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Chapter 264 – Spiritual Root

Xiao Yu coldly eyed Hua Ling and snorted. “Hua Ling, am I very familiar with you?”

“Young master Xiao, if you’re going to put things like that, then you’re being too cold.” Hua Ling smiled and continued, “Both of our fathers are enforcers in the Divine Feathers Sect. Is there really a need to treat me like an enemy the moment you see me?”

As he finished speaking, Hua Ling swept his gaze over Nie Li and the others, who stood behind Xiao Yu, and laughed, “The Tiny World is indeed withering in terms of talent. Only these three were chosen? The cultivation of these three don’t seem very outstanding. It seems like the Tiny World is incomparable to our Little Heaven Realm!”

Hua Ling’s words were th.o.r.n.y and his gaze carried hints of contempt as he looked at Nie Li and the other two.

Behind Hua Ling stood over twenty experts. Each and every one of them was a DemiG.o.d rank expert who were only a tiny gap away from the Heavenly Fate Realm. The looks they gave Nie Li and the other two were tinted with provocations. They’d obviously sensed that their young master Hua Ling wasn’t on good terms with Xiao Yu. Since they planned to rely on young master Hua Ling in the future, naturally, they will side with him.

Nie Li gathered his voice and asked Xiao Yu, “So just who is this Hua Ling?”

“His father is just like my foster father: an enforcer of the Outer Division of Divine Feathers Sect who is fighting over the position of Chief Enforcer. You guys don’t need to be bothered about them, since they won’t be able to do anything to you here!” Xiao Yu voiced to Nie Li.

Nie Li now understood the situation a little better. No wonder Hua Ling wasn’t on good terms with Xiao Yu! So it turns out that the situation was like that. Nie Li was uninterested in these types of conflicts.

Hua Ling’s cold gaze swept over Nie Li. Although he couldn’t hear what Nie Li and Xiao Yu were talking about, it shouldn’t be anything good.

“The Spiritual Root Test will soon begin. I wonder what kind of Spiritual Root the three geniuses from the Tiny World will have!” The corner of Hua Ling’s mouth still carried provocations as he swept his eyes past Xiao Yu’s group of four. “Since young master Xiao has a 7-grade Heaven Spiritual Root, then I guess that means that these guys from the Tiny World shouldn’t be that bad either, right?”

“That’s none of your business!” Xiao Yu snapped coldly. It seems that he really loathes Hua Ling; a decent word between the two could be considered a lot to ask for.

When he saw Xiao Yu give him the cold shoulder, Hua Ling coldly snorted and turned away. Xiao Yu was a 7-grade Heaven Spiritual Root, but still hasn’t formed his Fate Soul yet. What’s there to be proud of in that?

However, even if Hua Ling was already a 3-fate of the Heavenly Fate Realm and Xiao Yu had yet to form his first Fate Soul, Hua Ling was still very nervous in his heart and had considered Xiao Yu a formidable opponent.

First of all, a 7-grade Heaven Spiritual Root was already a legendary existence. The number of people within the entire Skysoul Inst.i.tution who reached 7-grade Heaven Spiritual Root didn’t exceed a hundred. However, for this hundred, all of their cultivations had reached an astonishing degree, becoming tyrants in their cultivation. By rights, the cultivation speed of a 7-grade Heaven Spiritual Root should be extremely fast and impossible for ordinary people to catch up to. However, even now, Xiao Yu still hasn’t formed his Fate Soul.

By rights, a person like that shouldn’t make Hua Ling feel threatened at all; however there was that legend in the Skysoul Inst.i.tution. For those with Heaven Spiritual Root, the longer they remain in Earthen Fate Realm, the faster their cultivation speed would be once they achieve their first Fate Soul. It would become something entirely beyond the reach of ordinary people.

The power of Heaven Spiritual Root has always caused Hua Ling to feel uneasy. He himself had taken the test and was determined to be only a 7-grade Earth Spiritual Root. A talent of his standard could be considered outstanding but he was definitely not a powerful genius.

The number of people partaking the test steadily increased.

“9-grade Man Spiritual Root, send to the South District!”

“7-grade Man Spiritual Root, send to the South District!”

In the total results of these tests, those who were able to reach Earth Spiritual Realm didn’t amount to many. The several teachers who were in charge of the test swept their eyes over the remaining disciples with a rather dull mood. In the recent years, the number of geniuses was steadily decreasing. This was also linked to the reason why the Divine Feathers Sect was in decline. The powerful geniuses who were given a choice, had all headed for the other sects instead.

Among the teachers who were in charge of the test, the leader was a middle-aged man who wore a blue robe and was emitting a very prestigious aura. He and two other teachers beside him were swiftly recording the test results.

“6-grade Earth Spiritual Root.” Another test result was revealed.

“Not bad, send to the West District!” The blue-robed middle-aged man said as he gave a slight nod.

Hua Ling furrowed his brows for a brief moment. With thousands of people waiting to take their tests, who knows how long it will be until it was their turn?

He approached the blue-robed middle-aged man as he lightly smiled and greeted him, “Enforcer Gu, it’s been a while.”

