.

“Ha!” Long Yuyin gave a small roar as her body suddenly shot upwards. Her left leg caused a powerful gale as she aimed her kicks towards Nie Li’s head.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

When Long Yuyin swung her leg, it caused a howling gale.

Nie Li saw that Long Yuyin’s foot was about to hit his head, and raised his right arm to block. With a huge boom, Nie Li took several steps back as he felt pain from his right arm.

Long Yuyin’s physical strength was indeed astonishing.

The moment her feet were back on the ground, she aimed another series of kicks towards Nie Li.

If Nie Li fought Long Yuyin head-on, he definitely wouldn’t be her match. Not to mention the fact that Long Yuyin’s attacks felt as though she was fighting with her life on the line. She was exerting her strength to frightening degrees.

Her legs were very long and made powerful roundhouse kicks. However, regardless of how strong an attack was, as long as it was based on physical strength alone, there was a loophole to winning. Nie Li retreated and dodged Long Yuyin’s second flying roundhouse kick. Her leg whistled past Nie Li’s face.

Upon missing, Long Yuyin twisted in midair and swept a third roundhouse towards Nie Li.

The moment her third roundhouse kick grazed Nie Li’s head, he immediately found the flaw and threw a punch to Long Yuyin’s inner thighs.

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