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Chapter 252 – Soul

“Jindan?” Yu Yan made a weird expression at the odd name.

But regardless of what the little guy’s name was, Yu Yan decided that she would never tease it again.

Since the black flames of the fifth floor have been sucked dry, their only choice was to head towards the sixth floor. Although the flames from the fourth and sixth floors were rushing in to fill the s.p.a.ce, it was still too thin.

“Sister Yu Yan, let’s head for the sixth floor,” Nie Li said as he glanced at Yu Yan.

Yu Yan nodded. Since Jindan depleted the black flames on the fifth floor, she couldn’t cultivate anymore and could only move to the sixth floor. However, the Demon Lord was also on the sixth floor. She hoped that a fight wouldn’t break out; if that were to happen, their chances of winning would be very low.

Nie Li walked towards the stairs that led to the sixth floor. He turned his head around and saw Jindan clumsily tottering its inflated body in an attempt to follow.

It seems that the little guy was somewhat dependent on him.

When he saw how clumsy Jindan was, Nie Li waved his right hand, gathered a trace of Law Energy, and lifted Jindan up, making the little guy float behind him.

Although Jindan was floating, it continued to swing its stubby little legs and looked as if it was taking a leisurely stroll through the air.

Nie Li couldn’t help laughing, “The little guy thinks it’s walking on its own.”

Together with Jindan and Yu Yan, Nie Li climbed the spiral staircase towards the sixth floor.

The sixth floor of the Black Infernal Tower

The moment Nie Li stepped onto the sixth floor, his surroundings suddenly turned into a boundless s.p.a.ce. To think that the sixth floor of the Black Infernal Tower was actually a vast chamber like this.

“It looks like an illusion!” Yu Yan said as she furrowed her brows for a moment.

Within this vast s.p.a.ce, there seemed to be countless powerful auras concealing themselves and countless pairs of eyes staring at them, causing their hair to stand on end.

“Hm. I can’t be bothered about them. My only goal is to comprehend the anatta mental state and pa.s.s the Nether Master’s test!” said Nie Li as he sat down, crossed his legs, and began cultivating.

Yu Yan stood guard at Nie Li’s side and prepared to engage in battle at any moment, should the need arise. Although the presence was vague, she could sense that something terrifying was hiding in this s.p.a.ce. As for Jindan, it was snoring by Nie Li’s side.

Earlier, Nie Li had briefly come into contact with the anatta mental state; however, it was disrupted when the golden egg hatched. An ordinary person would find it difficult to re-enter that state after being so suddenly disturbed.

However, Nie Li appeared at ease and quickly found that feeling again.

His soul drifted and entered a bizarre state. He could almost see the vine in his soul realm slowly growing. The flower bud on it swelled pure and full, looking as though it would blossom at any moment now.

Just by fixing his eyes on that flower, a beautiful feeling overflowed his chest and his mental state opened up.

Nie Li entered into a state of profound insight within the profound state as his physical body continuously refined itself under the pressure of the black flames. A black coloured impurity secreted from his skin and was rapidly burned to nothingness by the black flames. Nie Li’s skin became even fairer and the heroic spirit between his brows increased.

He lost track of time as he slowly immersed himself in the profound state.

Time continued to flow.

Suddenly, Nie Li heard a powerful voice travel from his surroundings into his mind.

“Infinity has no beginning, no beginning can have no end!”

As if Nie Li had suddenly become enlightened, a vast quant.i.ty of energy poured into his head. He sensed a powerful soul rush into his soul realm, as if it was trying to occupy it.

Nie Li, who was seated, suddenly furrowed his brows in pain. He could feel the enmity in this soul, it was filled with bloodl.u.s.t. The pain made his entire body feel as though it had exploded.

“I have finally found another inheritor! I have stayed in this d.a.m.ned place for G.o.d knows how long, but I can finally see the sun and sky again!” That soul laughed savagely as it frantically attacked Nie Li’s soul realm.

One of Emperor Kong Ming’s successors?

“This guy is trying to possess my body?” Nie Li coldly snorted. This guy has really underestimated him. Nie Li would definitely not allow him.

Nie Li immediately pulled back his soul realm, gathered the three types of Law Energy, and attacked the alien soul.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The three Law Energies wildly collided against the soul.

Sensing Nie Li’s fierce resistance, the soul was surprised. “So you know how to shrink your soul realm and are able to use Law Energy to resist me. You are indeed capable at such a young age! However, it is still impossible to entirely rebuff me!”

The alien soul suddenly split itself into several parts and dodged the attacks of the Law Energies, then launched a direct attack towards Nie Li’s soul realm.

