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Chapter 287 – Physical Strength

Gu Bei approached Nie Li, gave him a thumbs up, and softly whispered in his ear, “Nice job, Nie Li! Haha! To think you actually managed to step over Long Yuyin! I’ve always wanted to be on top of her, but I was helpless since she was so powerful. But it seems you’re far more powerful than that.”

“It’s only a compet.i.tion on the Saint Soul Board!” Nie Li shook his head as he glanced at Gu Bei and said meaningfully, “You should also be able to do the same thing, right?”

At Nie Li’s words, Gu Bei smiled as he shook his head, “I’m confident that I won’t lose to that woman, but crushing her completely is still too hard for me. You’re the only one who’s earned my admiration!”

“The Saint Soul Board compet.i.tion can’t be considered much.” Nie Li wasn’t really concerned about everything that had just happened. Within his heart, Long Yuyin was just a pa.s.ser-by; his true opponent was the Sage Emperor!

Gu Bei chuckled. “That’s already very impressive. The Saint Soul Board is also a symbol of strength! It must feel terrific to conquer a cold and icy woman like Long Yuyin. I originally wanted her as one of my concubines, but since you’re interested, I’ll let you have her!”

Nie Li didn’t know what to say at Gu Bei’s nonsense. Although it wasn’t unexpected, since Gu Bei was a little too unrestrained in character. Even though he was just fourteen or fifteen years old, rumors circulated that he already had over twenty wives hidden at home. However, Nie Li had no idea whether if it was all just an act or if it was really just part of his personality.

“I have no interest in her,” Nie Li lightly said.

Gu Bei was stunned for a moment, then snuck a glance at Nie Li’s crotch.“You’re not having those problems, right? She’s such a beautiful woman, but you’re not moved by it?”

Nie Li was simply speechless. He thought of Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er; if he was going to take a wife, she should at least be of Ziyun or Ning’er’s standard. For a woman like Long Yuyin, Nie Li wasn’t interested at all.

Nie Li figured that there’d be no end to the discussion if he let it continue, so he changed subjects. “Someone from the Gu Clan, called Gu Heng, came looking for us.”

At Nie Li’s words, Gu Bei immediately wiped the sloppy expression off his face and thought about what Nie Li had said. “Nie Li, regardless of what you and Lu Piao decide to do, you’ll still be my friends. That Gu Heng isn’t a good guy; it’s best if you keep some distance from him. But if he ends up recruiting you guys under him, I hope that you’ll still be the same people I’ve always known.”

“I’ve already rejected him.” Nie Li said calmly, “Not only him, we’ve also rejected many others!”

Gu Bei raised his head and looked at Nie Li in astonishment. A brief moment later, he recovered and responded, “Gu Heng is very narrow-minded. Since you guys rejected him, then you must be wary of his underhand tactics!”

Nie Li casually said, “We’re not worried about that. Even if an army comes, we’ll block it with generals. If he sends a flood, we’ll block it with earth!”

Gu Bei considered Nie Li’s expression for a moment before saying, “Nie Li, as far as that goes, I really admire you. From now on, if there’s ever anything you need from me, just say the word and I definitely won’t shrink away from the task!”

Nie Li waved his hand. “We’ll talk about it later!”

Gu Bei was a good person; therefore, Nie Li didn’t want to build their friendship just on mutual benefit.

Some distance away stood Han Jing, Wan Yang, and their groups, who were watching Nie Li, Lu Piao, and Gu Bei with deep jealousy. However, none of them dared to casually offend Nie Li. Their talents were simply not on the same level. Nie Li’s talent already made them feel deep fear; asking for trouble from him was the same as asking for their own deaths!

Nie Li was someone who even dared to hit Long Yuyin!

Venerable Redsoul walked into the courtyard and swept an eye over his students.

When his eyes landed on Nie Li, he paused for a brief moment before smiling. “I already know that some of you have already entered the training grounds. There are also some students who’ve achieved pretty good ranks and shown talent surpa.s.sing my expectations. Excellent! Everyone else must work hard as well. Because of the East District’s maximum quota of five, if you cannot obtain a position this year, you’ll have to wait until next year. Next year, there’ll be even more students joining us from the South and North Districts. Who knows? This might be your last chance!”

Han Jing, w.a.n.g Yang and the rest all clenched their fists. There were only five s.p.a.ces and the difficulty of this compet.i.tion was way too high. Even still, Venerable Redsoul’s words felt threatening to them. If they were unable to reach the East District this year, did that mean that they’d lose that chance forever? Their hearts were filled with agitation. They were all geniuses who possessed Heavenly Spiritual Roots; how could they lower their heads and allow others to step over them?

“During the lesson three days ago, we tried to ignite Spiritual Flames. I wonder if you all practised it when you went home? If you’ve managed to ignite the Spiritual Flames, please report your name to me. Igniting the Spiritual Flames is one of the cards you can use to enter the East District. In today’s lesson, we’ll talk about how to refine the physical body. A powerful cultivator should first possess a powerful physical body; only then, can the body contain a powerful soul! However, strengthening the physical body isn’t a simple matter!” Venerable Redsoul continued, “Now, I’ll teach you guys how to strengthen your physical bodies!”

