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Chapter 283 – You asked for it!

w.a.n.g Yang, Han Jing, and their entourages entered the Saint Soul Grounds, but exited very quickly. With their talents, they could only make it to the tenth or twentieth step before they were forced to stop. When they looked at the Saint Soul Board and saw Nie Li’s name so high up in the rankings, they were completely dumbfounded.

All of them knew firsthand of how difficult it was to communicate with the Heavenly Energy inside the Saint Soul Grounds. Therefore, Nie Li’s high rank gave them an unreachable feeling. By the time they exited the grounds, Nie Li was already ranked third on the Saint Soul Board.

Rank three? What kind of joke was that?

Even the strongest newcomer, Long Yuyin, was pushed down!

Compared to Nie Li, she was trash!

Everyone else couldn’t help feeling a little dazed. The quota for this year had been taken by Long Yuyin, Jin Yan, and Gu Bei. Now, did that leave the remaining two for them? Obstruct Nie Li? What could they possibly use to obstruct him? Compared to Nie Li, they weren’t even on the same level!

Hua Ling was enraged as he looked at the Saint Soul Board. It was fine if Xiao Yu alone managed to reach so high. But right now, Nie Li actually managed to climb even higher than Xiao Yu, to a point that people could only look up to, where others couldn’t even think of challenging him! He felt like vomiting blood.

Although there were many people here from the Little Heaven Realm and all of them had decent talent, they were all trash compared to Nie Li!

Hua Ling felt gloomy and disheartened. It was as if he’d been slapped in the face by someone. Ranked third. Not one of those from the Little Heaven Realm could reach such high rank!

At the same time, the teachers who were paying attention to the Saint Soul Board were all shocked.

As a newcomer, charging to rank three on the Saint Soul Board in one go was simply defying the logic of the heavens! Such talent was rarely seen in recent decades.

Nanmen Tianhai pondered for a brief moment, then said to Huang Yu, “I never expected this Nie Li to give us such a huge surprise.”

Huang Yu replied, “Yes. He’s indeed given us a huge surprise. Ranked third on the Saint Soul Board. Such talent is something we should especially protect. As for the Dragonseal Family, even they won’t be able to touch Nie Li easily!”

Now that Nie Li had displayed his shocking talent, the Skysoul Inst.i.tute would definitely protect him well.

At that moment, even Venerable Redsoul had his attention on the situation at the Saint Soul Grounds.

Venerable Redsoul lightly sighed. “Back when they were igniting the spiritual flames, I had already sensed his extraordinary talent. Now that I’ve seen it in action, he’s indeed extraordinary. It’s a pity that I can only have him as a student for a single year.”

With such shocking talent, Nie Li would soon attract the attentions of the various factions.

Nie Li didn’t know how big of a commotion he’d caused outside. Also, due to the surge in his cultivation, he’d already reached the 5-star Legend rank stage. Inside his Soul Realm was also a trace of the refined scarlet blood Soul Intent.

This Soul Intent, might it be the soon-to-be-formed Fate Soul?

An ordinary person’s Fate Soul is colourless. In his previous life, Nie Li had also formed a colourless fate soul. However, in this life, it held a trace of scarlet-blood colour.

Right now, he was still unable to fully form it; he will only be able to know the Fate Soul’s color once it’s fully formed. Although he could sense the strangeness in his soul realm, Nie Li didn’t pay much attention to it. When he opened his eyes, they met Long Yuyin’s eyes by coincidence.

Long Yuyin made attempt after attempt to ascend to the one hundred thirty-first step; however, the ma.s.sive rebound she faced each time prevented her from taking the step forward.

Nie Li watched her and a trace of loathing flashed across his eyes. “You’ve lost!”

Long Yuyin tightly clenched her fists. Although she was unwilling to accept this reality, the truth was glaring right in front of her eyes. She bit her lip until a small bloodstain appeared as her light-brown eyes contained an odd kind of blankness.

Nie Li had mercilessly trampled her pride.

“If one agrees to a bet, then one must accept the defeat!” Long Yuyin took out a whip and threw it over to Nie Li. She raised her head towards him as she continued, “I may have lost today, but from today onwards, I, Long Yuyin will not lose to you a second time. I, Long Yuyin, will not use any of Dragonseal Family’s power. I will win against you forthright in a one to one compet.i.tion!”

As Nie Li looked at Long Yuyin and recalled all of the events of his previous life, he couldn’t help furrowing his brows. Although the previous Long Yuyin had forced the death of his Master, the current Long Yuyin who stood before him was still fourteen or fifteen years old. Even if she was an overbearing person, right now she was still a young lady, different from the vicious woman from his previous life.

This time when he came back to life, he’d vowed that he wouldn’t let anything like his Master being forced to death happen again.

A woman like Long Yuyin needed to be mercilessly taught a lesson, then sent packing for as far away as possible!

Nie Li accepted the whip and looked at Long Yuyin. He lifted the whip, but just as he was about to lash her, he suddenly recalled the words his Master had told him in his previous life.

“Virtuous like water, for water does not compete.”

“Let grudges vanish like smoke, into the thin air!”

