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Chapter 28 – Huyan Lanruo

Shen Yue never imagined that the three silver ranked underlings sent by Sacred Family were actually eyed by Chen Linjian. Chen Linjian will definitely think of every possible way to kill those three people!

If he knew that the three people belong to Sacred Family, Chen Linjian wouldn’t be too harsh on them. However after hearing from Nie Li that the three should belong to the Dark Guild, Chen Linjian will definitely not let them go!

You want to play with me? You’re still too inexperienced! Nie Li doesn’t need to act himself to mess Shen Yue to death!

Ye Ziyun is a hard-worker, and knowing that the Nie Li beside her is a giant vault, she would ask him about various inscription patterns as well as martial arts aspect, Nie Li  answered all her questions.

The look of the two of them talking and laughing, caused the surrounding boys couldn’t help to feel envious.

The beautiful Ye Ziyun is a G.o.ddess in the eyes of these boys. However because of the n.o.ble status of Ye Ziyun, most of the boys don’t dare to go near her. They would even feel low-esteem when facing her. In addition, the slightly cold personality of her’s, cause her to be distant to others.

Although they admire Ye Ziyun, they don’t even have the courage to start a conversation with her.

But why when Ye Ziyun and Nie Li were chatting, why was it so natural. That elegant smile of her charmed the boys.

The surrounding boys couldn’t help to sneak a peek at it.

Looking at the sweetly smiling Ye Ziyun Nie Li couldn’t help to recall back the previous life. At that time Ye Ziyun is even more charming compared to now. Looking at this girl in front of him he thought, ‘when will she grow into that absolute beauty?’

Seeing that Nie Li has been staring at her Ye Ziyun couldn’t help to blush. She lowered her head seemingly thinking of something. Recalling back to the bold confession of Nie Li in the cla.s.s. Before she felt annoyed by it. However, at this moment she couldn’t make out what kind of feeling is that in her heart.

When she’s with Nie Li, she would recall that scene and couldn’t help feeling shy.

There seems to be some ambiguous feelings between Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er.

Just as Nie Li and Ye Ziyun were chatting ripples of soul force were emitting from the forest indicating a fierce fight.

The three silver ranked strangers were surrounded by the five silver rank experts brought by Chen Linjian.

“Speak! Where are you from? What do you intend to do? If you don’t speak, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” Chen Linjian thundered, as he stood there.

Because of being constantly attacked by demon beasts, every family in the Glory City are very united. Therefore they generally wouldn’t kill members of other families. The Dark Guild is a group of murderers. If they’re confirmed to be from the Dark Guild, then Chen Linjian definitely wouldn’t let them go.

Those three silver rank experts looked at each other. How would they dare to reveal that they are from the Sacred Family? If this is pursued, they will bring great trouble to the family! Therefore those three silver ranked experts did not say anything and charged out.

“Since you guys doesn’t want to identify yourself… don’t blame me for being impolite!” Seeing that the three of them remaining silence Chen Linjian decided that they are definitely from the Dark Guild and shouted, “Kill them!”

Chen Linjian’s men rushed forward. Both sides engaged in a fierce battle. After the fierce battle, among the three silver ranked experts one of them died and two fled with serious injuries.

Hearing the news Shen Yue almost went crazy. The three silver ranked experts were arranged by him to deal with Nie Li, but he never expect that the plan was destroyed by Chen Linjian. What he’s unaware of is that Nie Li was the one to provide the news to Chen Linjian. This led to Chen Linjian taking actions.

“Seems like I will have to do this myself!” Shen Yue gloomed in his heart. He brought six people with him, three of them are 1-star bronze rank and the other three are 2-star bronze rank. The last time he suffered under Nie Li’s hand was because he didn’t know that Nie Li was wearing a set of bronze ranked armor. If he were to attack Nie Li’s head to begin with, he doesn’t believe that Nie Li could dodge those attacks!

Noticing Shen Yue’s gloomy looks, Nie Li knows that this guy is definitely planning something.

Shortly after Chen Linjian brought the five silver ranked experts back.

“Chen Young Master, what were the ident.i.ty of those three?” A friend of Chen Linjian asked.

“From my guesses… They should be from the Dark Guild!” Chen Linjian replied.

“So they are from the Dark Guild, they deserves death!”

Hearing their conversation Shen Yue’s expression twitched. Chen Linjian was ruthless with those three because he thought that those three are from the Dark Guild. Otherwise chasing them off would be enough. However he couldn’t say anything. He couldn’t tell them that those three are sent from the Sacred Family right?

One man died in vain and the location of the two others are unknown. Shen Yue has no choice but to stomach all the grievances.

Nie Li that b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

Knowing that Chen Linjian highly valued Nie Li. Nie Li’s standings in the group began to rise. Some of Chen Linjian’s friends also began to start conversations with Nie Li.

“My name is Huyan Lanruo, a friend of Chen Young Master and I’m from the Huyan Family.” Hua Yan Lan Ruo smiled. She looks around 16/17. Her body is extremely hot and s.e.xy. Especially the twin peaks in front of her chest. Those are simply domineering. The white silk dress simply could not cover the deep ravine, and they would quiver when walking. Her eyes displayed trace of loveliness.

This woman is definitely a stunner!