Upon seeing Hua Ling, the man’s expression became a little gentler as he asked, “Young master Hua Ling, why have you come?”

“As a matter of fact, I brought some disciples from my Little Heaven Realm here to partic.i.p.ate in the test. I hope Enforcer Gu will take care of us!” Hua Ling smiled and with a twitch of his right hand, he materialised an object and pushed it over to the blue-robed middle-aged man.

The teacher lowered his head for a quick look, then accepted it without batting an eyelid as he smiled, “You’re too kind! Young master Hua Ling is being too polite!”

This man was just an enforcer of foreign affairs. Compared to Hua Ling’s father, who is an Enforcer that possesses quite an amount of authority, this man couldn’t hold a candle. Since Hua Ling is being so kind, how could he not give him this face?

“If that’s the case, then young master Hua Ling’s disciples can take the test first!” The blue-robed middle-aged man smiled and continued, “The Little Heaven Realm is blessed with talented generations. Therefore, the students coming here must definitely be geniuses with extraordinary talents!”

“Then I’ll say my thanks, Enforcer Gu!” Hua Ling laughed as he turned to his bunch and beckoned, “Come over!”

The disciples of the Little Heaven Realm all moved towards Hua Ling.

At the sight of this, those who were waiting in queue couldn’t help showing displeased expressions on their faces. For a the test with thousands of people, they had already been waiting for so long. Hua Ling and his bunch had obviously come later and yet they could queue to the front.

“Who are those people?”

“Mind your words and beware of causing any trouble. That’s Hua Ling, the son of an Enforcer of the Outer Division of the Skysoul Inst.i.tute. Just let them take the test first!”

In the end, those left in the queue restrained themselves. After all, within the Divine Feathers Sect, they themselves didn’t amount to much and none of them could afford to offend certain kinds of people.

However, Xiao Yu walked forward and faced Hua Ling and the teacher and asked in a solemn tone, “Enforcer Gu, aren’t you being inappropriate? We’ve come before Hua Ling and they end up in line before us. Such favouritism, I’m afraid it won’t be nice if rumors spread!”

The blue-robed middle-aged man took one look at Xiao Yu and instantly gave an awkward look. If an ordinary person had said such a thing, he would definitely suppressed it down. During the test, he still had that much authority. However, Xiao Yu’s father is of the same level as Hua Ling’s father: an Enforcer who wields authority. They weren’t people that he could afford to offend. Furthermore, if Xiao Yu spread the word of him playing favouritism, he would likely be punished.

“Young master Xiao Yu, you’ve misunderstood. It’s like this. Young master Hua Ling took a number earlier and all this has already been arranged. It’s just that he ended up coming slightly later than expected. So how is this inappropriate?” Enforcer Gu said, after being suddenly struck by the bright idea. He was also a smart person, so naturally, he wouldn’t let himself fall into another’s hands so easily.

Xiao Yu was momentarily at a lost for words. Although he was well aware that Enforcer Gu was lying and felt indignant about it, there wasn’t anything he could do.

“Young master Xiao, I forgot to tell you about it. I also reserved a number for you earlier and arranged everything for you. If you guys want to take the test first, we can arrange ourselves behind you.” Hua Ling chuckled.

Enforcer Gu couldn’t help giving Hua Ling a grateful glance. They were both sons of Enforcers, but Hua Ling had obviously known how to act compared to Xiao Yu; smooth and slick, without a single loophole.

“There’s no need. It’ll be our turn soon anyways.” Xiao Yu knitted his brows slightly for a brief moment. If he were to queue in front of Hua Ling, then doesn’t that mean that he’s the same kind of person as Hua Ling?

“Oh? So it’ll be young master Xiao’s turn soon? If that’s the case, then Enforcer Gu, you can put us together in the test! That way young master Xiao and I can talk about things!” Hua Ling chuckled.

“Since young master Hua Ling has such intentions, then please wait for now. The students in front have almost finished their tests.” Enforcer Gu lightly smiled as a trace of an obscure glow flickered in his eyes. It’s been said that their fathers have always been on bad terms, and now it seems that the two sons intend to compete as well. Since this matter was unrelated to him, Enforcer Gu was more than happy to be able to sit back and watch the show.

Xiao Yu furrowed his brows for a moment and appeared a little displeased at Hua Ling’s provocations.

Hua Ling glanced at Nie Li’s trio and smiled, “I wonder, what kind of Spiritual Root these geniuses from the Tiny World have? One must know that Young Master Xiao Yu is an extremely rare 7-grade Heaven Spiritual Root. I suppose that these geniuses from the Tiny World shouldn’t be that bad either!”

Xiao Yu was also unsure of Nie Li and the other two’s talents. Since Hua Ling was being overbearing, he could only sweep a cold glance at him and remain silent.

The students in front had several Earth Spiritual Roots and one of them was even a 3-grade Heaven Spiritual Root. This had triggered a series of cries in surprise.

“It’s actually the Heaven Spiritual Root!”

Everyone looked at that genius with envy.

That genius was also dumbfounded and at a complete loss. Originally, he had accompanied his young master to study and had only followed his young master to partic.i.p.ate in this test. He never imagined that he would actually test as a Heaven Spiritual Root.

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