In his previous life, he had entirely forgotten many of the teachings his Master had imparted to him. Back when his Master had died, although he didn’t kill Long Yuyin, he still caused chaos to the Dragonseal Family.

However, in this life, the vicious woman who was over a hundreds years old had turned back into a fourteen or fifteen-year-old girl. Although she was still overbearing and arrogant, the killing intent in Nie Li’s heart gradually dampened down. Since he’d come back to life, Long Yuyin was no longer able to threaten his Master anymore!

He put the whip down, looked at Long Yuyin, and said in a cold voice, “Go. I no longer have any interest in giving you three lashes. You’re not worth it!”

“You…” Long Yuyin’s eyes widened as she stared at Nie Li, enraged to the point that her face ashened. Nie Li’s words were a thorough humiliation to her! In Nie Li’s heart, she didn’t even have the qualifications for him to take action?

Nie Li tossed the whip down in front of Long Yuyin and descended in measured steps without giving her a second glance. That was absolute disdain!

“You’re not allowed to leave.” Long Yuyin stopped Nie Li as she firmly stared at him.

Nie Li frowned his brows for a brief moment as he said in a solemn voice, “I have no interest in wasting my time with you. Beat it!”

Long Yuyin had a stubborn expression on her face as she handed the whip back to him. She coldly stared at Nie Li and said, “I’m willing to accept my defeat. As for those three lashes of yours, even if you’re unwilling, you still have to do it. After these three lashes, I, Long Yuyin will challenge you again and take those three lashes back! I, Long Yuyin, am true to my words. I will repay my grudges, and repay my grievances! The words that you’ve used to insult and humiliate me, I will return them all to you!”

Her character was still the same as in the past, which made Nie Li deeply loathe her.

“Since you asked for it, don’t blame me for being impolite!” Nie Li took the whip from Long Yuyin as he coldly stared at her and yelled, “Long Yuyin, who do you think you are? You think your talent is so formidable that you can treat others like ants? Without the slightest kindness in your heart, you treat lives like gra.s.s! Then, when something doesn’t go your way, you kill them. For a woman like you, calling you vicious is already considered light!”

All the grudges in Nie Li’s heart burst forth!

“Is the Dragonseal Family very formidable? If so, why won’t they go all out against the Demon G.o.d’s Sect? Aside from suppressing the geniuses within the sect, what good are they? A family like that should be better off destroyed so the Divine Feathers Sect won’t fall into your hands!” Nie Li angrily shouted at Long Yuyin.

At Nie Li’s words, the surrounding disciples couldn’t help feeling satisfied. Indeed, the Divine Feathers Sect had strict scales on status that made ordinary students feel suffocated. They all had grievances towards the Dragonseal Family, but none of them ever dared to show it. Today, Nie Li had said it all for them.

“And you! You think you’re a genius, but in reality you’re just a parasite of the Dragonseal Family, a parasite of the Divine Feathers Sect! You’ve always had an unimaginable supply of cultivating resources. Just because you’ve made a tiny achievement in your cultivation, you think you have the right to be overbearing and treat others like trash?” Nie Li coldly smiled as he continued, “From my point of view, those without cultivating resources but have been hardworking despite the fact, climbing their steps one by one, are the real talents! People like you are the real garbage; garbage that only wastes cultivating resources!

Long Yuyin’s face ashened and both of her hands were clenched in tight fists. However, she only lowered her head in silence.

Nie Li waved the whip and lashed it over Long Yuyin’s cheeks and shoulders, “This lash is for all the disciples who you’ve bullied in the Divine Feathers Sect!”

Although Long Yuyin had the Blood Dragon lineage, this lash still left a red mark on her cheeks and shoulders. Nie Li’s whip contained powerful energy that directly entered Long Yuyin’s body.

Nie Li waved the lash again and a crisp smack landed on Long Yuyin’s chest. The clothes around her chest were instantly ripped open, leaving a scarlet whip mark inside and showed her fair skin.

“This lash is for me. At first, when you made the bet with me, you intended to use those three lashes to kill me. Just giving you back your lashes is letting you off cheap!” Nie Li coldly glared at Long Yuyin.

This was thorough humiliation!

Long Yuyin held her chest as tears flickered in her eyes. However, she only stubbornly turned around and faced Nie Li with her back.

“Originally, I wasn’t even in the mood to hit you. Hitting you is simply dirtying my hands. This is what you’ve asked for! As for the last whip, it’s for my Master…” Nie Li recalled the events of his previous life, when his Master was forced to death by Long Yuyin. And yet, his Master still told him to let go of vengeance as she died in his arms.

Although he’d experienced two lifetimes, that scar remained in Nie Li’s heart.

Nie Li lifted the whip in his hands and mercilessly lashed down Long Yuyin’s back. The whip rode the sharp gale and bored down on Long Yuyin, issuing another crisp smack. The places where this whip had contacted were marked by torn cloth, trailing all the way from her shoulder to her b.u.t.t.

This lash contained the wrath in Nie Li’s heart; therefore, it definitely wasn’t light.

Even with Long Yuyin’s strong body, she still couldn’t help the groan that escaped. Her beautiful face turned a little ashen as the three lashes from Nie Li burned with pain. Since her youth, she’d never been humiliated like this before!

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