Upon finishing his words, Venerable Redsoul retrieved several armguards from his interspatial ring. “This is the Profound Weight Armguards; like its name, it’s filled with profound weight. The armguards are divided into five types: 250kg, 500kg, 750kg, 1000kg, and 1250kg. Each of you will choose a pair and wear it!”

Venerable Redsoul brought out a pile of armguards, placed them in front of him, and said, “You are not allowed to exert Heavenly Energy. You may only rely on your physical strength. Naturally, you should choose a pair of weights that are around eighty percent of your limit. Now then, come and take a pair!”

As soon as Venerable Redsoul finished speaking, several students walked forward and picked up some of the 500kg Profound Weight Armguards. Instantly, their faces turned red and they immediately switched stances to better support the armguard with both hands. One armguard weighed 500kg; a pair would weight 1000kg. These students were completely unable to support such weight; therefore, they were forced to stick with the 250kg Profound Weight Armguards.

Only now, after being restricted from using Heavenly Energy, did they realise how weak their physiques were.

At first, the students who walked up were unwilling to take the lightest armguards; however, most of them quickly realised that their physical strength was too weak. Only after that did they pick up the lightest. Only a small number of people were able to wield the 500kg Profound Weight Armguards.

As Long Yuyin walked up to the pile, almost everyone was focusing their attention on her. Everyone knew that she possessed the Blood Dragon lineage, and therefore had a powerful physique. However, none of them knew just how strong she actually was.

Long Yuyin lowered her head and picked up a 750kg pair of armguards and easily slipped them on.

She’d usually use the Profound Weight Armguards before, so she easily found a suitable pair for herself. Furthermore, even though she was wearing the 750kg armguards, one could still say that she was reserving a portion of her strength. Back when she cultivated with her family’s resources, she trained with the 1000kg armguards.

The strength of her physical body was her pride.

Jin Yan walked up and chose the 500kg armguards. He gave a depressing glance at Long Yuyin. He was already straining to wear the 500kg armguards, forget about the 750kg ones. He’d always been a hair behind Long Yuyin.

“It’s our turn now!” Lu Piao said as he walked up to pick up the 500kg Profound Weight Armguards and weighed it in his hand. Although it was a little tough for him, he still managed to wear them with a red face.

Gu Bei picked up the 500kg armguards and wore them effortlessly. He chose to keep them on instead of exchanging them for a heavier set.

Nie Li had also chose the 500kg Profound Weight Armguards and put them on. He knew that even without Heavenly Energy, he was capable of supporting the 750kg armguards, although it might be a little too much. It was better to know your own limits.

After all, in terms of physical strength alone, Nie Li was a little inferior to Long Yuyin, who possessed the Blood Dragon lineage. With that bloodline alone, she was as strong as a 2-fate Heavenly Fate Realm expert.

“After you train without your Heavenly Energy, you guys will know how weak your body is!” Venerable Redsoul slowly circled around them as he smiled, “You guys may train in this cultivation room, while I guide you in refining your physical bodies!”

Gu Bei, Lu Piao, and Nie Li began a training menu that included vertical skims, somersaults, and various others. Although the actions themselves were all very simple, the tasks had greatly increased in difficulty, since they were restricted from using their Heavenly Energy and were forced to depend on their physical strength. No one had it easy. In just a few minutes, they were all sweating all over.

Venerable Redsoul said as he walked around, “When cultivating the body, breathing is the most important. Inhale with force and then slowly exhale. Toughening the physical body is also a technique for communicating with Heavenly Energy. Thus, when your physical body is again nourished by Heavenly Energy, it will become stronger!”

Nie Li stayed in a one-finger handstand. Like a monk who’d entered meditation, he made no unnecessary movements.

Since they were working on refining the body, Nie Li decided that he wouldn’t waste such a good chance to use his own method to refine himself. He remained in his pose without making any visible movements; however, all the muscles within his body were trembling.

This was the physical body refining technique of the [Heavenly G.o.d] cultivation technique.

Use the heart to refine the breath; use the breath to refine the body!

As his muscles trembled, Nie Li felt his physical body growing stronger. Indeed, the [Heavenly G.o.d] cultivation technique’s method of refining the body was rather quick to show results.

Venerable Redsoul paused as he walked past Nie Li. He’d noticed that Nie Li was using a unique method to train his body, a method that was unknown, even to him. He sensed that Nie Li’s aura was extremely thin, to the point that it was almost undetectable.

The Venerable Redsoul was rather surprised. Just what kind of body refining technique was this? However, he did not enquire. Everyone had their own cultivation techniques; therefore, they also had their own insights towards cultivation. As a teacher, he could only sit to the side, provide tips, and not interfere. Furthermore, asking about a student’s cultivation technique was rather unethical as a teacher.

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