Although the Huyan Family isn’t one of the three major family, but it’s also a relatively powerful family among the n.o.ble Family.

“Nice to meet you, you can call me Nie Li!” Nie Li calmly said. Looking at Huyan Lanruo he wasn’t enticed by her beauty. He slightly had impressions of Huyan Lanruo. Also her talent is extremely high. Already a 3-star silver rank as of now. After a few years Huyan Lanruo would become the subst.i.tute house master of Huyan Family.

If people were to think that Huyan Lanruo is just a pretty weak girl, then that would be a big mistake. To be able to climb up the higher levels of a n.o.ble family, even if it’s only a subst.i.tute house master, without a few methods would be impossible.

Huyan Lanruo is a little surprised that Nie Li wasn’t affected by her beauty. Given Nie Li’s age he should already have understandings towards male and female matters. Lots of boys had their face blushed red and stunned in front of her, but Nie Li had a calm appearance.

There would even be some boys full of l.u.s.t looking at her chest and bottom.  Although Nie Li is looking straight at her, his eyes are very clear. He turned a blind eye against her seductive body.

Huyan Lanruo kind of likes this boy.

“I’m only older than you by a few years, you can call me Yan Ruo Sis in the future.” Huyan Lanruo said with full of smiles.

“Call you sis……” Nie Li looked a little embarra.s.sed. If Huyan Lanruo were to know his true age, what reaction would she have?

“What’s wrong? can’t be done?” Huyan Lanruo tenderly laughed.

The Ye Ziyun besides Nie Li doesn’t have any good impression of Huyan Lanruo. Hearing the tender laughter of Huyan Lanruo she impatiently turned her head away.

Although Ye Ziyun isn’t as beautiful as Huyan Lanruo, but the sense of elegance around her isn’t what Huyan Lanruo can match either. In just a few more years Ye Ziyun would be even more charming than Huyan Lanruo. Ye Ziyun had already rose Nie Li’s eye for women to a high level, even if a beauty like Huyan Lanruo standing in front of him he wouldn’t be affected by her.

Huyan Lanruo blinked her eyes she’s still somewhat interested in Nie Li.

Seeing the lovely and charming Ye Ziyun by Nie Li’s side, and still chatting cheerfully and wittily with the hot s.e.xy Huyan Lanruo, caused several boys to be unhappy with him.

One guy walked towards Nie Li’s directions, his figure is tall and skinny wearing a white robe. Around him there was a n.o.ble aura around him.  His skin is slightly pale, and his steps were light. His name is Chu Yuan, also from a n.o.ble family.

His eyes swept across Ye Ziyun’s body his eye flashed a hint of greed. Although she’s still young Ye Ziyun has already demonstrated the potential to become the source of calamity. In the future she will definitely become a devastating beauty.

Unfortunately he understands the n.o.ble status of Ye Ziyun. She isn’t someone he can reach!

In contrast, Huyan Lanruo’s status is somewhat similar to him. If he’s able to get Huyan Lanruo it would be very helpful to his position in the family. Future more seeing Huyan Lanruo’s lovely body made his heart to burn even more.

“What are you guys chatting about. May I join in?” Chu Yuan said while smiling. When looking at Nie Li his eyes flashed with contempt. According to his information Nie Li is from a small family. Further more he’s not even a 1-star bronze rank yet. Not to mention the fact that Nie Li have already offended the Sacred Family. Although the Sacred Family didn’t take any action against Nie Li. Would Nie Li be able to still continue to be arrogant? That’s simply looking down on Sacred Family!

“We’re currently discussing about inscription pattern.” Huyan Lanruo casually finds an excuse. At the same time her expression displayed trace of disgust and impatient. She doesn’t like Chu Yuan, but with the fact that his Chu Family has some position in Glory Family she only maintained the harmonious surface between them.

“Inscription pattern is my speciality! If Lan Ruo has anything that you are unsure of you can always find me. After all my studies in inscription pattern are still a lot more vast compared to a 13 years old kid!” Chu Yuan said laughing, his face full of pride.

Ye Ziyun disapproved of that statement in her heart. No matter how proficient Chu Yuan may be in inscription pattern, can he be compared to Aunt Xue? Yet even Aunt Xue herself admitted that Nie Li is a master!

Boasting Shamelessly! Huyan Lanruo mocked in her heart. The reason as of why Huyan Lanruo is a little interested in Nie Li is because he saw through the origin of > with a look. If he wasn’t proficient with inscription pattern how would he have know that the > comes from the Book of Divine Lightning Fire?  Most people have not even seen the Book of Divine Lightning Fire. This act already couldn’t be explained with pure luck.

“I see not a lot of time age can’t represent anything. There are always people that break the boundaries of age. Which we commonly call them geniuses.” Huyan Lanruo said. Slightly with the intention of flattering swept her gaze past Nie Li.

Huyan Lanruo thought that Nie Li is a genius? Chu Yuan contemptuously smiled. If you say that Ye Ziyun is a genius he wouldn’t deny it as she have already broke through into 1-star bronze level. However Nie Li only has a red soul realm and his soul force is ridiculously low. If this kind of person can be considered a genius, then the name genius is a little too worthless isn’t it?

Even if he have some knowledge about inscription pattern. So what? Glory City holds experts in esteem. Only an expert could gain the respect of others!

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