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Chapter 278 – Memories

Nie Li’s memories flashed back to the first time she’d brought him back to the Divine Feathers Sect, the first time he encountered the Divine Feathers Sect, in his previous life.


“I’m one of the instructors of the Divine Feathers Sect. If you follow me, you too, shall be a student of the Divine Feathers Sect,” Nie Li’s Master said.

And so, Nie Li had followed her to the Divine Feathers Sect, taken under his Master’s wing as her disciple.

“The Divine Feathers Sect is divided into several districts,” the Master explained. “North, South, East, West, and Central. Under normal circ.u.mstances, one with a 7-grade Earth Spiritual Root, like yourself, would be posted to the West District. However, as my personal disciple, you have my permission to enter my Special District, a subdivision created for specially chosen students.


Those memories were as fresh in his mind as though they’d happened yesterday. Lu Piao, who was standing beside Nie Li, placed a hand over Nie Li’s forehead.

“What are you doing?” Nie Li said, returning back to reality from Lu Piao’s touch.

Lu Piao looked at Nie Li with heavily concerned eyes. “You’ve been standing there unmoving for a while now. Do you have a fever?”

Nie Li rolled his eyes at Lu Piao. As a cultivator at his current stage, how could he be ill with a fever? What was Lu Piao’s brain made of? Paste?

The girl stood up from her seated position and floated towards Nie Li, like a fairy descended from the heavens.

As he watched the girl approach him, a trace of unease flashed through Nie Li’s eyes. He still remembered what she’d told him in his previous life… He was the calamity of her destiny, if he were to become close to her in this life, would she end up dying again?

Lu Piao looked at Nie Li who’d turned his gaze to the girl as she descended the stairs. “Nie Li, you’re interested in that girl? Your eyes haven’t left her for even a second. I agree that she has a great figure!” Her eyes were shining like stars as they became fixated on Nie Li.

Nie Li ignored Lu Piao’s unproductive words, his eyes still glued to that girl. He knew that she was looking right at him as she slowly approached, but the closer she got, the more his eyes began to muddle.

She had always been that way, kind and caring, yet aloof from the world, even when the world was centered on her. He remembered the time she’d lectured him on pride and worldly accolades.


Divine Feathers Sect

“My disciples, I have an announcement to make.” Nie Li and the other disciples gathered below the podium which their Master sat upon.

“Each of you have been hand-chosen to be a part of this District, the most powerful District of the Divine Feathers Sect, aside from the unknown Central District. As such, you are also the representatives of the Divine Feathers Sect,” his Master began. “Therefore, you will be the ones who will represent us in the upcoming grand event.”

A murmur ran through the gathered disciples; this was the one event that everyone had been looking forward to for a very long time: the Sacred Sects Tournament.

“As you all know, the Sacred Sects Tournament is a grand tourney hosted once every one hundred years between the various Sects of the Draconic Ruins Realm. Each Sect sends a total of six partic.i.p.ants to demonstrate the Sect’s power; each time, the Divine Feathers Sect chooses its partic.i.p.ants from within our District. I will now read the list of names for those who have been chosen to partic.i.p.ate.”

All the disciples perked up their ears, each praying that he or she would be on the list. After all, it was a great honour to be chosen to represent the school in the centennial Sacred Sects Tournament. Nie Li himself was also rather excited to be able to test his own abilities against the other geniuses of the Draconic Ruins Realm.

His Master pulled a small scroll from her breast pocket, unravelled it, and began reading. “Nie Li, …”


Nie Li’s memories flashed forward to the day of the tournament. All six of them were lined up, facing the first group of six before them. Nie Li’s Master stood behind them as their coach.

A referee stood quietly between the two lines. He wore a long white robe and had a long black beard, which contrasted with his clothes. He raised his arms and began the introductions, “Introducing the Northern Elemental Academy. First representative is Kai Catori, pract.i.tioner of the [Energy Resonance] cultivation technique. Alleyah Hania, pract.i.tioner of the [Spiritual Song Bird] cultivation technique. Maya Alvar, pract.i.tioner of the [Snow Guardian] cultivation technique. Itzal Moreno, pract.i.tioner of the [Shadow Walker] cultivation technique. Erkan Eld, pract.i.tioner of the [Flaming Sloth] cultivation technique. Kan Xun, pract.i.tioner of the [Forest Guardian] cultivation technique. And their instructor, Alexa Catori, pract.i.tioner of the [Mind Crush] cultivation technique” With each introduction, an individual stepped forward, bowed, then returned to his or her original position.

Nie Li noticed something peculiar about the young man named Kai Catori; he emitted a faint, but powerful and mysterious aura from his body. It was like he’s hiding something that was much deeper than what he’s showing. Not to mention that according to the lineup order, Nie Li would most likely be facing him.

As he continued to scrutinise the young man, he suddenly sensed an abnormal amount of killing intent. He looked up and locked eyes with the young man.

“It would be in your best interest to not look too deeply into me,” Kai projected to Nie Li. “If you value your life as a cultivator, you’ll do your utmost to just enjoy this tournament.”

Nie Li smiled as he responded, “Do you lift? If you think you can shake me with that kind of threat, then you’re underestimating me a little too much.”

Kai smiled back and said, “We’ll see then, won’t we?”

The referee continued, “Introducing the Divine Feathers Sect, F5 Sect District. First up is Nie Li, pract.i.tioner of the [Heavenly G.o.d] cultivation technique. Roark, pract.i.tioner of the [Thousand Ethernet Cables] cultivation technique. dakingle0, pract.i.tioner of the [Senpai Please Notice Me] cultivation technique. Zerotaku, pract.i.tioner of the [Refresh Spammer of Broken Keyboards] cultivation technique. Mydeys, pract.i.tioner of the [Great Otaku] cultivation technique, F1rst, pract.i.tioner of the [Carpal Tunnel Syndrome] cultivation technique. And their instructor…” Following the Northern Elemental Academy, each expert stepped forward and bowed when his or her name was called, then quickly retreated back in line.

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