This guy was extremely difficult to deal with! Nie Li furrowed his brows. Without hesitation, he mobilised the powers of the Fanged Panda and the Shadow Devil demon spirits to surround the soul.

“Just where is this kid from? To have gained insight on three types of Law Energy and have integrated with two demon spirits!” The invading soul was utterly shocked as it realised that Nie Li was far more than he’d bargained for. He had never seen anyone with two demon spirits.

As the soul tried to take over Nie Li’s body, it managed to dodge the attacks from the three Law Energies, but was unable to dodge the two demon spirits. However, if it wanted to take over Nie Li’s soul realm, he has to defeat them.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The alien soul was engaged in a heated battle against the two demon spirits. Nie Li felt as though his soul realm would explode from the terrifying collisions of energy. He didn’t think that it wasn’t something his soul realm could withstand for much longer.

This soul was way too powerful. As the battle dragged on, Nie Li could sense that the two demon spirits were being suppressed to the point that they were rendered unable to breathe at all.

“Hahaha, this body is even better than I expected. If that’s the case, then from now on, this body will belong to me, Kong Yan!” The soul savagely laughed as he pressured the two demon spirits, as though he was trying to drive them out of Nie Li’s soul realm.

The name of this soul is Kong Yan?

“Old fart, get the h.e.l.l out of my soul realm right now. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!” Nie Li snorted as he aggressively activated the Soul Array, absorbing the soul force from Duan Jian and the others to prepare his counterattack.

The invading soul sensed Nie Li’s frantic attempts at resisting; however, from his point of view, Nie Li’s struggles were futile.

“Hmph! Getting impolite with me? You’re overestimating yourself too much. Even if I’m only a remnant of a soul, I’m more than enough to deal with the likes of you!” The soul directly charged at Nie Li’s soul realm.

Nie Li manipulated all of his soul force into the sharpest spear and shot it towards the soul.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The battle in Nie Li’s soul realm grew more and more intense. Although this soul was powerful, it was also unable to gain any advantages over Nie Li.

The soul spoke in an astonished and furious tone. “I never imagined that your control over soul force would reach such an astonishing level!”

Nie Li could manipulate his soul force as he wished. Therefore, even if that soul was several times more powerful than he was, he could still deal with him.

As she watched Nie Li’s pained expression, Yu Yan couldn’t help furrowing her brows for a brief moment. She could feel that Nie Li’s cultivation seemed to have gone wrong, since the Law Energy surrounding him was embroiled in chaos! She landed on Nie Li’s shoulder and tried to examine his condition.

“How did it turn out like this?” Yu Yan’s brows were tightly furrowed.

Stuck in a deadlock against the soul, Nie Li suddenly had an idea. There was something in his soul realm that could even cause Nie Li to feel fear.

It would be the vine that resides in the depths of his soul realm!

Nie Li immediately mobilised the vine and spiraled it towards the alien soul.

“What’s this d.a.m.ned thing? Why would something like this appear in a person’s soul realm?” The soul was utterly astonished. Nie Li’s soul realm was simply too weird and was totally different from an ordinary person’s soul realm!

As the vine spiraled towards himself, the soul snarled in a low voice, “get lost!” and bombarded the vine with an energy attack.


When the energy attack landed on the vine, it merely shifted its direction and lengthened as it continued to wildly spiral towards the soul. Thereafter, it began to absorb the energy from the soul.

Even Nie Li didn’t know of this vine’s origin. However, there would definitely be heavy consequences to underestimating it!

The vine wound itself around the soul and proceeded to absorb him, causing the soul to issue a miserable shriek. He constantly struggled, but was bound to the vine by restrictive knots.

Knowing that he was about to be sucked dry, the soul abruptly struggle himself free and rapidly retreated.

The soul then escaped out of Nie Li’s soul realm and frantically ran for his life.

A streak of light shot out from between Nie Li’s eyebrows.

“Just where do you think you’re going?!” Nie Li suddenly opened his eyes as the trace of light flashed from between them. Nie Li materialised his soul force and rolled it towards the soul.

The soul had suffered heavy damage and was no longer strong enough to fight!

Yu Yan had been examining Nie Li when a sudden streak of light shot from between his brows. Upon seeing it, she instantly understood what was going on. Just as she was about to prepare herself to help Nie Li capture the soul, the soul shot itself between her brows with lightning speed.

Yu Yan’s pupils immediately dilated.

“Not good!” Nie Li never thought that the soul would go after Yu Yan after it failed to deal with him. Although Yu Yan was formerly one of the most powerful Spiritual G.o.ds, the strength of this soul seems to be even stronger than a Spiritual G.o.d’s.

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